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Fear gripped her tightly around the throat. He whipped out his dick and began to tease and humiliate her. She couldn't take it.

"You want it?" he wondered, raising a dark brow before slowly lowering himself upon her. Bonnie kicked around like a wild animal as soon as he touched her again. "Get off me you bastard-get off!" she screamed, kicked and even bit him. But nothing worked; he dropped his member letting it fall limp against her lower abdomen, while he distracted her with little kisses, only to pull out his hidden weapon.

It was a silver blade. The one he used to cut the rope free with. "SHh!" was all that came out of his mouth before he drew the blade close and poked the tip of it against her bruised cheek.

Tears fell down in rolls, and he noticed. "Stop cryin'." He wiped them away with his thumb carefully, and continued his terrible harassment. "I don't wanna have to kill you like all the others, you are too damn pretty." He whispered into her neck as she kept her head turned to the side, with a small pebble digging into the side of her face.

He suddenly dropped the knife and moved his hands again. They went up towards her face and one hand cupped over her mouth as the other moved downwards.

"Mh-hm!" She mumbled something inaudible to the human ears and that gave him even more time to make a serious move on her. She felt him tearing at the last of her clothing but she moved too much.



The boys accompanying the warm campfire were startled when a strange man on horseback came out from the dark shadows of the night and tossed a blade in the direction of one.

That poor fool fell over with a knife in the middle of his skull. Blood dripped down tremendously and all the others tried to collect their mounts but failed. Josh was spooked after hearing those silent screams. "What the hell?" he moved from fearful Bonnie and stood up, putting himself back together.

He pulled out his pistol from his fallen holster. "Who's there?" he growled, standing shaky as his eyes looked all over and found nothing until the last minute.

The man fell over in pain with a bullet in the back of his calf. It hurt like hell and all he could do was hold the wound and pray he wouldn't die. "You the hell do you think you are, partner?" was all that he heard before turning around only to find that Marston fellow. He half-smiled but it faded when the pain pulse again.

Bonnie hadn't noticed. She was too busy crying and squirming.

While John had a talk with the only current living outlaw to his little gang, Amos and Drew found Bonnie. "Oh Bonnie!" Mr. Macfarlane rushed to her side, trying so hard to hold her more than cut her free. She was shocked and surprised to see them.

Tears stained her bruised face. "My darlin', I am sorry." Drew spoke, as Amos carefully cut the rope around her wrists.

She could barely feel anything. No smile, no expression, no nothing. She didn't say a word. "What did they do to you?" he asked, with his hands on both her shoulders. Amos and Drew both waited for her to speak but nothing came out.


John pointed his pistol at him; not his pistol, Josh's very own. The fellow was on the ground, from the previous attack between them. Marston won of course, and Josh was severely beaten. He looked terrible.

"Why you gonna shoot me, Marshal-I-I'm unarmed!" he crawled backwards as John continued to move forward still in the direction of the pistol. John didn't say anything. "Why shouldn't I shoot you, partner?" he growled, giving him a grimace and finally cocking the gun. Josh was scared and John could see it in his eyes. It made John smile inside.

Before he shot the unarmed fellow, Amos ran in just in time to hold John back. He kicked the man in the jaw, he kicked him in the stomach and definitely between the legs; several times until he was bleeding again. He even had some time to slap him with the gun. "John STOP!" Amos put both of his arms around John to calm him, and it soon began to work.

He didn't know what came over him; that usually happened when he was drunk. He was never a seriously angry person sober…at least not as bad.

It scared Amos to watch. He definitely knew John was pretty much capable of doing anything he wanted to someone.

"We need to bring him back to Armadillo, John." Amos told him and let him go as soon as he calmed down. John really wanted to blow that man's brains out and just leave him there for the coyotes and wolves to scavenge. But it wasn't the right thing to do—he was unarmed and terrified. He was half-dead already anyway from John's rough beatings. What more could he do to him


After hogtying the criminal and returning back to Armadillo, John pulled the man off the back of the mount, and dropped him.

The man whimpered in pain. "You-you are a fuckin' bastard!" the man cried out, spitting out blood in the process. John was angered. He's been angered ever since Bonnie was missing and this fellow on the ground was going to get it; even if it meant sending John to jail.

John let out a deep growl from the back of his throat, pulled out Josh's pistol from his holster, aimed, cocked and in 3-2-1 he fired!


E/N: This one was kind of short but eh—finally Josh is dead! He was stupid anyway and he deserved it. Now see what happens to John!