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OC form

Owner: (This would be your pen name)



Age: (Ages are appropriated with grades Ages are appropriated with grades MeadowBrooks Middle School: 11-13 RiverBrooks High School: 13-18)

Gender: (Male or Female)



Hair (color, length, etc.):

Eye Color:

Body type: (Lanky, buff, lean, fat, etc)

Body Description: (This is a more in depth description of what your OC looks like)

Height: (Give me it in feet and inches)

Skin Color:

Additional looks: (none, scars, burns, freckles, birthmark, etc)

-Clothing (Casual Clothing)-






-Clothing (Swim)-


-Clothing (School Uniform for RiverBrooks High)-

Uniform Style M or F: Style M is designed for males with a pair of black slacks and a black button up blazer and on it right shoulder is red shield with white RB. Style F is designed for females with a red and black skirt and a similar black blazer but a white shield with red RB on the left shoulder. This is mostly for female OCs as they have the free choice of which uniform they want. I say this because a guy in a skirt is definitely terrifying.


How do they act towards friends?:

How do they act towards strangers?:

How do they act towards Pokemon?:

How do they act towards Professors?:

How do they act under pressure?: (like for an important test)

How do they act at formal events?:

How would they act if a friend/classmate was getting bullied?:

How do they do in school?:

Do they like school?:

How do they act in class?:

Relation with your other OCs: (You don't have to do this if you sending just one OC)

Favorite color(s):

Favorite scent(s):

Favorite Pokemon (There can be more than one):

Favorite Pokemon type:

Favorite past times:

Talents: (Don't put anything dealing with fighting here)

Favorite food:



Habits: (EX: Touching the nose of people they like, etc)

Fear(s): (It's alright to leaves this blank, I only want something here that will put your OC into a paralyzing fear or fear frenzied state (this is not a good thing).)

Overall personality:

Love interest: (Male, Female, or Specific Character. I don't do same gender pairs, sorry, but I can't write them believably.)

How do they act towards love interest?:

Personal History: (I prefer a lot of detail here but what ever you think is enough.)

Family:(Who are they, how does you character interact with them, do they like them, etc. Put as much information as you want but this will mostly be used for character development and I will only add a family member to the story if it's somewhat important.)

-Pokemon- Remember that there can only be one Pokémon outside it's ball per trainer at school, so make sure it's the pokemon that you really want out it's ball all the time and please don't bring a pokemon that's over 6 feet outside it's ball.

What Pokemon do they have?: (No Legendaries. No exceptions.)





Moves: (up to four)

Is the pokemon wearing anything, if so what: (Base ball cap, ribbon, etc)

Item: (For Battles. example: Silk Scarf)

Pokemon's personality:

Pokemon's History: (Have they been this trainers pokemon since they hatched or were they wild and caught, stuff like that)

How much battle experience do they have with this Pokemon?:

Pen Name: Phil The Persona Guy

Name: Xavier "The Little Conqueror" Hallow

Age: 16

Gender: male

Hometown: Evergrand City

Hair: Black military cut

Body type: "Buff as a Machamp"

Description: While based off his personality, you'd never guess Xavier was the
kind of guy who worked out a lot. Six pack.

Height: 6'1

Skin color: The kind of pale you should only see on dead people.

Additional: Scar across his left eye, has a emerald ring on his right hand.

Casual: Black jeans, blue-grey sweater, black shoes, his ring, and a black
leather jacket.

Swim: Doesn't understand it so he avoids water (also has doctor's excuse if
need be)

Uniform: M

Personality to friends: Kind, able to solve social problems

Strangers: avoid at all costs

Team: Like family, arguable he treats their needs before his own

Professors: Unless they do something morally wrong (i.e., let the class clown
clown away), respects them, if they do something morally wrong, he has NO
respect for them and will even challenge their authority.

Under Pressure: Paranoid as all hell

At Formal events: Like his friend's butler.

If friend is being bullied: Closest thing you can come to a living, breathing
version of Satan on Earth.

Opinion of school: Meh...

Favorite Color: None

Scent: Onion!

Talent: Expert strategist that would put Sun Tzu to shame has the marks of a
General (look up Marks of a General Dynasty warrior 5) and very skilled at

Food: friend Spaghetti (Spaghetti, leftover chicken, Onion, Olive oil, butter in a

Likes: His team, His friends, Onion, fire, and reading the "Art of War".

Dislikes: Bullies, dishonorable teachers, and his father

Fears: Accidentally using his strength and team against someone close to him

Overall Personality: Xavier is what Zhang He would refer to as "beautiful".
Not in appearance, but in the way he fights, in the way he acts, and most
importantly, how he plans. Xavier generally cares for others, even if they've
wronged him. He won't care if you tried to murder him, he'd rather "Die
knowing I helped someone rather then live questioning my virtrues." Xavier
has a darker side though, he will become blind with rage if he fails to help a
friend or if a friend is in need. He also tends to cut chicken into tiny
pieces when me makes his favorite course. In general, he's almost timid around
(insert name of love interest here). Very curious of others.

Love Interest: As long it's female and the owner agrees, I don't care.

Personal History: Born to Yumi and Minamoto Hallow, Xavier was brought up
respecting those older then him. He was very careful not to cross his father
as he had a very twisted sense of "discipline" which is how he got his scar.
One day, he tried fighting back, which obviously failed. When he started going
to school, he met (insert name of Love Interest here) and he was gone. As the
years passed, Xavier got out of the house and lives in an unfinished
apartment complex, working at the local pokemart.

Team (first is the one out of it's ball)

Name: Alice

Gender: Female

Species: Gardivor

Ability: Trace

Moves: Psychic, Thunderbolt, Shadow Ball, and Calm Mind

Personality: Alice is very protective of "The Little Conqueror" as she calls
him. She tends to be suspicious of (insert name of love interest here) and will
often be quick to aid her friends and trainer.

Item: King's Rock on her head (she calls it a "Queen's Rock")

Name: Kitsune

Gender: Female

Ability: Drought (5th gen. Dream World ability)

Moves: Flamethrower, Will-o-wisp, Shadow Ball, Confuse Ray

Personality: very hyper and tends to chase her tails when bored. Also calls
Xavier "The Little Conqueror".

Item: Soothe bell around her neck

Name: Taishi

Gender: male

Species: Lucario

Moves: Aura sphere, Psychic, shadow Ball, and Vacuum Wave

Personality: Respectful and just, he is the one who tends to be Xavier's early
warning system at the complex. Also calls Xavier "The Little Conqueror".

Item: Expert Belt

Name: Albatros

Gender: male

Species: Togikiss

Moves: Aura sphere, Fire blast, Shock wave, and Fly

Personality: Less hyper then Kitsune. Serves as xavier's main form of
transport. Calls Xavier "The little conqueror"

Item: Magnet

I'm working on the prologue as you read this but I'm feeling lazy so… it might be out in a week. So sorry about the length of the form but it would be way easier to write (or type whatever you prefer) the story. Please post Ocs via review, but I don't mind if it's in a PM.