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The enormous form of Bahumet became visible behind the helicopter as the SOLDIERs prepared for the fight. Sephiroth immediately began evasive maneuvers to avoid being knocked from the sky while the other three Firsts prepared their materia and swords. Cloud grabbed his own gun before Genesis pushed him back into the copilot's chair.

"Stay here and watch what Seph is doing. You might need to take over so he can help us with this," said the Crimson Commander, ignoring the cadet's look of irritation at being forced to sit out.

Just as Zack prepared to jump out onto Bahumet, the Summons began to fade. Looking back at the distant Shin-Ra building, their mako-sharp eyes just able to make out the distinctive outfit of the head of the SOLDIER program. Lazard had obviously called off the attack, although they would likely never know the reason.

Sighing in relief, they all relaxed as the former general corrected their course so they could begin their new lives.


Sunlight washed in through the large windows of the bedroom where the three men lay together, the two larger cocooning a much smaller blonde between them. None of them were in any hurry to wake up, but they knew they would eventually need to prepare for their day.

Sephiroth had become the unofficial monster-killer of the area and his services were much in demand. It helped keep him from becoming too restless with their slower pace of life. Between that and his lovers' attention, the Silver General was adjusting rather well.

Genesis preferred to spend his time researching LOVELESS. He intended to write his own interpretation of the ballad. Neither Sephiroth nor Cloud was willing to tell him he would get bored soon' he could figure that out on his own.

Cloud had ended up working with a mechanic after discovering a natural affinity for things of a mechanical nature. An abandoned motorcycle that he was restoring had become his pet project as well.

Angeal and Zack were living in Banora so they could take care of Angeal's mother. Shin-Ra had managed to survive the loss of its First Class SOLDIERs, but their expansion had slowed dramatically.

Cloud's eyes slowly opened and he reached up to place a kiss on each of his lovers' cheeks. Neither awoke to this soft touch but that didn't matter. They were still together and they would always have their love.

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