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The dim lights of the lab barely illuminated the greasy-haired man hunched over an operating table, nearly salivating at his specimen. A shock of spiky yellow hair, somehow not flattened despite being drenched in mako, was just barely visible. A young man, naked and far too pale to be considered healthy, was restrained on the table. The perverted scientist had already documented the scene extensively; the photos were now tucked away, to be studied at a later date. They would also eventually be passed on to his client. His research wasn't the only reason he was funded.

Despite being unconscious, the boy's eye moved restlessly below his eyelids, accompanying the whimpers and groans that were getting worse as Hojo took samples. Cloud Strife had been on the way to his lovers' apartment when he felt a tiny pinch in the back of his arm and suddenly he was stumbling worse than the time he had allowed Reno and Zack to take him out for drinks. His last sight was a once-white lab coat.


Sephiroth was getting worried. Dinner had been ready nearly fifteen minutes ago and Cloud still had not shown up. That was completely out of character for the small blonde. He was normally very punctual. If he were going to be even a minute late, both Sephiroth and Genesis would receive a frantic message with multiple apologies. Neither of them was sure how he managed to type so much so quickly, but had just put it up to one of his little quirks.

Genesis Rhapsodos emerged from the bathroom, hair still damp from his shower, to Sephiroth pacing. For the Silver General, this was tantamount to him panicking, including, but not limited to: crying, shaking, and curling up in the fetal position. Genesis immediately noticed the absence of their younger lover and nearly lunged for his PHS. The lack of messages was frightening. Both men exchanged a look, grabbed their swords, and began to track down their little chocobo.


Cloud was trapped in his foggy mind, completely unable to move. He couldn't even open his eyes. The terrifying sensation of needles in the crooks of both elbows and the metallic scent of mako on his hair and skin allowed him to guess where he was. The fear of the unknown had nearly overwhelmed him at first. He began to struggle until a new prick sent him back into near unconsciousness.

The only reason he didn't panic more was his absolute faith in his lovers. He clung to his sanity, knowing Genesis and Sephiroth were likely sprinting to his aid right now. For once, he was thanking his obsession with being on time. They would have noticed immediately that he wasn't all right. Now, he only had to wait for them. He just wished they would hurry.


Both the General and Commander were beyond furious. A seemingly inconspicuous piece of trash had turned out to be one of Hojo's signature tranquilizer darts, not far from Cloud's dorm. Both men were forced to endure regular visits to the laboratory, but had been adamant that Cloud would never have to deal with it. Obviously Hojo had gone behind their backs and kidnapped the young cadet. Their expressions promised an extremely slow and painful death for Shin-Ra's resident madman.


The drugs in his system had finally worn off again. When he opened his eyes, Hojo's frightening visage loomed over him, grinning maniacally.

"You are nearly ready to be enhanced, just a few more tests. Yes, soon. . ." The hoarse voice continued to mumble as it searched for something. He came back bearing a large syringe, filled with glowing green mako. Cloud's eyes grew impossibly wide, and he prepared to scream when a red-gloved hand covered his mouth at the same time a flash of silver shone behind Hojo.

The gleaming blade of Masamune projected from the scientist's chest while Rapier's tip embedded itself in his jugular. A strangled moan escaped his lips as he was forced carefully to his knees. He knew his death would not be swift unless the blades were removed. As it was, he would slowly bleed out, suffering every moment.

Giving his blade to Sephiroth, Genesis quickly turned his attention to releasing Cloud and covering him with his red duster. Gathering him in his arms, he turned to survey the scene. Hojo had come much to close for their comfort. To prevent Cloud from suffering anymore trauma, the Red Commander whisked him off to their apartment, whispering comforting words and knowing Sephiroth would handle the cleanup.

No longer worried about their younger lover, Sephiroth focused completely on the pathetic creature kneeling amidst the blood and mako. He grasped the blades and slowly twisted them in place, drawing out his excruciating death. As Hojo's eyes finally began to dim, the last thing he would hear would be the complete hatred in his son's voice. "Never touch our love."


Cloud woke up in a familiar bed, nestled between both the men he loved. He had never felt safer. His face was buried in Sepiroth's chest, while Genesis had an arm draped over him protectively. The silver-haired man was gently petting his little chocobo, occasionally leaning down to place a light kiss on his head. Once he noticed the cadet was awake, a strong hand guided Cloud's mouth own to bring him into a passionate kiss.

As they became lost in their own little piece of heaven, Genesis awoke. While he was notoriously grumpy most mornings, he made an exception for this occasion. They were all together, safe as could be. Sephiroth had hidden the evidence, and after all, who would dare to question the Hero of Wutai? They were safe, and that was all that mattered at the moment.


Once Cloud was asleep for the night again, Sephiroth brought up the records he had discovered in Hojo's lab to Genesis. They included the naked picture of Cloud, as well as where they had been distributed. The President's name was bold across the top. They finally knew why Hojo had never been arrested for his experiments. Genesis saw red and prepared to immediately murder the man. A hand on his arm caused him to pause and look questioningly at his lover.

"Not now, we don't want Cloud to wake alone, and this needs planning. Assassination requires forethought, not just rushing off in a fit of rage." Sephiroth's logical statement was the only thing that stopped the Crimson Warrior from avenging his younger lover immediately.

"Very well, but he is mine to kill." Those blue eyes shone with a burning hatred that could only be extinguished with the President of Shin-Ra's death.

In his sleep, Cloud gave a little unconscious shiver.

I wrote this when I was in a rather bad mood, but still wanted a little bit of fluff. This is the result. If I get some feedback, I will probably post a second chapter for this. I hope you enjoyed it. Constructive criticism is welcome.