The Monsters Under the Bed and the Angels in It

Jack sat in bed, propped up against the headboard. In his hand he held a magazine. His other hand toyed with Doc's hair. Doc lay with his head in Jack's lap, purring as he dozed.

They had made love, but after, Jack hadn't felt sleepy. So he had pulled his love close and settled him with his head in Jack's lap. That way he could still get his bed-time cuddles as he fell asleep, and Jack could read.

He smiled. The purring grew quieter and quieter as his beloved fell into a deep sleep. More than an hour later Jack was just about to lay aside his magazine when he noticed it.

He happened to look at Doc just as he was putting aside his reading. The expression on Doc's face looked troubled. He whimpered and stirred. He mumbled softly, then moaned miserably. Jack petted his head, making soft shushing sounds.

"Throw him out!" Doc suddenly said; he jumped in Jack's hands, struggling as if trying to escape.

"Hey, hey," Jack said, holding onto him gently but firmly. "You're all right, you're all right," he soothed. Doc's sleep-blurred eyes locked onto his husband and he gave a great exhalation of relief and let himself be pulled into Jack's lap. "You had a bad dream?"

"Yeah," Doc said. But it was the way he said it that got to Jack. It was the side of him Jack thought of as Tenny: uncertain and lost and child-like. His voice had gone soft and tremulous, like a little boy.

"Anything you want to talk about?"

"Just…just a bad dream," he replied. "Don't remember."

Now that Jack simply didn't believe. He thought about pushing the issue and decided to leave it for later. Right now what Doc needed was a little comfort. He readjusted their position, lying on his back with Doc's head in its customary place on his chest so Doc could hear his heartbeat, Jack's arms gently cradling him. "It's okay," Jack said. "You don't have to talk about it if you don't want to." He stroked his lover's soft skin gently. "Go back to sleep, sweethearts, your Jack has you."

Doc snuggled into him. "Ear," he mumbled.

Jack grinned, knowing what his adored Time Lord wanted. He softly petted the skin behind Doc's ear. "Jack's got you," he said softly. "You just go ahead and cuddle, baby. I'll be your teddy bear, okay?"

"'Kay," murmured Doc, snuggling in a little more, meltling into Jack as he was petted and cuddled. Soon the purring started back up again.

Jack secretly smiled to himself. He couldn't help feeling his chest swell with adoration at his husband's unquestioning acceptance of Jack's comforting him. Once this would have been unthinkable. The Time Lord he had once been would have blown a gasket at the mere idea of being coddled and comforted like a child.

Guess love makes even Time Lords do funny things…with that thought in mind Jack dozed off. Only to waken a short while later. Doc was at his crotch again, orally pleasuring himself and his husband, purring away like mad. Once more, Jack had the feeling this had something to do with self-comfort.

And while Jack would never stop him (those purr-jobs were simply mind-blowing!) he had to wonder if Doc's nightmares had something to do with his actions. He had been paying attention and there was definitely a pattern. When Doc had another nightmare he would wait until Jack was asleep, then seemingly distract himself from his fears by pleasuring them both. Jack suspected Doc felt he wouldn't pry about the nightmares as long as he was being orally pleased.

Not that he could have stopped even if he tried. And the little alien shit knew it! It felt so overwhelmingly good Jack found himself powerless to stop. All he could do was wait and enjoy the ride. He had to wonder about the mechanics of it. How could he breathe and purr while having Jack so deep in his mouth was a wonder. The vibrations alone made Jack's head swim with overpowering pleasure. Add to that the wet warmth and the gentle but insistent (even demanding!) suckling and there was no way to stop himself from reacting. Doc's long, graceful fingers kneaded the flesh of Jack's thighs as he enjoyed himself, and not for the first time Jack couldn't avoid the comparison to a nursing kitten. Yes, his husband was definitely comforting himself through pleasuring them both.

The purring grew more intense the closer Doc got to orgasm. He tugged at Jack's member insistently, almost aggressively until finally…

"Ouch! Hey, baby, take it easy, yeah?"

"Sorry," Doc said. "Got a little carried away, I s'pose." He dropped a half-dozen light kisses on Jack's thighs before going back to his cock, this time more carefully. As if to make up for getting too rough, he took Jack even deeper, still purring away like mad. His fingers kneaded a little faster as he neared orgasm. It was when he moaned around Jack's cock as well as purred that set Jack off. Jack's hips rose off the mattress with the intensity of his orgasm. He felt himself flooding his lover's hungry mouth, felt those lovely muscles in Doc's tongue and throat pulse with pleasure at his own climax.

As with every time Doc got him off with a purr-job, Jack could do nothing for a few moments but gasp weakly. Doc was busily rubbing his face against Jack's thigh contentedly, once more cat-like.

When he had recovered enough, Jack grabbed him and pulled him close. He sat up and pulled Doc into his lap once more. "Okay, sweethearts," he said firmly. "Time for you to spill. I want to know about these nightmares. Your husband isn't stupid or uncaring. I've noticed this happens when you have nightmares. And while I sincerely hope you won't stop doing it…I love your sneaky little purr-jobs…I do want the nightmares to stop. So come on. Tell me. And yes, I'm ordering you to as your husband."

