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Macfarlane Ranch:

Did he forget


It was another long, hot, dry day in New Austin. Everyone was out and about doing whatever as long as it was constructive that is.

Amos huffed as sweat slowly dripped down his face. He put the pitchfork he was currently using aside, against the wooden fence glancing in Ms. Macfarlane's direction. She seemed to be in some sort of struggle with chores.

"Oh come on darling, I ain't going to hurt you." She was found talking to one of her horses, which was the lovely color of brown and dirty white. She was busy trying to brush his back thighs but since the heat and the flies were always a constant bug she always got a tail in the face or a really hard shove to the side. Amos smiled half-heartedly and walk toward her.

She didn't notice him at first but after yet another shove, this time much harder, she fell to the ground and Amos caught her aiming for her arms to help pull her up.

"Well-Amos I didn't see you standing there." Bonnie smiled softly after being carefully caught by Amos. She brushed her blouse off and picked the brush up. "Here Ms. Macfarlane-do this." He moved in a bit too close for comfort yet Bonnie didn't even move away. She let him take the horse brush from her dirty hands and watched what he had to show her. Her hands met her hips and she stood with most of her weight on one foot.

"Brush in circles, ma'am—see she seems to like it." He smiled and looked over his shoulder at her continuing the soft circles.

Bonnie returned the little smile and wiped her forehead with the back of her hand. "Thank you Amos, I think I can take it from here." She reached out for the brush, intending on getting it back in her hands but Amos stalled for a few minutes or so. "Circles Ms. Macfarlane." He got in even closer than before causing her to feel sort of uneasy; not too uncomfortable though.

The heat must have been getting to her badly because at that moment she felt her face warm up totally out of control. Amos smiled very small to find her face in that nature; the more she flushed the more it defined her lovely womanly freckles.

"Yes Amos I fully understand; I ain't a man I'm a woman." She snipped with a smirk on her lips unintentionally forcing the large horse brush from his hand.

Both his brows went up at that second. "Well ma'am…I'm sorry-"he moved away, joking with her of course and went back to his previous duties.

Bonnie watched him walked back to the hay pile and wiped her face yet again and got back down to her own duties.


The day was quickly turning into night; has everyone forgot-does anyone even remember at all? It barely bothered her as the sunset sky had instantly vanished into star-covered darkness. The day was finally over and that meant she could kick back and relax.

Relaxation was the last thing on her mind though.

It was her birthday; her 25th birthday and basically everyone has forgotten except for her father and Amos of course.

Mr. Macfarlane purchased her a new mare from Armadillo; from a friend he says. It was a lovely golden color and boy was it a beauty. He was new so he was kept in the barn for now. Amos didn't really buy her anything; all he gave her was a little kiss on the cheek and a sweet 'Happy birthday'. It warmed her heart to hear that but still—she wanted more on her birthday.

Nobody but her ranch helpers gave her a 'Happy birthday'- that left one more fellow to say it. It was too late though in her book.

As she put her horses in the barn for the night, just getting the final one in its stall, she felt a terrible nippy breeze tickle her shoulder. "What was that?" she wondered talking to herself, seeing that there was no one else about in the pitch darkness. All she had with her was a dim-lit oil lamp and her own two fists for protection.

She looked away for a split second to lock the gate and there it was again. "God darn it!" she snapped but unfortunately at the wrong man to even be snapping at.

She twirled her body around and was currently facing Mr. Marston with a terrible red face. She moved backwards slightly with one booted foot, which caused her to hit the wooden side of the stall with her heel; startling her even more. Marston looked quite handsome in the dim moonlight but the thought of him not telling her anything about her birthday was really quite a bother.

"I am sorry, Ms. Macfarlane-I didn't mean to startle you." He reached out to grab her before she tumbled over and that's just what she did hoping she wouldn't.

Safely she landed in a warm comfortable pile of hay. "Well hello Mr. Marston, ain't it a bit too late to be roaming the ranch?" she asked as she ignored his helping hand and stood up herself. He watched her stand up. "I guess you could say that—I just can't get any shut eye." He told her shuffling his boot around in the discarded hay that surrounded them on the ground.

The breeze started up again. She made an attempt at keeping the signs of her cold feeling to herself yet it didn't work out. He noticed right away at how cold she must be and took the oil lamp, offering to walk her back inside.

No matter how badly she wanted to kindly say no, she just couldn't bring herself to actually saying it. "Why not" She said exhausted, and it began to show. Dark rings from another hard day's work suddenly appeared maybe after a few yawns under the light of the moon but that didn't change the beauty of her at all.

The blue in her eyes shown perfectly as they always did.

Once they have made it to her front door, John stood silent next to Bonnie. She looked at him and he looked at her. "Well…she said, starting off first—with both of her hands on her hips.

John stood still, waiting patiently. "Goodnight Mr. Mar-she was unexpectedly interrupted by John. "This is for you, Miss." He said, pulling out a small little box from his pocket and handed it to her. She swallowed thickly and coughed nervously. Did Mr. Marston remember? She smiled to herself as she carefully and respectively took the box and eyed it like it was some kind of treasure.

John looked down upon it as well but stayed mainly focused on one thing; that one thing was Miss Macfarlane.

"Happy Birthday Miss Macfarlane—I am sorry for it being so late and all, but I couldn't miss out on your special day-he started putting his thumbs in the loops of his pin-stripe pants admiring her expression and her reaction.


She didn't know what to say now. It was all too much just coming from John. "Thank you John!" she pronounced excitedly and without a doubt she bumped bodies with him and enclosed her arms loosely yet securely around his neck.

It really wasn't the right thing to do to a married man, but it was a friendly thing—and he let it happen. John later put his own arms around her and held a little tighter than usual.

The strange yet inviting feeling of her warm womanly breasts against his chest was like a gift—a gift from heaven. But fortunately John Marston didn't stay in that wonderland for very long. He let his arms fall loose from her before she even did and stared.

"I wouldn't forget your birthday Miss Macfarlane—I just ain't that kind of man." He explained to her as clearly as he could with a little smile.

Bonnie smiled back and turned around to face the door. Somehow she felt totally vulnerable with her back turned to him—she knew about his past and he was a different man…he was never really a bad man, he just got stuck and didn't know what to do; that's one reason why she adored him so much.

"Goodnight Miss Macfarlane—sleep good." He tipped his hat to her before leaving. Bonnie opened the door and stepped inside. She didn't say a word she just walked in and closed the door with a click.

Marston continued to stand by the steps just to make sure everything was alright—he always knew everything was alright he just liked to stay a bit longer.

She made him feel different and he liked it.


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