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"Good Morning
Nice to see you
How you've been
the beginning of another lovely day"
Good Morning
by Lenny Kravitz

Chapter 1 BPOV

January 2009

"Isabella" I faintly hear my mom's voice.

"Isabella, wake up" and now she's getting the covers off me.

I barely open my eyes.

"It's time to get up, oh dear daughter of mine" she says sarcastically.

"why?" I said sitting up disoriented in bed.

"Well, let's see today's your first day of school after winter break" she said with her hands on her hips now glaring at me.

That woke me up instantly.

"Mom, why didn't you say that first?" I asked as I got up. "What time is it, am I late, am I going to have time to fix myself to look somewhat presentable and actually get to school on time" I said exasperated looking everywhere in my room for my phone to check the time.

Mmm, it's not under my pillow. Not in my nightstand, did I leave it in the bathroom this time?

"Where is my damn phone" I almost screamed throwing my hands up in the air and getting very frustrated. I had almost forgotten my mom was in the room, almost. That was until I heard her clearing her throat. I turned around really fast and I found her there with a smug look on her face holding my phone in her hand.

"Here" she says handing me my phone. "It was on the floor" still with that same smug look on her face.

I wonder where my brother gets it from.

"Just so you know mom, I actually can look and find things by myself" I told her defensively.

"And just so you know, it's 7:00am you have time to 'look somewhat presentable'" she said making air quotations. She was clearly making fun of me.

"Okay good, you can go now mom" I said pushing her out of my room.

Walking to my bathroom I turned on the shower to let the water heating before going to my closet, my mess of a closet and choosing something to wear today.

I'll text Jessica to see what she's wearing.


Wakey, wakey.


I hope I didn't wake her up but then again she should be awake.

Oh well.

Not a minute had passed when I heard my phone vibrating from my nightstand.


Morning slut


Well I guess someone didn't wake up in a good mood today. Whatever.


I'll just pretend
you didn't say that.
What are you wearing
for school?



What do you mean
by that, we have
to use uniforms
starting this
or did you forget?



No, so what?
Are you actually
going to go by the
'Cause I'm not.


I didn't wait for her to respond and send her another text.


Getting in the shower now.
C ya later.


As I was taking a shower an idea came to me.

They want us to wear uniform, I'll do just that.

Forty five minutes later I was going out the door, hoping my mom wouldn't stop me. As I was about to close the door behind me I heard her calling my name, I stopped but didn't turned around.

"You're not going to give me a kiss before leaving" she said in a voice that instantly makes me feel guilty.

Turning around I go and give her a kiss in the cheek and when I turn really fast to leave she grabs me by my shoulders. I shut my eyes tightly hoping she won't notice them. When she doesn't say anything for a while I open my eyes slowly and find her looking at me with an eyebrow arched. When I open my eyes all the way she releases my shoulders.

"Why so much make up?" she says not giving away what she's thinking with her expression.

As if I already didn't know.

"I look good, don't I?" I say smiling sweetly at her, and slowly started backing away from her and going towards the door.

"You do, but Bells..."

I didn't really hear what she said after that, because I went fast outside got in my Range Rover and drove away. She never calls me 'Bells' but when she does it could mean only mean one thing, she was about to give me a speech, and besides I didn't want her to notice what I was wearing under my long black coat. That was something only my dear classmates would have the pleasure of seeing.

At 7:55 I was parking in my usual place at school, getting out I noticed Jessica walking towards me. She was wearing the uniform like me, but unlike me she wore no long coat.

Well let's hope one of those boys that follow her around during lunch will give her their jacket or something if she gets cold because I will not lend her mine. I thought to myself.

"Well I thought you were going to wear the uniform" I told her smirking slightly.

"Yeah and I though you weren't" she said smiling smugly at me.

You think you so slick don't you, ugh! I'll wipe that smile off your face soon enough.

I grinned at her but didn't say anything and started walking to class with her by my side.

I wasn't going to take off my coat just yet; I had to wait until the perfect time. My first class was Spanish 4 Honors and hers Portuguese. We agreed to meet before Music Theory 3, the only class we have together and went to our respective classes. When I went inside there was only the teacher and some people I didn't know.

