A couple weeks later

It was early in the morning, and everyone else has already woken up. Everyone, that is, except for Brenda. Ever since the day that her husband and her daughter died she had not been quite the same. Her dark brown hair, that was usually straight and in a pony tail, was now frizzly and has just been hanging over her shoulder like she didn't care anymore, because in fact she didn't care anymore. Her usually average structure looked almost unhealthy, she was too thin.

It wasn't just her physical features that had changed. Her eating habits changed, she ate little to none anymore, which was the cause of her being too thin. She slept in, she went to bed early, she didn't ever talk. Brenda was gone, all except for one part of her. Her will to stay alive was only intact because the life of her son was also intact.

"Mom...Mom..." John was shaking her by the shoulder just a little to try to wake her up.

John's left arm was in a sling the day before. After being shot he was told that he would have to wait a couple of weeks for his arm to heal up, well that was a couple weeks ago.

"MOM," John yelled, to see if that would help her wake up. He waited just a bit, and smiled when he saw Brenda's eyes open. "Don't do that to me, you had me worry that you were dead."

Brenda smiled a bit, before realizing what John had just said, "You shouldn't have to worry about me, I'm okay," Brenda stood up out of bed. Her leg injury wasn't bad at all. The bullet just went in and out, and away from the bone or any important leg muscle. She was healed in a couple of days, back up on her feet again.

"Your right, I shouldn't have to worry about you. Now why don't you go eat so I don't worry about you dying of starvation," John waited for a reply, but all Brenda did was motion for John to get out of her way so she could leave the RV. John did just that, and just like that Brenda left the RV. John sighed. He didn't know what he was going to do with her. She was going to starve herself to death, and he wouldn't have any family member left. Well no blood family member left. All the people he has found had helped him along. Glenn, Amy, Dale and Shane especially.

Glenn was a little bit of a role model to John. Who else would risk their lives to go out for food and toiletries everyday. Amy was almost like his sister to him, she and John were in charge of watching the kids everyday. They had nothing to do but talk. Dale was almost like his father right now. And Shane, the leader of the camp. John was basically his adviser.

Sure Shane disagreed with him on a lot, but John has helped this camp. He recommended that everyone be assigned jobs, instead of just letting people figure out what to do. John has recommended that we should move camp from time to time, so if they made too much noise they could just move. Shane though will not let the camp move away from the city. John hated that, but liked Shane none the less.

John just shook his head and left the RV. To his surprise the first thing he saw was his mother eating some caned fruit. John smiled, and went over and sat on the same log she was sitting on. "Good to see you eating."

Brenda didn't say anything, but just continued eating. Lori walked up behind them.

"Hey Brenda, do you think you can help with laundry today... I don't mean to sound rude, but you just haven't really done anything since, well you came here actually..." Lori said, somewhat wishing that there was a better way to say what she had said.

Brenda got up and set her canned fruit down. "I'll help, but just for the record... I haven't been doing anything because no one has told me to do anything." She walked away from Lori and John, and she grabbed a pile of clothes and headed for the river.

"Could you tell her that I didn't mean to offend her..." Lori said. She felt a little sorry for Brenda after all, she knew how she felt. Losing a husband is hard, she couldn't imagine what it would be like to lose a child as well.

"Hey, your doing laundry with her, she'd rather here it from you," John said a little irritated at his mother. "Besides she's not talking to me."

"Sorry, I didn't know that you aren't getting along... have fun with Amy today watching Carl, I'm going now," Lori walked off without saying anything more, she was as well grabbing a pile of clothes to wash at the river.

John picked up his mother's can and ate the rest of it. He hadn't had breakfast yet and there was no need for good food to go to waste. He threw the trash in the fire and went out by the children who were playing by the car. Amy was already their.

"What took you so long?" Amy said nonchalantly.

"Oh, my mother is not talking to me now," John answered.

"Family rivalry? In the middle of this undead thing?" Amy looked at the children real quick to make sure they were in their boundaries.

"Well, at least she's eating now, I just hope that sooner or later she gets back to her old self again..." John fixed his gaze on the children as well.

Carl and Sophia were in a group away from Ben and Billy. Carl was Lori's son, Lori wasn't a friend really, just someone John knew. Sophia was the daughter of Carol, a person who John never really talked to. Ben and Billy were the son's of Donna and Allen. Donna was known as the gossip, although there wasn't very much to talk about,(much less gossip about) she still found something to gossip about, and Allen was a person who kept watch every once in a while when Dale was done.

"so... you glad your not on laundry duty with your sister right now," John said hoping to stir some conversation.

"Damn right," Amy replied proudly. Carl overheard that part of the conversation.

"Watch your language or I'll tell mom," Carl said, pointing in Amy's general direction.

"Oh bite me," Amy whispered to John, she giggled a bit. Carl went back into building a sand castle that was 'going to be bigger that the twins.' John was betting that Carl and Sophia were going to win and Amy's bet was on the Twins.

"They have better dirt over there," Amy rationalized.

"Carl is smart enough to beat them alone, with Sophia with him there is no way they're going to lose."

"Well... twins have physic abilities that allow them to communicate through brain waves." Amy argued.

John smiled and shook his head. "You're crazy!"

Amy giggled just a bit. "You're not so sane yourself, Johnny boy."

