I started this after Mr. Trololo died, but I didn't finish it until yesterday. Anyhow, here are more troll theories. Some are quite possible, others are completely random. Maybe someday I'll publish a fic with theories that actually make some sense. XD

Dobby's Imaginary Sock

Of Course There Are Ten More Theories! Sponsored by Chapter 214

1. Johnny is wearing some Mithril just like Frodo- probably not going to die.
It would be much too obvious for Johnny to die. We all know that he's a world class klutz already, plus he did all that running and other stuff so that he could help Allen. His time hasn't come yet. Now if he had only been wearing Mithril on his head...

2. Seeing as Johnny has chainmail, somebody must have given Kanda plot armor.
That stuff must be extra thick, and it's probably thanks to the fan girls. It seems the hotter you are- I mean, the more you are liked- the better your plot armor becomes. This stuff has saved him from certain death by hands of the plot dragon and even gave him a sword- no pun intended- to slay the plot with. Thus, we are now thrown into the apocalypse of the D. Gray-man world as we wait for the plot dragon to rise once again and finally move the story forwards. But seriously, I've heard that Hoshino had to completely rewrite the plot in order to bring back Kanda. Not cool guys.

3. The panda is going to get it.
Considering that Johnny is too obvious, Chaoji is too far away, and Lavi actually has some sort of destiny I am afraid our dearly beloved Bookman is going to get the ax thus fulfilling what Cross told Allen. Here's why in the literary sense: Bookman is the only character in the series aside from the Earl, Road, and Cross who actually knew Neah. Cross is either dead or on vacation, Road's playing hooky, and the Earl's kind of the main villain, leaving only Bookman. Plus, Bookman knows Allen pretty well, so it would be pretty devastating for Allen once he learns that he killed the guy. This would also allow Lavi to move forward in the character sense and force him to decide once and for all whether he's allowed to care. I could also see Bookman dying in order to save Lavi (if anyone would want me to write this as an actual one shot, then send me a private message or leave a review). So sad, so cheesy, and so epic. Now for the fan reason: Bookman is old and wrinkly, thus his plot armor is not as think as the younger generation. He also hasn't ranked in the top ten for characters in recent polls making him totally expendable. I will miss you panda.

4. The Noah are druids.
It finally makes sense! Did you guys see that conspiratorial greeting to the tree in the last chapter? It must be one of the Noah! My guess is that that is Road-tree. Anyhow, now for the real explanation. Druids are able to leave their tree bodies and look pretty much exactly like humans (at least from my reading experience they do). I don't believe that their human body can be killed, BUT it is possible to kill a druid by cutting down their tree. This explains why the Noah can obtain such grievous wounds but still walk around like they are okay. The whole solution then is to have the crazy sword/ax wielding general cut down every tree in the forest. All problems solved (except for global warming).

5. Kanda and Link are going to play tug-of-war with Allen/Neah.
They have different goals, but both of them involve Allen. It therefore makes sense that they will fight over Allen, which would start a match of tug-of-war because Allen would just run away from both of them if they started another ten chapter fight. During this fight they will somehow tear off Allen's Innocence-arm and it will sprout a new Allen while the other part becomes Neah! Then the fangirls will be happy because there will be twoAllens now, making it kind of like a Hikaru and Kaoru situation minus the brotherly love aspect. Thus both of them will be happy and no one will have to be sad about Kanda or Link getting a dent in their plot armor.

6. Chaoji will become the new Wrath.
Since no character seems to be capable of actually being bad (except maybe Leverrier), Chaoji will have to be redeemed. That means that he'll have to come to an understanding with Allen, and the best way for this to happen would be for the two of them to be thrown in the same boat. Plus, Chaoji seems like a very angry individual who would chuck rocks or lightning or buildings or other objects at people.

7. Timothy will kill Wisely by knocking heads.
Wisely has that extra eye(s?) in the middle of his forehead. Timothy has that weird Innocence bulb on his forehead. They're the perfect match. They'll be thrown into a cage-match/wrestling arena and just fight it out. Tykki will be taking bets as he watches the two clobber each other until Timothy just head-butts Wisely like Naruto did to Gaara back when Naruto still made some kind of sense. Wisely will die, Tykki will go all rage-face, and then Allen will probably save Timothy because that's just what Allen does.

8. Timcampy is really the Cave of Wonder from Aladdin.
Have you seen how big Timcampy can grow? I wouldn't be surprised if the Cave of Wonder, the Room of Requirement, the Shire, and Wonderland could all fit in there. It's like the Wardrobe in the Chronicles of Narnia. People don't think he can get any bigger BUT HE DOES! I personally believe that with some reconstructive surgery and some metal embellishment the Cave decided to go AWOL and become the floating golden golem we all know and love today.

9. Allen will destroy the Earl's favorite cuckoo clock.
The Millennium Earl seems like the kind of guy who would own a cuckoo clock. He also seems like someone who would treasure said clock. They're crazy and annoying and the Earl is also crazy (and often annoying in my opinion: sorry guys, he's too much of a Gary Stu for me). Since he's so OP the only way to destroy him will be to destroy the thing he loves most: his clock. Thus, Allen will take out a giant sledgehammer (or just steal Lavi's) and smash it to bits.

10. Allen will die at the end and then be reincarnated... as a zombie.
The dead cannot come back to life. We all know this thanks to this manga and Fullmetal Alchemist. It's just not possible. Hoshino has stated that this manga is a tragedy, and the most traditional form of a tragedy is that at least the main character will die, if not almost everyone. Anyhow, since everyone loves Allen so much, the science department will try to revive him, thus making him into a zombie. In the end, the Black Order will finally and truly be destroyed. The end.

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