Only 60 minutes later I was able to get out of that class, the teacher spoke in such a low tone I had to strain myself in order to be able to somehow hear what she was saying.

Horrible, when are they going to get a better teacher, I won't be able to stand another semester with her.

Later in the day walking to my locker after a stupid little mistake that made Mr. Banner stop the lab of rare marine animals, and in turn make the class the dullest ever.

I swear he's going to pop a vain with how mad he gets, I chuckle softy to myself.

"Hey, Bell-ita" I heard a familiar yet teasing voice calling me from somewhere to my left. Turning my head I see Sebastian coming down the hall.

"Hey Seb" I say smiling sweetly at him, and we start walking to music together.

"Did you hear the good news?" he asks.

"Um, what news?" I ask, while we stand outside of class waiting for Jessica.

"The old git retired, we're getting a new teacher." He says excitedly, how the boy gets girls with the way he gossips is beyond me, but what he said stopped that train of thought immediately.

"What? Why did he decided to retire now and not before the year started" I say exasperated.

"Bella" I hear the unmistakably high pitched voice of Jessica.

"What?" I snap at her. I don't even give her a chance to answer and go inside to see who this new teacher is. When I go inside some of my classmates are there but the teacher nowhere to be seen, not even in the studio. I take my seat and Jessica and Seb come in taking their usual seats next to me.

The bell rings, everybody is already seated when the teacher comes in. when I see him I realize the perfect time has come, and so pretending not to notice he's coming in I stand up with my back to the door and start unbuttoning my coat slowly as to call everybody's attention. Little by little the class goes silent and all eyes go on me. I do a mental fist pump at that, and drop my coat off my shoulders. Three things happen all at once.

Jessica scowls at me. Sebastian lifts up one brow at me and the teacher passes by me unaltered by my outfit, gets to his desk looks at me, looks at my seat and then gives me a pointed look. Getting what he's trying to say without speaking I take a seat.

He starts passing everybody our folders with sheets of music. He hasn't yet said a word and it's starting to piss me off, so I close my eyes and lean back on my chair, when I hear something that makes me open my eyes instantly.

"Hello everybody" he says, in a panty-dropping British accent and a voice so smooth it could capture anybody's attention, and it certainly did catch mine.

Everyone in class answers with "hellos" and "what's up" and Sebastian enthusiastic as ever goes over and shakes his hand.

"My name is Edward, so all of you can call me exactly that" he says smiling at his private joke. "I want to get to learn all of your names really fast so let's start by the first line and going all the way to the last person to the right."

Jessica introduces herself, I introduce myself smiling sweetly at him and the Sebastian, and so on the class continues doing that, and as they do that I sit back and give him a glance, a really long glance from the waist up because almost half of his body is covered by his desk, and what I see I like very much.

He is wearing a plaid black and white button up that is a little loose on him but as I look up near his chest I can see it tighter, he has amazing broad shoulders, his shirt has the first three buttons undone and I catch a sliver of skin and chest hair, I lick my lips. I look at both his arms you can tell he has good biceps. His tapping both his hands on his desk and I take a good look at his fingers and I rub my legs together suddenly feeling the need to do so.

He has long and delicate fingers, what I guess people must call pianist fingers. I've never seen fingers like those.

I wonder the things those fingers must do.

I am breathing hard already. Getting horny in class was not my purpose; my purpose was that by wearing this short skirt with this tight white button up to get someone else horny. When I saw him I was hoping he would be the one to get horny, something to look forward to do the rest of the year besides terrorizing freshmen's.

I keep looking at him and when I look up to his define jaw and cheek bones I sight, loudly. I notice that the class has gotten up to get the guitars and suddenly striking emerald eyes connect with mine.

"Miss if you could pleaseā€¦" he trails off motioning with his hand to the guitars. I nod and get up to do so.

At the end of the day walking to my car I decide I am going to find out the things those fingers can do on other things besides guitars and pianos. And maybe, just maybe I will get to run my fingers through that mess of browns and reds on top of his head.

What the hell is Bella going to do? Ha, is for me to know and for you to find out.

Until next time.


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