Mr. Anderson rubbed Blaine's back for a second and then pulled his underwear up. With a tap to his bottom, he signaled that he was really done and he could get up. Blaine, red-faced, crawled up and hurriedly pulled his pants back into place. Looking away from his father, he shakily buttoned them back up and sniffed, wiping his tear-stained face with the back of his hand in a quick motion.

"I hope that's the last time you need to be over my knee for a long while young man."

You and me both.

"Sorry I uh... let you down sir." Blaine looked at the floor, fidgety again.

Mr. Anderson looked him over, appraisingly. It seemed like Blaine needed reassurance. "Blaine. You're forgiven. It's done."

Blaine nodded.

"But you need to put the cell phone in my den."

"Ye-es sir." Blaine walked a little gingerly as he went to retrieve it. He felt raw, physically and emotionally. He was always exhausted after a serious spanking like this. You'd think that'd make me do a better job of avoiding them... Tired and fully chastised, he brought the phone over to his dad's den and left it on the desk, looking at it wistfully before walking away.

His father stopped him on his way out. "Hey- maybe you should give your friend the home number."

"What-?" Blaine wasn't sure what friend his Dad was talking about.

"The McKinley kid.."

Blaine did a double take. He could hardly believe his ears. His father put his hand on his shoulder.

"We don't like the way you went about this. But we're proud you're a good friend, kid." Blaine's eyes went wide. "We don't want you White Knight-ing your way into a dangerous situation but it does sound like this kid needs a buddy to talk to." Blaine nodded. "So he's welcome over for dinner sometime or whatever. But he needs to know, he's only going to be able to reach you on the main line until you're off restriction."

"Yes sir. Uh, thanks Dad."

Mr. Anderson smiled and went into his filing cabinet, looking for work papers. Blaine checked his cell for Kurt's number and wrote it down. He went into the kitchen and dialed the number. Mr. Anderson could hear him from the other room.

"...Hey- Kurt? Yeah, it me. I- this is my number at home. Uh. I'm kind of, in a bit of hot water, so won't have my cell this week... uh, yeah, it sucks. It's a long story. But- just wanted to call and see how you're doin..." Blaine held the phone between his head and his shoulder, spooning out his dinner from the stovepot at last, listening. "Yeah Warblers are getting more serious these days too with Sectionals coming up. It's pretty exciting... Hey, one of my friends is in a show in a couple weeks. Maybe I could score another ticket if you're interested? A bunch of Dalton guys are going..." Blaine smiled and nodded, listening to Kurt's cheerful sound over the phone. He'd never really heard Kurt cheerful, really. This guy just needs to have some fun. Blaine Anderson is on the case.