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She wished she would have known, or at least predict, the way her heart would beat, almost painfully against her chest the minute Will proposed.

That night, stepping in the living room of their comfy apartment was like stepping in a room isolated from the world, from the indiscreet and undaunted looks of the outside.

She wished she would have foreseen her eyes darkened the minute she turned around and met her fiancée standing a few feet away mirroring her hooded expression. He had never looked taller or handsome or strong.

She wished she could stop the burning sensation in her lower abdomen when he walked toward her. Will had never looked like that; he seemed possessed. There was lust casting his hazel, now yearning, eyes.

Her legs took a couple of steps back, bumping with the table behind her. She wasn´t scared; her seduction game had started the moment they climbed into the car. Inevitable, her hand had rested on his thigh, her lips had ended up landing on his mouth more times that they should, and her body had invited his exploration underneath her blouse. Now, her mouth curved in a defiant grin; she had no idea what was taking control of her, but all her body shivered in anticipation.

She wished she had been slightly nervous; she wished she had considered the fact it could hurt, the fact that she was absolutely unacquainted about the mechanic sex.

But Emma was infatuated with him, with his whole being; his words still echoed in her mind: "loving you and being loved by you makes everything better. I love you with everything I am and everything I ever hope to be".

So when his mouth attacked hers, she did the same, hungrily; her fingers run through his curls bringing him to her and he lightly moaned, realizing there was no red light with Emma this time.

Will held her so close her fragrance was practically intoxicating; it wasn´t like a kiss they would share while cuddling; it was desperate, devoted and wet, wetter than any other kiss. Her fists closed tightly around the collar of his shirt, her tongue slapped with his so enthusiastically, Will lost control. He trapped her against the table, hard, cupping her behind so firmly she could only gasp.

That´s my red light. He stared at her. He underrated her.

"Love me, Will," she breathed heavily upon his lips, "Make love to me tonight"

He nearly chocked, "A-are you sure?" he prayed God she was. He had yearned for her body for so long; he had fought with his primitive impulses for months, he had been sensitive when touching her, and quiet while finding release under the hot spell of the shower; he had promised he would wait, but now seeing her meaningful eyes, feeling her breasts so pressed on his chest, her hot breath on his mouth, made everything hard, so damn hard. He just didn´t want to wait any longer. He wanted her. Probably more than he had wanted another woman.

"Yes," she wasn´t thinking; for once in her life she dismissed the obsession she had with planning and being in control, "I want to love you… Properly, as you deserve, as you want me to love you."

"Emma…" he trailed intending to protest, although in some point he understood what she meant, only he didn´t want her to think like that, "Em, you-"

Her face buried in his neck, "Please don´t… I want to, you want to… Let´s make love, Will," she prompted not knowing how desperate she sounded. Regretting it with Will lying between her legs was not an option. It was time to exile the chaste marriage fantasy Emma sprouted during her young years.

His own body betrayed him, his pants were tighter and it wasn't just because of her actions, but by the way she was coaxing him. She was sweet and so light he could only lifter her petite body into his arms.

It was cold outside when he undressed her and although the room was warm, she shivered and wrapped her own arms around her bare chest. He observed her; she eluded his gape, her own need embarrassed her.

"Don´t hide from me, baby…" he request ever so softly brushing their lips together, "We´ve seen each other before…"

"I know…" his hips pressed into hers, heat and pulse unconcealed despite the fabric of their underwear, "I´m wondering…" she breathed when his mouth closed on her gullet, "how many times you wanted this to happen…"

"How many times did you think about it, Em?" he pushed her to the edge of excitement.

"I don´t know…" she confessed slightly panting, they would be up all night counting the times she imagined their bodies enmeshing together, but she could be up more nights thinking about all the occasions she had chickened out; her voice trembled but she kissed him again; Emma wanted him, but most of all she wanted to give him what he had been waiting for so long.

His hands wondered across her sides, marveling by how little she was, how fragile she could seem. She always proved him wrong; she wasn´t fragile. She was strong; stronger than any other woman he had met. "I love you, Emma," he mumbled pressing feather kisses on the revealed skin of her chest, "I´m so in love with you."

"Will…" his name left her lips with leisure, "I love you too." Her naked thighs brushed his straddling hips, and he allowed his whole weight to rest on her center.

Sometimes, the heat was so intense; the desire was so strong, Emma forgot to think. But like an intrusive obsession, the voices in her head would tell her 'too much, too fast' and she would stop him, but not this time. This time, when the front of his boxers pressed the warm flesh of her core, she moaned. It felt good, really good. Quite different from other times when Will had touched her. Now, the whole experience was causing the concerns she might have to drift away. Now, she was touching him back, digging her nails into his muscular shoulders. And she knew they wouldn´t just grind against each other until exhaustion; she just knew he was consumed by desire and she wanted to fulfill his need.