"HEY, I resent being called that." John said in self defense. "Time's almost up and Carl and Sophia are in the lead."

Amy rolled her eyes, "Who decided the time limit... you?"

John laughed a bit. "Maybe."

John and Amy, laughed until silence came. "Pretty empty here isn't it, everyone's off doing something," John said breaking the silence. "Everyone here is like family, aren't they?"

Amy a little bit surprised by the question, "What brought that up?"

"Oh, it was something I was thinking about earlier, I was just thinking about how we all fit in like a family.

"Oh, and what am I to you, a cousin twice removed?" Amy asked just a bit curious.

"Well, I would say your my sister, you're about the same age and we get along well enough,"
Amy stared at him blankly, then started laughing.

"What's so funny?"

"Oh, nothing... nothing," Amy busted into laughter again. It took awhile, but she finally caught her breath. Amy wanted to get off the subject so, she quickly found a new one. "So, you heard about what happened to Lori's husband yet?"

"No, my mother probably has though, people say that she talks about it all the time, have you heard about it?" John asked

"Nope, been here with you the whole time, not with miss gossip. Bet it's an awesome story though if she's been talking about it though, or a sad one..." Amy stopped talking a soon as she realized that Lori was right behind her. "Oh, sorry... I...I didn't realize you were there..."

"It's okay, but if you kids really want to know, I guess you're old enough. My husband's name is Rick," Lori started. "He worked as a police officer where we used to live. He was called in about a shooting out on the highway, and he never was called in for a shooting before..." Lori teared up.

"You don't have to tell us if you don't want to," Amy said.

Lori continued ignoring Amy almost entirely, "He was behind his police car protecting himself from gunfire. He thought that he could shoot the guy, before the guy could shoot Rick. Rick was wrong, he got shot in the side and was in a coma days before the dead started rising again. I had to leave him behind." Lori was crying now. Amy and John tried to comfort her, but was futile. They'd wish they would have never brought it up.

Dale was on top of the RV looking out for any undead freaks to show up. Dale was quite an old man, and all he had to protect this camp with, was a rifle. Man, couldn't Glenn go for a gun run. Dale tipped his hat. He was attached to his hat, he really never took it off. If he died, he wanted to be buried with it.

"No, let's not think about that... not yet." Dale said to himself. To distract himself he looked far off into the woods. He didn't see anything... Glenn should have been back by now.

"Speak of the devil. We have company!" Dale shouted to the rest of the group.

Lori shouted back, "Dead or Alive!"

Dale smiled, "It's Glenn, and he's brought someone else with him..."

Lori, curious, looked around the RV. "Oh..my..god...Carl get over here right now," Lori didn't wait for Carl though, she ran to her husband, with arms wide open



Rick accepted his family with arms wide open as well.

"Oh, thank God," Rick said, hugging his family. "I—I was so worried about you."

Shane, John and a couple of other people walked up to see what was going on. "Good to see you, man." Shane said walking up to Rick.

Rick was surprised, "Oh, my God, Shane!" Rick almost hugged Shane too, but resisted.

Amy went back into the RV and waved her sister over. John stayed, so he could watch what was going to happen. Lori wiped the tears out of her eyes, "Shane helped us get here... We wouldn't have made it without him."

Rick smiled, "I guess I owe you more than I'll ever be able to repay," he said to Shane.

"Rick, please, it was nothing. I had to make up for letting you get shot like that..." John was puzzled, was Shane responsible for Rick getting shot, or was Shane just there.

"Man, that wasn't your fault besides, I'm fine now." Rick said, patting Shane shoulder.

"Fair enough. Let me show you around..." Shane motioned for everyone to follow. Shane first pointed to Glenn and Allen. Allen was asking Glenn for supplies when they were pointed at. "You've met Glenn, that's Allen, hounding him for supplies," Shane looked around, like he was looking for something. "Allen's wife is around here somewhere. They've got twins, Billy and Ben... they're hellions."

Shane pointed to Dale, who was still sitting on top of his RV, "That's Dale up there keeping watch. That's his camper. Jim is over there eating." Jim stopped eating his sandwich, just to wave. A lot of people where coming back from washing laundry to see what was going on.

Shane continued, "That's Carol and her daughter Sophia sitting on the back of the car." It looked like they were in the middle of a conversation when Shane pointed them out. Amy came out of the RV with her sister. "This is Amy and Andrea... They're sisters." Shane paused looking around for Donna. "You guys seen Donna and the Twins?" Shane question.

Almost on cue, Donna came around the corner of the RV with her twins. "Right here," Donna announced, "What... Oh... New arrival?"

"This is Lori's husband." Shane answered.

Donna smiled, "My word... That's the best news I've heard all month."

"Oh, I almost forgot," Shane said, slapping his head. (A/N face-palm). "This imaginative rascal's name is John," Shane said patting him on the back. John extended his hand out for a handshake, Rick gladly accepted and did the same.

Brenda just came out of the woods, finished with her load of laundry, "What's going on out here?"

"Lori's husband Rick is here," Shane answered.

"Oh, hey," Brenda ignored everyone and went into the RV.

"Well, she's nice," Rick said sarcastically.

"Ya, there's always something going on with her," Donna said. She elbowed Shane, "Why don't we leave Rick and Lori alone, they have some catching up to do."