Doc seemed to shrink into himself in Jack's arms. And that Jack didn't like one bit. "Sweethearts," he said gently, "We are married, you know. You're supposed to be able to depend on me to help you. But how can I if you won't tell me? Please? Please tell me, baby! I feel so helpless. I want to help you feel better, but you have to trust me enough to share this with me!"

He looked up from where he had his face pressed into Jack's chest. He wrapped his arms around his husband. Eyes wide with sadness, he said one word. "Midnight."


"Midnight. It happened on Midnight. Donna and I went there. I just…I just wanted to see the sapphire waterfalls, talk to some humans, you know. Like I love to do."

Jack softly stroked his arm encouragingly and kissed the top of his head. "Yeah, that sounds like you," he said lovingly.

"Some…thing, some kind of creature, consciousness. Something got into the truck. It broke the cab away from the truck. The driver and mechanic…they were vaporized instantly. It took over this woman named Sky. She started repeating everything we said to her. I tried! Jack, I tried so hard!" He whimpered and buried his face in Jack's chest.

Jack continued to stroke his arm, kissing the top of his head again with soft, comforting sounds. He waited patiently for Doc to continue.

"I tried to get them to be quiet because it was learning. Absorbing. Becoming. I explained that I didn't want her becoming me because then things would get really bad. I should have kept my mouth shut. Because they figured it out. That I'm not human. And…oh, Jack, they turned on me! The thing, it stopped repeating everyone but me. And then…Oh! Oh, it stole my voice! It took my words, Jack! The thing was still in Sky and all I could do was repeat what she was saying. And she told them to cast me out. Throw me out. And I had to repeat it! I was telling them to kill me, Jack, and I couldn't stop! I knew they could see how scared I was, but Cane didn't care."

"Who is Cane?" Jack asked a little too calmly.

"One of the other passengers, there with his wife and son. Cane grabbed me and made his son help him and oh Jack! They were going to do it! My humans! My humans, whom I've always loved so much! They meant to murder me! I was helpless! I couldn't have hurt them and they were going to kill me for bloody not being human! I couldn't move, I couldn't say anything but what the creature made me say. And I know they could see in my face I was terrified and nobody cared! And they were dragging me to the door to throw me out into the poisonous sunlight." He choked on his words then, and Jack felt cool tears on his skin.

"But the creature, when it stole my words, it used the wrong ones. The stewardess, she had heard me say 'molto bene' and 'allons-y' and when the creature in Sky said those words, the stewardess knew she had stolen my words. She grabbed Sky and threw the both of them out into the Xtonic sunlight. She died to save me, Jack. And after, all I could do was lie on the floor and say 'it's gone, it's gone' over and over. No one even tried to help me up. So I just stayed on the floor. Like a beaten dog. Because I was so afraid of them! I've only ever tried to help humans, Jack! And they turned on me!"

He trembled in Jack's arms like a dying bird. He gave a single, body-wracking sob and began to weep.

"What did Donna do?" Jack asked, trying to pull him out of his fears.

He laughed amid his tears. "Oh, she tried hunting them down, but they left before she got her claws in them. But she was so sweet, Jack. She hugged me and cuddled me back together. She's just the best."

"Yeah, she is," Jack said, still petting him, cuddling him. "And you've been having nightmares ever since then?"

Sniff. "Yup."

"And then you have to distract yourself. Comfort yourself. And you don't want to wake me to talk so you use sex as a substitute?"

Sniff, sniff. "Yuh-yup." He was hiccoughing now from crying so hard. Jack stroked his back tenderly.

"Well, from now on, you're to wake me. That is an order. We can talk, and I'll do what I can to help you sort yourself. Then if you want sex, we can have that, too. Okay?"

"'Kay." Sniff. "Promise."


A few days later Jack sent him with Martha to London to pick up medical supplies. He told Doc they needed to stop by Sara Jane's and see how she was doing. Word had gotten out that Sara Jane hadn't been feeling well, and Jack wanted to know if she was all right. She would talk more easily with Doc than anyone else, he had told his husband, so he really wanted Doc to go by and check she was all right.

While they were gone, Jack set his vortex manipulator and paid a little visit to Midnight.

Turned out the reason Donna hadn't been able to catch up with Cane was because he was at hospital. Being treated for cracked ribs and a broken jaw.

When Jack got home, he bandaged his knuckles. He would think up some excuse as to how he had hurt himself later, if he hadn't healed up by the time Doc got back. He called Donna and told her about it.

"Jack Harkness," Donna said upon hearing his story, "I completely disagree with violence like that. And I bloody love you."

Doc never found out about Jack's own little holiday on Midnight. But he kept his word, and when he had nightmares, he woke Jack. They would talk long into the night. And then there were those amazing purr-jobs. Even better than before, because these were happy purr-jobs. Happy, and filled only with passion and love, not desperation and fear.

There might be monsters under the bed. But they better watch out for the avenging angel in the bed. The avenging angel had an angel of his own: one he meant to love and protect.