John was sixteen. He wasn't very athletic, he wasn't very big, and wasn't very strong. He had played several zombie video games but nothing prepared him for the real thing. Here he was, with his family packing to go to Atlanta. His mother, Brenda, was in charge of packing food and personal items, his father, Robert, was in charge of packing his and his wife's clothes and guns, while his younger sister, Riley, and him were to pack whatever they needed. John, however was refusing to pack.

Knock Knock Knock.

John knew who it was, she only came into his room several times today alone. "Come in mom," John said.

Brenda opened the door, "You packin' yet."

"No," John bluntly stated. "I don't think that going to Atlanta is a good idea."

Brenda now fully stepped into John's room and sat next to him on his bed, "Honey, we stayed here long enough... we took your advice and stayed here for two weeks, but grandma and grandpa are in Atlanta now."

"And so is Uncle Jerry, Aunt Claire, George and Lenny, and they were all STUPID," John said, not making any eye contact with his mother.

Brenda Slapped him. "HOW COULD YOU SAY THAT!" She yelled, now standing away from John. "THEY ARE SAFE IN ATLANTA, BEING HELPED BY THE NATIONAL GAURD... AND WE ARE IN THIS HELLHOLE." Brenda cried, she spoke more gentle now "We've had to shoot 5 people already to stop them from looting our house and we shot countless sick people... including your brother."

John making eye contact with his mother for the first time in this conversation, "Mom he died, I had to, or he would have killed us all."

"I GET THAT," She yelled. "What I don't get is how you could do it so EAISLY!"

Silence overtook the room. John was at a lost with words, and Brenda was lost in thought.

"Mom..." John started

"That's it, you either start packin' or we're leavin' you," Brenda left the room in a fit of rage, slamming the door on her way out.

John sat, with bitter thoughts and defeated, started to pack his clothes.

Brenda went into her room and started again to pack. She went through her pile of clothes, taking her sons advice on which clothes were needed and which clothes to discard. She kept her jeans and tennie shoes, while discarding her dresses and high heels, except one dress. She took the white dress off the hanger and admired it. She remembered when this dress was first given to her. Her great grandma had worn it during her wedding. Her grandma had as well as her mother. She planned to give it to Riley when she turned sixteen, but she was only twelve right now. Brenda was so focused on her dress, she didn't realize that Robert had entered the room.

"Ahh I remember that dress." Robert smiled, and the smiled transferred to Brenda's face. "It was worn by a beautiful young woman, who vowed that she would not be like her mother, and listen to what her children would have to say." Brenda's smile faded.

"Okay, but now the tables have turned and I am the mother and I understand what it feels like," Brenda said. "And to this point I have listened to John, but he doesn't get that in this time, family comes first."

"So why haven't we just gone to Atlanta by now?" Robert asked. "Why couldn't we've just ignored our son's advice and go to where we know is right?"

Brenda pondered the thought, "I guess because for so long I did think he was right, till he just killed his brother."

"So this is his punishment?" Robert said curiously.

"No," Brenda stated.

"Do you know what I think? I think that you have always wanted to go to Atlanta, but you wanted to see if John was right first, you wanted to see if this place truly was better. You know now that it isn't, if we were in Atlanta, Henry would still be alive. Tomorrow, we'll leave, tomorrow, you start to ignore your son's advice because he only knows about as much as you do. Tomorrow we'll be on the road to safety."

AN: Well this is only the start of a wonderous story idea, I have the rough draft of Ch 2 already, and have plans to make a final draft (Obviously) I plan for this seires to go together with the Atlanta Survivors, I also plan for this seires to be ongoing, just like the comics, Oh and as a really important note DO NOT READ THE NEXT CHAPTER WITHOUT READING DAYS GONE BYE, VOLUME ONE. So ya, let me know what you think when this story gets rolling, obviously right now it's pretty slow, but it will pick up. :)