Janice took a deep breath and looked up at her smiling husband, Eric.

"You're doing fine, honey," he said encouragingly. Janice would have said something, but she was in too much pain.

A few pain-filled minutes were filled by some screams and deep breathing when Eric said, "Sweetie, look at your baby!"

Janice looked at here newborn child. She's beautiful! Janice thought.

"What are you going to name her?" Eric asked.

"Scarlet. Her name will be Scarlet."

"That's a beautiful name, honey. I like it."

"She's going to be beautiful and intelligent," Janice said positively.

"I'm sure she will be, sweetie."

Scarlet Rory was a sixteen-year old girl, who took her looks from her father, with the darkest black hair a person could find and the lightest gray eyes a person could find.

When her mother named her, she was right. Scarlet was beautiful and intelligent, but chose not to use her intelligence.

Seven years previous to now, her father, Eric, had gotten in a fatal accident. That was a turning point in Scarlet's life.

After that, Scarlet and her mother, Janice, moved away. Scarlet started hanging out with the wrong crowds; the ones that did drugs, broke the law and skipped school because they thought it was cool.

There was one boy, Chris, that Scarlet had dated, who was very emo, and got Scarlet into the habit of finding knives and cutting herself. Scarlet mostly continued now because it bothered her mom and her mom's new husband, Jack.

Scarlet hated Jack, mostly because he was her dad's friend, and her mom started going out with him just three months after her father's death.

"Scarlet!" her mom called, "Come here for a minute!"

Scarlet walked as slowly as she could to her small living room, where she would have to actually talk to people.

"What?" Scarlet asked, unconcerned of any feeling she might hurt because of her tone.

"Don't use that tone with your mother!" snapped Jack.

"Okay. Whatever," Scarlet said while examining her black nails.

"We need to talk to you about some things…" her mother said and looked at Jack.

"First of all," Jack started proudly, "when are you going to start using my last name? Your mother uses it and has no problem with it. Why can't you?"

"Uh, let me think," Scarlet pretended to think for a moment, and then said, "Oh yeah! Because it's not my last name. My last name is Rory."

"Now your last name is Jonson," Jack growled.

"How 'bout no?" Scarlet said with a smirk on her face. Jack's face had gone red in frustration, so Scarlet's mom chimed in.

"And Second, I have a small problem with the kind of friends you make…"

"What's wrong with them?"

"Scarlet, don't pretend not to know! Do I have to remind you about Kayla, or Dustin, or Desmond?"

"No don't remind me…" Scarlet mumbled remembering all the wrong situations she had been stuck in.

"But thirdly…" Jack started and her mom smiled and finished for Jack, "we're moving away!"

"What!" blurted Scarlet.

"Yup! We're moving to a nice, big house on Elm Street. Isn't that exciting?"

"So… we're moving away again? We're moving away for the third time this year; I'm going to have to go to my fourth high school this year? Okay, how many calls did you guys get from the principal, announcing my expulsion or something?"

"Nothing's wrong, we just felt that this house was a little small. So we went looking around and found a house on Elm Street. So we bought it!"

"Lovely," Scarlet said sarcastically, "When are we leaving?"

"We are leaving on," Jack looked a calendar hanging in the corner and said, "Saturday."

Scarlet sighed. It was only Wednesday, which meant that she had only a few days to pack and make sure that her mom didn't steal any of her belongings again.

"Well, I'm gone," Scarlet said and whirled around, storming out of the room. She stormed into her room where she threw herself on her bed, laying on her back with her hands over her eyes.

Scarlet looked around her room. She looked at her dark green walls that had random posters taped up and cabinets and desks all around, hiding the lower half of the walls. She took a box off the piles of boxes she had in the corner and started throwing things in violently. Five minutes later, the box was full of a jumble of books (whether she had bought them or her mother) that she had found under her bed.

Scarlet pulled out a small, nicely crafted wooden box out from her bed. She opened it, not remembering how it had got so far under her bed, and took out the picture of her dad. She put it back in the box, then pulled a knife out from beside it and twirled it expertly. Grimly, Scarlet smiled and placed the knife back.

After the rest of the day of finding knives and small knick-knacks Scarlet went to bed and went to school the next day, just like normal.

The rest of the week went by too fast for Scarlet's liking. It seemed like only hours from when she found out she was moving until she was sitting in the passenger seat of Jack's car with her head on the window, trying to hide the tears in her eyes. Saying goodbye to all her friends was the hardest. Her gang of friends promised to come visit her, but when Scarlet told her mom that they were going to visit, she told her that Elm Street was too far a way for a group of teens to go.

Elm Street didn't seem that far away. It was only a twenty minute drive from where they had previously lived. They drove past the near-by high school, which was fairly large, and Scarlet saw a couple cars in the parking lot. None of the cars were very expensive-looking, so Scarlet figured that the people who lived in this area weren't extremely rich.

"Nice lookin' neighbourhood, isn't it Scarlet?" Jack said, trying to make conversation.

"No, shut up," Scarlet snapped. There was no more talking to Scarlet after that, only some whispering between her mom and Jack.

Scarlet took in all her surroundings. The houses here were big and did look nice, but Scarlet had a strange feeling about this place.

Scarlet sighed as their car passed the street sign addressing the entrance to Elm Street.