Part of the twice-weekly Rally Drabbles.

By – Hime no Ichigo

Genre: Romance
Rating: G
Pairings: Ren x Masato
Story Type: Drabble
Summary: This nervousness is worse than the butterflies in his stomach when he's preparing for a live, but the stakes are much, much higher.

Disclaimer: Uta no Prince-sama is the intellectual property of Broccoli.

Spoilers: None, AU-ish.

Notes: This is from Toki's prompt: "ring."

Of all the romantic flings he's had, this is his most serious one. Regardless of whatever rumours and "experiences" he's had, he's never had to consider coming so far as to ask the other's hand in marriage. No one would expect it to be the heir to the Hijirikawa Company either – because they're both guys. And Jinguji Ren is known for his womanizing; how he hates his younger self.

Ren fidgets, the small case weighing heavily in his pocket, as he waits for Masato to get ready to leave for their date. The concept of commitment to him is a huge leap – in faith and in life – but in this relationship, he feels he's finally ready for it. Tonight is Decision Night; he would either be the happiest man on earth, or he would leave with a broken heart. He has all the legitimate reasons to be nervous.

They go to the restaurant they ate in for their very first date. Masato had seemed really pleased with the food and service, and they've come regularly since then. They know the staff quite well by now, and Ren doesn't waste any time on formalities in pulling strings for a private parlour. He leads Masato gently by the hand to the room, treating him almost too princess-like, and even though Ren knows his boyfriend of three years hates this kind of treatment (I'm not a girl, as he's reminded), he can't help but be the perfect gentleman.

He's already ordered all of Masato's favourites before they came, so Ren makes small talk to pass the time – and to calm his nerves. Masato suspects nothing, thinking that this is just another normal evening, and that suits Ren just fine. Towards the end of their dessert course, he excuses himself to the washroom. He splashes ice cold water onto his face, and slaps his cheeks a few times, mustering up all of his courage and determination. He loves Masato and he really wants to spend the rest of his life with him – that should be enough reason to propose without qualms.

Ren picks up the bouquet of flowers he has requested the floral store to deliver to the restaurant earlier that evening. He takes a deep breath and re-enters their room, steadying his voice for the most important question in his life.

Masato looks up at the sound of the door opening, nodding as a way of welcoming him back. His blue eyes widen in surprise as Ren lowers onto one of his knees, staring at him right in the eye. He's never seen such fierce resolve before. "Ren—?"

"Would you entrust the rest of your life to me, Masato? I know I have many faults and at times I'm insufferable, but I promise I'll do my best to make you the happiest husband in the world, if you'd like to walk down this long road together."

The silence that follows after – which Ren expects – is excruciatingly long and feels even worse than when he's waiting for his practical examination results. He tells himself to not waver in his gaze, because he certainly isn't faltering now. There's no chorus of marry him and accept his proposal like in those silly dramas; he wants Masato to make the decision based on his own feelings, not because of pressure. Still—the silence is unbearable.

"Ren, I—"

He knows that tone of voice, that hesitation. His hand holding the ring case trembles ever so slightly, but Ren tells himself to hold on; a proper answer is better than his own speculation.

Masato gives a barely perceptible nod, and Ren would have missed it if not for a telltale blush. His hopes soar.

"Is that—?"

The blue-haired man nods a little more firmly this time, letting a smile grace his face.

Ren's face is washed with relief, and with shaky hands, he slides the band down Masato's left ring finger. "Thank you," he whispers, dropping all his seriousness from before and falling back into his colloquial manner of speech. He kisses his knuckles, lips grazing against the cold metal, and he's reminded that this is absolutely real.

"You'd better not make me regret this," Masato knocks on the top of Ren's skull, and smiles wider at the momentary look of panic that flashes over his face.

- Owari -

Authoress' Notes: Well that turned out to be way longer than I expected.