Scotty sighed as he received the million dollars; it had a tracer on it so that they could track it, but it didn't help him when he thought about what could be happening to his partner. The phone rang; when he looked over at it, it had Lilly's cell phone number on the caller ID. He looked over at Stillman, who nodded, and picked up the phone. "Hello?"

"Scotty?" Lilly gasped, surprised to hear his voice.

"Hi, Lil," Scotty replied. "How're you doing?"

"I'm okay, for now," she said, but Scotty heard her sniff, as if she had been crying. "Do you have the money?"

"Yeah, where does he want it dropped off?"

"Actually, Boss needs to drop it off; at the corner of PPD. Alone. You have five hours." She was silent for a moment; then, she gasped as the phone was taken from her.

"Or else, I'm going to do stuff far worse than mutilating her," a deep scratchy voice said. Before Scotty had a chance to reply, though, the line went dead. Scotty slammed the phone down in anger.


Stillman made the drop off, then waited in the car with Miller and Scotty. When four and a half hours had gone, a man came by and picked up the money. Lilly wasn't with him, but he had left a note on one of the newspaper stands. Scotty got out to take a look.

Check your e-mail when you get back to PPD.

Scotty looked at Stillman worriedly, then hurried back to the car, where Kat gunned it back to PPD. When he got back to the bullpen, he hurriedly checked his e-mail; a link popped up from Lilly's e-mail address, and he clicked it. A video popped up, and he- with the rest of the team- watched in horror as Lilly was beaten to an inch of her life- the guy even slashed her arms a couple of times to prove his point, despite her protests and cries of pain. When he was done, Lilly's captor turned to the camera with a smug grin on his face; he was tall, stout, and bald. "You see this Stillman? This is just the beginning of what I'm going to do to your detective if I don't see you with the D.A. in an hour." Lilly's moans could clearly be heard over her captor's voice; that got her another kick to the abdomen, which caused her to cry out in pain again. Then, he turned the camera off.

Stillman sighed; which made Scotty suspiciously think that he knew who took Lilly.

"What is it, Boss?" Scotty asked.

"I know who that is," Stillman replied gravely.

"No kidding, who is he?"

"This isn't some random kidnapping, Scotty; this is revenge. His name is Bob Harman. Remember when Lilly's 49 was brought up several years ago?" Scotty nodded. "This man is the one who broke her jaw during the attack. I caught him, and put him away for it. Lilly kept him from getting paroled for several years; now it looks like he got out, and wants revenge for it."


Stillman waited at the corner of PPD with D.A. Kite, who'd had a relationship with Lilly several years back, before breaking it off. They had ten minutes left on the clock. "What does this guy want?" Kite asked. "He already has the million dollars we sent him."

"But he also has Lilly," Stillman added. "I want to see her first before you make any deals with him."

"If he ever shows up," Kite muttered.

"We still have five minutes left," Stillman pointed out.

Kite nodded, and stood there with Stillman, waiting patiently.


"Scotty," Kat called from her desk. "We got something on the money."

Scotty got up from his desk and hurried over to her. "What is it?"

"Well, there's good news, and there's bad news; which one do you want to hear first?"

"Bad," Scotty said, fearing the worst.

"Bad news is that we lost the signal. We think he dumped it in the Delaware river." Scotty's face became one of despair. "The good news is that we know where Lilly is. Right before we lost the signal, Bob stopped at a ware house for about five minutes."

Scotty smiled. "What are we waiting for then? What's the address?" Kat gave it to him, and they both headed out.


Bob arrived right on time; however, he made sure to stand right across the street from both Stillman and Kite. "Hello, Stillman," he said pleasantly. "Are you having a good day?"

Stillman scowled. "Let's just cut to the chase, Harman. Where's Lilly?"

"Guess manners aren't in the police department at all," Harman remarked, rubbing his hand as if he had hurt it. "And here I thought that the blonde had lost them over time."

"What do you want, Harman?" Kite asked, getting a little irritated with him.

Harman smiled. "Immunity, and in return I give you the location of the little girl- oh, I'm sorry- your detective."

"I want to see Lilly first," Stillman said firmly, his eyes hardening.

"We all want something we can't have," Harman said, then added, "unless you have connections, money, or leverage. And, in this case, I have leverage. The only way you're seeing your detective again is by giving me immunity- otherwise, we'll just see how long it takes for her to die, and how long it will be before someone finds her body."


