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Author's Notes: I haven't been in the right frame of mind to write much lately. The realities of life have been intruding on my headspace. But I wrote this little piece at Starbucks tonight. Enjoy.

The Pitfalls of Relationships

"You know," Shinichi mused, "sometimes I have to wonder if you really are this confident or if you are just remarkably good at appearing so."

"Tantei-kun!" Kaitou Kid chirped in reply. "How good to see you. Though I must confess you could have had better timing."

Shinichi hummed thoughtfully and leaned casually against the stairwell railing. "What would your fans think if they saw you now?"

Kid smiled broadly. "Why, that it's all part of my dastardly plan to trick the police – and associated detectives."

"Ah," Shinichi said. "Of course." A corner of his lip twitched up into a grin. "And what part of this plan calls for you to be trussed up like a pig waiting for slaughter by your own trap?"

For that was exactly what was after happening.

Shinichi had found Kid in the emergency stairwell half way between the thirteenth and fourteenth floors of the hotel. Kid was precariously suspended in midair above a landing, bound thoroughly in a contraption of rope and wires.

"The part where I hold this delightful conversation with you, tantei-kun," Kid replied, not missing a beat.

Shinichi watched in amusement as Kid contorted himself into awkward positions in order to fish in his pockets for something.

To the thief's credit he looked just as confident as his banter made him appear. It was, in fact, only the slightest pause that gave him away.

"Problems, Kid?"

"No, of course not," Kid responded, "though now that you mention it, I appear to have misplaced my pocket knife. Oh well, no matter."

With that he pulled out the diamond that was the object of the night's heist and used it to cut through the rope.

This occupation took enough time that Shinichi took to watching the stairwell for the police.

"They won't be coming yet," Kid informed him. "I left them rather more bound up than I am."

"Should I get them assistance?" Shinichi asked drily.

"Hakuba will figure it out eventually," Kid replied dismissively.

A moment later the whole trap gave way. Shinichi couldn't help but laugh as Kid landed in an undignified heap.

Kid picked himself up and dusted off his suit with an air of nonchalance. "No chase tonight, tantei-kun?" he asked, adjusting his monocle.

"No," Shinichi said with a smirk. "I got what I came for."

Later when Shinichi made it home it was to find a pouting Kaito sitting on his couch.

Shinichi hid a grin. "You wouldn't believe what happened at Kid's heist tonight."

The pout deepened as Shinichi joined Kaito on the couch.

"Kid got himself caught in one of his own traps. Amazing really, Kid always knows where things are down to the last centimetre... But it only takes a centimetre."

Kaito actually scowled. "You moved it and you know it. My back hurts because of you. And what did you do with my pocket knife?"

Shinichi couldn't hide his smile this time. "Borrowed it for the heist," he said, pulling it out of his pocket. "I didn't think you'd mind."

Kaito snatched it away. "Thief," he muttered.

Shinichi burst out laughing.

"Sorry," he said once he'd gotten himself back under control. "But maybe next time you should think about leaving your plans somewhere I can't see them."

Kaito made a grumbling noise before proceeding to use Shinichi as a pillow.

Shinichi smiled.

It had been a good night.