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Chapter 5… Finally

Shiro's PV

I've been whispering to my king for months. Whispering, talking, calling, chanting. Say whatever you will. He was slowly breaking down. Giving up. Falling into despair. Coming into my arms. Soon I would devour him completely. And it would be me that lessens his pain. His torment. His fears.

I just needed that one last inch. That crack that was showing just needed to widen into a gaping mouth. So I continue to whisper. To sing. To chip away at his façade. "Show me one small weakness in that hardened exterior you show those in the outside world. But I can see the inside of your mind. Just reveal your weakness to me and all will be perfect. I will take over, engulf you in my own emotions, wrap you in the darkness that is mi amour. And this love will never die for it is a love from me, and I am you. Though you hate yourself, I could never think of such a thing. So, I will love you in place of those that will surely fall away. Those that have superficial love, they mean nothing. I am eternally with you. Forget them, love me. Love you."

Ichigo. Can't you see that all of this is to protect you? I need to break you to keep you safe from all of those that wish to bring you harm. Just say those words. Make that motion. Show me those broken eyes. And I will take you away. Deep within your mind.

Ichigo' PV

He's here again. Shiro.

He hisses words in my ears. No. Not my ears. It's all in my head. But it sounds real. It feels real.

Right now, I can feel his pale arms around my shoulders as he whispers words of adoration and protection into my ear. Those gold on black eyes show emotions that are all about caring and compassion. As if he wishes to save me from everything. Right now he's telling me that he has to save me from myself. From Aizen.

My eyes follow his hand as it slides down my arm and rests on top of my hand. His other hand goes to mine. And it is then that I realize that I am carving up my arm with my own nails. "Will ya stop now, king? Will ya give me that one inch that I need? I just want to protect ya. Ya don't want to go to the outside world again. Everything will happen again just like this. You'll go somewhere new, and some other doctor'll try and take advantage of yer situation. Ya don't want that. Ya don't need it. I'm all ya really need."

And why shouldn't I listen to him now? I never wished to see how others looked at me when they found out how sick I was. How twisted. And it wasn't just the voice in my head. I took pleasure from that doctor! I LIKED what he did to my body! Even if it was tearing up what was left of my mind. They would think I was dirty and disgusting. They already knew I was crazy. The looks and words spoken behind my back would only elevate.

I could feel the tears roll down my cheeks. What was it that I had to live for anymore? Rukia was the only one that really visited. Dad was in complete denial that he had a crazy son and wouldn't even allow my own sisters to say me! And Aizen. Whatever affection he showed me was fake. His attraction was purely for my body and my fear. He broke me. He damaged me beyond any possible hope of repair.

The alter me was correct. It would all just happen again. Because no one paid attention. And no one understood.

It wasn't the medication that had me acting strange. It was what was happening to me. To my body. To my mind.

One word came out of my mouth. Damning me, trapping me, protecting me. And I could feel a ghostly, twisted smirk on the back of my neck.


"My pleasure."

Shiro's PV

I marveled at the movement of Ichigo's body. No. Not ichigo's anymore. Mine!

The body was skinny, almost malnourished. But that was fixable. And not a problem for what I wanted to do.

And what I needed to finish everything had just walked into the room. Aizen. He was the entire reason I now had this body. If he hadn't given me the idea, I would have continued trying to protect Ichi in the wrong way.

I smile as Aizen comes in and closes the door. He answers my smile. I'm sure he can tell it's me and not his precious patient.

No words are spoken as he moves closer. He's by the bed now, and I can't contain my excitement. I come up on my knees and grab him by his shirt collar. Our mouths meet and I smirk. My lips drift down to his chin and lightly down his neck.

"Doesn't this mean I win?" he asked. All smug and arrogant. Bastard. He had no idea.

My smirk turns into a crazy grin. "No," I hiss against his pulse. Then I bite down and pull away with a chunk of skin in my mouth. Aizen is rigid for a moment then falls. I spit out the flesh between my teeth and watch as he bleeds out on the floor. He's trying to clutch all that blood to his body. Trying to hold it in his veins. Doesn't he know you can't capture a liquid in your hands for very long?

Now I'm off the bed and by his still form. My lips are at unhearing ears. "I win."

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