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It is normal for new couples to experience an initial phase of sexual drive.

The more she tried to understand it, the less sense it made. Normal people usually initiated in sex while being young. Way younger than Emma. Why would they be sexually maddened after years of practicing that… activity?

Emma wasn´t normal; she never thought 'normal' was a word to describe herself. She was caring, compassionate and kind, kinder than most people. And she had just had sex, at the age of 32. A rare and peculiar fact (although that wasn't the only detail that made Emma unique). As a typical teenager, she had gone through sexual awakening, but never satisfied her young body with the cravings that time would bring.

So, following her logic and taking her particular case, feeling the urge of complying with carnal desires seemed rational and perfectly applicable to her. She had no résumé when it came to boyfriends (taking boyfriend as the entire concept) and being married in the past didn´t even help to conceptualize what she was trying to comprehend. Being somebody´s wife involved so much more than having a certificate with an official stamp from some remote Chapel in Las Vegas.

She was smitten about the whole thing. About sex. It made her blush; she was still shy and occasionally she wouldn´t recognize the woman in those thoughts. Blame and gratitude fell on Will. It was him, the only reason Emma would suddenly wake up feeling hot and bothered in the middle of the night. It was him, the man that made her entire body burn during adoring love-making between the covers.

It was all because of him.

Will, Will, Will, Will….

The mere echo of his name caused her chest to engorge. And she couldn´t help to wonder where she would be if they had never met.

She couldn´t. Trying to imagine her own life without Will as an unattainable aim.

'Welcome to McKinley Miss… Pillsbury'. Her whole life changed on that morning. Just by a simple friendly and curious smile a co-worker, whose name was unknown, gave to her.

Emma´s life had been signed by that day, by his friendship and the time spent together. McKinley had become a source of delight for the school counselor since day one, mostly because of him. She remembered staying longer to help him with the Glee Club. With only the pathetic excuse of, kids cared about arts and she cared about kids (it wasn´t entirely a lie). But the only motive behind her actions had been remaining by his side as long as she could. Because she knew Will found in the school a place to forget and drift away the concerns his rotten marriage would bring him.

She had wished not be selfish, but she had wanted Will just for herself. Because no ordinary woman was enough for him.

And Emma wasn´t an ordinary woman, that´s why she had secretly fantasized about what going to bed and seeing the sunrise next to Will Schuester would be like.

Now she could see it. Every morning. His soft voice was music to her ears while whispering 'Good morning, sleepyhead' and her cheery giggles were more contagious than tickles. Emma knew Will loved her smile by the way his eyes flickered with enchantment after kissing her lips.

Sometimes, Emma wondered where the sexual phase magazines and specialists referred were. Looking at it retrospectively, they had had some sort of 'wild' month, sleeping together 2, occasionally 3 times, a week. That was the more sex she had had during her whole life. And for him as well. Will´s first marriage was not only a constant daytime of struggling but also a lack of between the covers activities. Especially during its last year. Now, their nocturnal recreation had quieted down.

Emma was honest with herself thinking she was still an amateur when it came to sex. Most of the time, she was absolutely clueless about initiating. And most of all, continuing some sporadic seduction game. It was hard for her; just like her first time when being embarrassed about her own need. The words 'I´m feel hot' would never flee her mouth. It was literally torture because most of the time Will was always around, she felt edgy and eager.

All her chastity yeas were paying back.

Mr. and soon to be Mrs. Schuester´s bedroom had been sort of quiet lately. Against his own primitive instincts, every night Will had to hold himself not to throw his entire weight on top of his fiancée. He didn´t want to scare her; in fact, he was scared himself. His own desire consumed him, but he didn´t want her to think sex was the only thing tumbling his mind.

It was, tho. All the time. His need embarrassed him. One blink from her and he would make her see the stars on the kitchen´s table or in the back seat of her car. Even in the janitor´s closet.

But he didn´t want to scare her, so he kept it neat and clean.

"Will…" her voice was low, nearly a whisper late that night. He had just arrived from the gym.

Good exercise will keep my head busy, he had innocently thought. But he was more energized than ever. "Sorry I woke you up", he apologized sitting on the edge of the bed. The smell of shampoo and soap reached her senses, "You ok?" he asked when seeing Emma´s back.

"U-hu", a deep sigh, "just tired".

"I´ll get changed and turn the light off", he was considerate while quickly sliding his jeans off and dressing with his PJ´s. the mattress plunged when his body rested next to Emma´s.

"How was the gym?"

"Fine", his brow furrowed when, uncharacteristically, his fiancée didn´t turn around.

"Good. I- Are you ok, Will?"

"Are you?", he repositioned himself closer, and she shifted clearing her throat.

"Yup". Silence. It was almost heartbreaking. "Will…" her voice broke the quietness seconds later, seconds before he could, "why do you- uhm, why don´t you touch me anymore?"

Her question froze him. "Wh-", words got lost before leaving his lungs and Emma finally faced him. Her eyes were glossy.

