BULLY II Rise of the Rednecks

Chapter 1. Beach Party Blowout.

The warm summer night at Bullworth Academy was pleasant to Jimmy Hopkins who was enjoying his night out at the beach with Zoe, along with Derby Harrington and his grilfriend (also cousin) Pinky Gauthier, Ted Thompson with his girlfriend MandyWiles, Johnny Vincent with his pregnant wife Lola Lombardi, and Russell and his fiancee Beatrice Trudeau. alot has changed with all the cliques getting along and not fighting the zliques died out and they are no longer known as factions but again as students. The rivalry has officially ended with the jocks and nerds, as well as the preps and greasers and the bullies one by one started to fade away, as Ethan started playing football, Wade got beat literally to death by his abusive father. Trent came out of the closet, and alot more reasons thast we will explore later, but right now lets talk about how our characters in the picture's personality has changed.

Jimmy has gotten extremely taller and alot muscular he is as well as the toughest, the strongest boy in school, he won the schools arm wrestling contest in the cafeteria against: Bif, Russell, Damien, Norton, and Johnny. Russell was struggling in classes for obvious reasons, but Beatrice started tuturing him, around that time she got her braces taken off, got contacts, let her hair down and started wearing shorter skirts, and the boys instantly saw her in a new light, she never forgot her brains though and still managed to get striaght A's as well as hang out with her old dorky friends. Russell who was really too slow to know what love was knew he liked Beatrice alot so one day while she was tuturing him he mustered up the courage to ask her out, and she accepted.

Now lets go back to what the "Bull herd" is doing. "Hey Jimmy." Ted Yelled "Yeah man."
"Toss me another beer bro!"
"Okay sure."
Jimmy opened up the coller and threw Ted the beer. They were at Jimmy's beach house in the Vale on Friday night, partying, celebrating the engagement of the Bullworth monster and the Hot book worm. while everyone else was partying outside, Russell and Beatrice with consumating inside.