Scotty and Kat reached the warehouse about fifteen minutes later. Scotty was just about to get out when Kat stopped him. "Before we go barging in there, let me make sure that you understand that, no matter what we find or who we see in there, our priority is Rush. Nothing else."

"Of course, Kat," Scotty said, as if he was stunned to hear that from her. He started to open his door again, but Kat locked the doors. "Hey-"

"Scotty, I'm serious," she said, looking at him in the eye. "I don't care if you see the ghost of George Marks or Moe Kitchener in there. You are going to keep your mind on Lilly, and that's it. Got it?"

"Yes, Miller," Scotty said, a little annoyed by the lecture. Miller seemed to ignore his tone, though; because, the next thing she did was load her gun.

"Let's go find, Rush," she said, unlocking the doors and hurrying into the warehouse, Scotty matching her pace. Unfortunately, when they got in there, it was empty; all that was left of Lilly was a small pool of blood in one of the smaller rooms. Scotty cursed under his breath. They had been too late for her. Suddenly, his cell phone rang, and he quickly picked it up. "Valens," he said automatically. Then, his heart nearly stopped when he heard the reply.

"Sco... Scotty?" came a weak female voice. Scotty knew instantly who that voice belonged to.

"Lil?" he said, turning to Kat, who nodded, picking up her cell and dialing a number. "Where are you?" he demanded, turning to Lilly again, who sounded like she hadn't used her voice in forever, or had screamed it raw.

"I... I don't... know..." she replied, sounding so weak, she was about to fall asleep. Scotty knew he couldn't let that happen.

"Lil? Lilly, stay with me now. You have to stay on the line." There was a moment of silence, and Scotty grew scared. "Rush!" He heard a weak moan, which told him that she was still awake- but just barely. Kat had better hurry up with that trace.

"Scotty," she called, not even a moment later, motioning him toward the car. "We have a location."

"Where is it?" Scotty asked, eagerly running to the car.

"The old abandoned apartment building by PPD. Not far from where Stillman is."


Stillman was still glaring at Harman when his cell phone rang, telling him he had a text.

Lilly is at the abandoned apartment building by PPD. On our way.

"Your detectives find what they were looking for?" Harman asked smugly. "Or were they disappointed?"

"Actually, they know where she is," Stillman replied. "But if you moved her, how do they know where she is? Or did you lose something after you moved her?"

"If you mean her cell phone," Harman said as he began to search his pockets. "I have it right..." his voice trailed off and he frowned, as if he had lost something. Then frown turned to anger when he couldn't find the phone. "No!"

"Wil," Stillman said, nodding to the tall detective he was standing behind Harman.

"You're under arrest for the kidnapping of an officer-" Wil began.

"I know my rights!" Bob cried. "This isn't over!"

"Really? It looks like it from where I'm standing," Kite said, turning away from them.


It was only about fifteen minutes later when Kat and Scotty reached the apartment building. Kat and Scotty raced out, guns drawn. As they searched the corridor of apartments, they heard someone coming, and hid behind a pillar. A man in his mid-twenties came out, holding a knife in his hands, and heading to one of the apartments. "Philly PD!" Kat yelled, aiming her gun at him. The man froze on the spot. "Drop the knife, and put your hands where I can see them!" The man froze, and seemed to hesitate. "Now!" The man looked at the door, and the two detectives, and decided to charge at Scotty. "Stop!" Kat cried. When he didn't, Scotty did a double-tap, dropping him instantly.

Kat hurried over to him, and checked for a pulse. When she found a weak one, she cuffed the guy, and called for an ambulance. "This is detective Miller, I need a bus at 0120 fifteenth and twelfth. We have a suspect down."

Scotty hurried inside the room that their suspect had been going toward. When he kicked it in, he found Lilly on the floor, unconscious and barely alive. He hurried over to her, and gently picked her up. She moaned, and opened her eyes briefly to look at him. "Scotty?" she said, before falling back into unconsciousness.

"Stay with me, Lil," Scotty whispered.

"Is she alright?" Kat called.

"No," Scotty replied. "She's barely alive; she seriously needs medical attention."

"This is Detective Miller, I need a rush on that bus; we have found Detective Rush, repeat we have found Detective Rush."

Scotty thought it was forever before the ambulance finally arrived.