"Don´t you, uhm, want me anymore?" she seemed to be on the edge of tears.

"Emma…" her name was whispered with loving patience, "Of course I want you. I love you".

"Is this supposed to happen? To have problems so soon?", she was calm asking; it looked like she had been thinking about this for days, "We´re not even married and we´re already having intimacy problems…", Will couldn´t help to chuckle and she stared at him with serious expression, "Why do you find this funny?", it wasn´t her intention to sound so mad, "I don´t think it´s funny… you know, not being touched or-"


"What?" her name coming out so softly caught her unaware.

"You haven´t touched me either".

Blush covered her cheeks. "I, uhm…" Busted. Her tongue licked her parted lips with nervousness.

"And we´re not having intimacy problems, Em." She said nothing. She couldn´t actually object. She had no idea what it was to have intimacy issues when the truth was she barely knew intimacy. "I do want you. I´ve told you…" He had. Many times. And every time Emma had shuddered, "And I've showed you." Her eyes locked with his. Suddenly the atmosphere went tense. Dreadfully sexually tense. And she felt mortified with no reason. "We´re still taking baby steps. You are. I am as well".

"You are?" she was confused.


"Why? You don´t-"

"You think I'm not taking things slow too?" He was sweet asking and she was still naïve to understand what he really meant. The puzzled expression casting her eyes gave her away. "I´d do so many things to you, Emma". The air was caught in her throat and her neck burned; his words were crude, but listening to them was like having caviar. Strange, foreign, at first; but exotic and delightful once it´s tasted more than once. He moved closer, his feet barely brushed hers, "I´d rejoice with your body all night, I´d make you go crazy. But, you know what I'd like too?" She shook her head; his answer intrigued her and started her. "To see you take what you want and step out your comfort zone so someday you can let me show you what I´m talking about".

Emma remained silent, absorbing his words. She understood what he was talking about. Somehow, he was right with pushing her. It was to want things. She just didn´t know how to take them.

"It´s not fair, you know?" His husky voice snatched her back to reality.

"What?" She stared at him. What´s not fair? You always being the one initiating everything? Are you tired? She was outraged and opened her mouth to argue.

"For you", he simply put and continued at her widened eyes, "you should get what you want and not rely on me, on my needs".

"What do you mean?" She knew what he meant.

And Will knew she knew; he chuckled, "I mean if you feel like doing something with me, you should go for it. I do that with you, right?"

"What if you don´t feel like it?" Rejection wasn´t on her 'might happen' list.

"Emma… There´s nothing wrong with not feeling like it. But for the record", his hand snuck around her waist, "I always feel like being with you", she blushed profusely, "Sometimes I stop myself".

"Why?" She didn´t want him to stop. Ever.

"I don´t want you to think sex is all I think about".

"It is", she pointed and he looked away, embarrassed, "I do think about it. A lot"

"You do?"

"Yes. It´s the only thing missing between us. The only thing we haven´t shared in all these years".

"I know…" He breathed deeply and faced the ceiling; his fingers traced slow patterns on her hip; he wanted to make things easier for her. He could tell she was having a hard time with being comfortable and feeling free enough to let herself go, "It´s ok, Em… We have time. All the time in the world to make up for all those years".

"Maybe…" She began coyly, "Maybe we could… start today". Slowly, she transferred her weigh on her elbow, positioning higher to look at him directly. Will remained still, in suspense about her next move. He wasn´t entirely surprised when she pressed her mouth into his.

The kiss began slowly at first. It always did. Sudden hungry kisses were not Emma´s thing. Not yet, at least. He assisted his fiancée by roaming her ribcage and down her hips. The way her chest swelled under his touch was a token he was making the right moves and when it happened, Emma brushed her tongue across his upper lip.

He moaned softly when meeting her warm flesh. She tasted like peppermint and smelled like freesias. He cursed himself for not being there earlier to rub the scented lotion on her freckled skin. "You´re so beautiful", he whispered when she pulled away after kissing lengthily, "Don´t you ever think I don´t want you, Emma".

"Ok…" Her lips landed on his again, this time more firmly, and unconsciously her upper body fell on his chest which Will made sure to embrace her tighter.

Their breaths muddled up, heavily, loaded with desire. It was wet. It always was. And Emma loved the way her urge grew every time the slightest gap appeared between their greedy mouths. Her naked leg wrapped around his; unhurriedly her confidence started to build up and his palm cupped her oval behind. It was Will´s weak spot. The light fabric of her nightgown wrinkled beneath his palm when he gave a soft squeeze to her thigh. The pressure between their bodies deepened and her breath labored.

Unexpectedly, his strong arms lifted her up and positioned her seated on top of him. Her eyes widened when noticing his erection amid her straddling legs. "Wh-"

"What?" He was gentle while asking.

"We´ve-ve never done this before", she stuttered tucking a strand of hair behind her ear.

He chuckled and teased her with a wicked smile, "Yes, we have… but I was on top"

"Will!" Her hand smacked his chest playfully and added going slightly blushed, "I´m not sure I know how to do this".