When he pushed forward, Emma bucked up against him and felt herself wet. Her panties were damp, and feeling his shaft rubbing so intensely on her, brought her breathing to become erratic. Her entire body burned and sweated.

Will watched his fiancée moving on his accord, her tiny chest weaving fast, her eyes darkened with arousal. This is it, his mind was speed racing, she´s ready. Playful fingers travelled impatiently to the waistband of her underwear and slowly, while sliding his hand between it light fabric and her soft skin, he pulled the lace down her never-ending legs.

Emma did the same with the only garment dressing his lower body. A light flush appeared on her cheeks and they sizzled when the tip of his manhood grazed her entrance.

Will´s lips landed on hers; her mouth parted when tilting her head to allow him the access he hadn´t requested yet. At the beginning all that buzzing flesh rubbing together, the wave pleasure hitting her body in the most delicious way and the secret places exploration felt divine. She felt the throb between her legs every time his body left a gap between them; she found herself hungry about him, about his hands touching her so well, in spots he was familiarized with and which Emma was sure he had memorized and recreated in his mind more times than he would ever admit.

"Are you ready?" his voice brought her back from the state of nirvana she was reaching.

Their gazes locked and biting her lower lip, she nodded. Doubts crawled inside her, "Yes," she wasn´t certain. Maybe if he hadn´t asked, she wouldn´t have thought about it that much. Slowly and gently, Will pushed inside her as his lips kissed her face. She thanked God he wasn´t looking at her directly in the eye because it hurt; a lot. And she didn´t want him to stop. She didn´t want him to see her wrinkled forehead or her tight closed eyes.

"Are you ok?" he breathed upon her lips; her silence worried him.

"Yes," but her mouth twisted and she whined when he pushed further.

"God…" he couldn´t help to moan when feeling the pressure of her muscles around him. It was so long since he had been inside a woman. But this was Emma, the woman he had craved for so long. The woman who made his heart race and stop with a simple and divine look. Her arms were wrapped around his neck, his own enveloped her waist, "Em…" he called his name, trying to find her gaze, but her face was buried in his neck, "Em, look at me…" he wasn´t moving anymore and she was too quiet. She worried him.

Gradually, her eyes met his, "I´m ok," she whispered getting used to that new feeling. It wasn´t pleasant, like moments ago; her insides felt a roughen sensation when he accidentally moved supporting his weight on his palms, beside her head. "I…" she whined again.

"I´m sorry…" he gently kissed her, stroking one of her reddish cheeks.

"I didn´t think it´d hurt this much," she explained, slightly rotating her hips. It hurt again, not as much as the first time, but still. Emma cursed all the chicks' magazines she had been reading. 'Most of women don´t have a hymen or it´s thin enough to provide them a first sexual experience almost as pleasant as the subsequent', my ass…

"We can stop, Em…" he was considering while slowly pulling off her.

"No!" her grip tightened around him, "No, don´t stop. I want to do this right… for you."

He attempted to read her expression, but failed miserably. Before he could articulate another word, she was bucking on him again. "Take it slow, sweetheart…" he commanded kindly, guessing she was still sore.

She was. Occasionally, the scratching sensation would fade and an inkling of pleasure would hit her abdomen. But it would fade as fast as it emerged. In those brief moments a light moan would flee her lungs and Will would smile content as the signs of her enjoyment.

Their bodies moved mildly, making the effort of proving each other the most mind-blowing experience of their lives; but by the way he was breathing, so hoarsely near the shell of her ear, Emma could tell he was holding back from releasing right then.

It came, eventually. His breathing was raspy, wildly irregular on her mouth, "Don´t stop," she spoke muffled, feeling his belly tensing over hers.

He groaned louder and stiffed and spilled inside her before collapsing on her petite form. Will was gasping for air, and when he did so, he found her smiling, "I´m sorry…" he panted, "you didn´t… I wanted you to-"

"It´s ok," her trembling hand caressed his sweaty neck. A lonely tear run across her face.

"Did I hurt you?" the question was tinted with concern while pulling away and bringing her to rest on his chest.

"No… I´m just happy… It was worth it, Will," she covered her mouth, "Every second… I love you."

"It´s not gonna be always like this… It´ll get better for you," he talked quietly placing a kiss on her lips.

"I wanted to be good for you," she let him know with selflessness, "You wanted this and you´ve waited so long…"

"Em…" he sat up holding her by her slender shoulders, their gazes were deadlocked, "I´d have waited for you… And I want you to want this too."

They both wanted too much…

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