"Just let yourself go, sweetie." he stroked her face, letting his hand fall to her shoulder down to her chest and waist, to finally settle on her hip. Will could tell she had been tense before her body rested its entire weight above him. Their hips pressed together and Emma leaned down to kiss him once more.

Most of the time, Will let Emma be around the house, with her things and habits. He loved her little quirks; he had a bunch as well, and she had never said a word about those. Most of time, Will was ok with his fiancée stiffed routine. He was also a structured person. But most of time (not to say always), he was in command about what happened between the covers. He didn´t mind at all. On the contrary; he loved having Emma just for himself. He wasn´t an avaricious man, but she arouse in him the most hungry and possessive feelings. It was wrong. He was acquainted about it. But he just couldn´t help it. He loved taking out of her the most luscious moans and knowing he was the reason for them.

Except that night, none of that happened. He only committed himself to entice the gorgeous woman straddling his lap and kissing his jaw line with dedication and suavity. He noticed the way her palms supported her weight on his lying body; he noticed she was considering her next move. She must have decided, because her fingers began lining his muscles. His pecs, then down along his abs. Her nails dug his flesh and it constricted under her sensual touch. Even the shy and demure Emma could turn him on. She had no idea how much.

His hands seemed to have a mind on their own, because soon they slinked underneath her yellow nightgown to caress the soft skin of her belly. She locked her eyes with him and bit her lip, breathing unevenly. Will´s gape was dark staring back at her, letting his hands work magic on her, moving down to her ribcage so his thumbs could brush the contour of her breasts.

Emma allowed herself to sit straighter, enjoying his patting, letting sensations take control of her. He watched her and slowly pulled her nightgown up, revealing some skin. And then more. And more.

The fabric fell down the bed and Will contemplated Emma´s nudity. Her bare chest waved and her cheeks tinted red when his index traced a track from her sternum to her navel.

"I, uhm…" her own hands cupped her face, unsure where to put them; unconsciously, her forearms veiled her breasts.

Jokingly, his tongue clicked twice, "No, no, no, Miss Pillsbury", she tried to suppress a giggle, "Don´t hide from me"

"Ok, Mr. Schuester", she teased back, although heat was starting to make its imminent appearance. For a second time, the redhead bent forward to capture his lips. Her nipples brushed his chest, and he couldn´t help but to rotate his hips below hers. "Oh…" a tiny winy moan escaped her lips.

Slowly, his hands travelled down again to the edge of her panties. And Emma sat up, waiting for him to take them off. But instead he used the sides of the lacy underwear gripping them as reins and pressed her against him.

She moaned. She felt him hard. He felt her wet.

And Will repeated the same movement.

"Will…" her voice was thick and shortly, she began moving her hips forth. The lace clung to her round cheeks when he tightened his grip around it. The pressure felt divine. Soon, she was sizzling. And moved again. Back. Forth. And then back again. And then she swiveled on him, ranking her own fingers across her skull.

His eyes were popping out. She was wildly moving on top of him. She could be so alluring when she wanted. "You´re so hot", he groaned driving up to meet her, "You´re driving me c-crazy". He was panting, desperate to really feel her.

"God, I-I want you", she sounded overcome with lust, "I need you". She bowed and kneeled; he undressed her in less than a blink. His pajama pants dressed his ankles before he could even tell who had taken them off.

The bed was cluttered with blankets they didn´t use and cloths they didn´t want.

Emma didn´t bother to change her initial position. She was fixated with the whole experience and lowered herself on him. It was superb. She could draw out the most burning sensations with a simple move. She and she only.

He thrust in to her, excitedly. Her clouded eyes provoked him. He wanted to clasp every inch of her blistering flesh and pump inside her. He did, his hands roaming her body madly. And Emma arched so much he thought she would break. She cried his name and her head fell back.

She felt him throb and herself tightening around him. Her legs were numb and brought her eyes to him again. She jerked when seeing him seated up and wrapping his toned arms around her torso.

Their hips collided forcefully and they kissed every time the missing air allowed them to. He growled; she whined. Their sultry skin rubbed together with candor.

"Em…" his guttural voice announced he was close.

"I…" she panted against his mouth.

His fist closed securely around the curls of her nape, holding her gaze still. He wanted to watch her come undone. "Let go, Emma", he commanded pushing deeper inside his lover.

"I… I´m…" she moaned and her eyes squeezed shut when his finger traced the line between her back things, "Oh God…".

Her insides shook, her head spun, her inner muscles contracted and Emma convulsed on top of him. He didn´t have to execute anything else to follow her in climax, spilling in the trembling Emma.

They had no idea how they got to be lying on the mattress upside down, holding each other so tightly.

The room was quiet, except for their rough breathing.

"Wow…" she finally manage to articulate, "that was… incredible"

He laughed softly, still trying to catch air, "You were incredible".

They looked around and then each other. The bedroom seemed strange. Then they realized and giggled.

Everything was on its head.

But they were heading the right direction. Loving, wanting and above all, learning.

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