"Brother?!" I heard the green haired girl shout walking next to me. "I thought he was some musclehead who strayed from his gym!"

I laughed and walked towards my brother. I pretended to get mad at her, but then said "I guess I'll take that as a compliment." I heard her giggle behind me.

So, they were going to see Banon. They had a new recruit for the Returners too I guess. I wasn't an official member, but seeing that Edgar is, I sorta got dragged into it, but never took action.

Aww, what the hell? "Why not have a bear like me join?" I asked.

"You'd join us?" Edgar asked excitedly. I nodded.

We continued through the last bit of Mt. Kolt. I learned the green-haired girl was named Terra. But from watching her in battle, she had Magic. Yeah…Magic…from the War of Magi a thousand years ago. No wonder they were bringing her to see Banon. The Empire was probably after her. I was talking to Locke on the way there, while Edgar was in lead and Terra was quiet. "What's the story about her?" I asked.

"You know Arvis in Narshe right?"


"I was at the Returner's Hideout and I got a message from Banon, who got a message from Arvis, saying that he needed help. That she needed help. But Banon just told me that Arvis needed to see me. So when I got there, he told me there was a girl that he wanted me to meet, and I ended up saving her. With some help from Moogles though."

Terra slowed down and walked with the three of us. "What's Banon like?" She asked softly.

"He's pretty nice," I said.

"Yeah," Locke agreed. "But not much of a fighter."

I laughed. "He never has been. That's why the Returner's aren't the most active and put together group around."

"Rhinotaur!" I heard Edgar yell to us. We jumped in and helped him.

Afterwards, Terra walked with me and talked to me. "What kind of attacks are those?"

"Blitz," I replied a bit exhausted from my Suplex attack.

"Where'd you learn it?"

"From my master Duncan, after years of training. Trust me…lots of training!" I laughed.

"So that's not something you could probably teach me?" She asked looking up at me curiously.

I looked down at her. "You really wanna learn that bad?"

"Well, it seems interesting enough…"

"Well, I can start you off with some basic techniques, but nothing like this. But that's where it all starts."

"Really?" She asked. "You will?"

"Sure," I said smiling at her as we approached the Returner's Hideout.

My brother led us into the cave, Locke sort of taking Terra by the hand. So Locke finally found someone over Rachel? Good. Although, something inside made me feel otherwise. With Edgar leading, we walked to Banon's large 'room', though the whole place was a cave. I could only watch their conversation, but felt guilt overwhelmingly. How could Banon be so harsh with such a young and confused girl. According to Locke, she was only starting to recover from amnesia. Oh, how I wanted to tell them to shut up! But I couldn't. I agreed with Edgar and Banon, though like Locke, I think they were being a bit harsh. However, unlike them, I'm too quiet.

Ok, it's expected, give me a break. I've been training mostly by myself. The only words I spoke were of confusion when practicing my technique. Other then that, I had little need to use words. Of course, my brother is better. He had taken over as King of Figaro, so he had to act as a diplomat. My thoughts drifted to a time back then. A time where we were both princes, though most of the time even before father died, I had been training with him. My brother had sent me word that father was becoming more ill. Quickly explaining to Duncan, he let me go back to Figaro. I arrived there the day before he died. It was just as terrible as when Mom died, except everyone was more concerned of a successor then the death. Mom…

My thoughts drifted even farther, as I found myself walking back in the small meeting hall. Mom…she had been such a sweet person. And I loved her so much. I remember overhearing a conversation between her and Dad.

"Mariel, I just don't think sending Sabin away from the castle is a good idea!"

"I think it is. Sabin is far more into playing, and being outside then Edgar is. Edgar would be so much more suited to succeed, I think, while Sabin would love the freedom and strength," Mom replied.

There was a silence. A silence which I though, Is it fair for them to be deciding my destiny?

"We'll see…" Dad replied. "It would make more sense to talk to the boys about this, they get the most choice."

"Of course! I wouldn't want that any other way! I'll talk to Sabin tomorrow. My old master Duncan would be thrilled to take him as a pupil, I think."

"Sabin?" I heard a soft confused voice ask.

I opened my eyes and looked down. "Terra! What's up?"

"I'm just…confused…" she said softly.

Of course, I thought, resting a hand on her shoulder. You've only just regained your memory, and they're burdening you. For a split second, I almost felt hatred towards Banon and my brother. I wanted to protect her from all of it. I remember a time when I was once weak and confused, yet I couldn't be because I was the prince of Figaro. "I know," I whispered softly to her.

She looked up at me with a couple tears rolling down her face. "I really don't know what to do…Edgar said that he wants my help, but can't force me to do anything, because then you guys would be no different from the Empire."

"Well one thing," I said to her. "You can trust me brother. But don't tell him I said that!" I laughed.

She smiled a little, but then it quickly went away as fast as it had came. "But I don't know what to do…Locke told me that I should do what's right…but…I don't know what's right and wrong…"

"Terra, listen…" I said to her softly, trying to comfort her, as I had Mom on her deathbed. "Let me give you your first lesson ok? For you, whatever your heart feels strongly about is right. It's hard at first, hell it's hard all the time! But that's how you need to make choices…from what this says…" I said taking the hand that wasn't on her shoulder placing it over her heart through her red cotton dress. "Whether it says to help the Returners, or to walk away from them, is up to it…up to you. But you need to follow out with what you think, even if it is an indescision…"

I watched the green-haired girl place both of her hands on mine that was over her heart. She looked down at it and closed her eyes. I just watched her. Suddenly she dropped her hands and looked at me. Her cheeks were still stained, but her eyes sparkled. "Thanks Sabin," she said. "You just helped me make my decision."

"Nah," I said pulling my arms back. "I just directed you how to find it. Like I said, it was your first lesson. Because in order to fight, you need be mentally prepared before you are physically."

She started walking back outside where Banon was, then looked over her shoulder. "Thanks," she smiled. The thanks was nice, but the smile was all I needed.

"Anytime Terra!" I called back.

A bit later, Banon called to order a meeting. I looked at my green-haired girl across the table as Banon babbled, something he was so good at doing!

Until suddenly, "Banon…!" We heard a week voice cry, coming from the entrance. The four of us, along with Banon, jumped up and ran over, as several other Returners joined us. We listened to the Returner talk about the Empire.

"We need someone to get into South Figaro," Edgar said.

"Right, and I'm just the person!" Locke laughed a bit despite the dire situation. He always has a knack for doing that. But knowing Locke, he's probably not laughing inside, but already planning his move in South Figaro. Locke looked at Terra, and then my brother. "You guys can't stay here,"

"Right," Edgar agreed, already on top of that. "We'll leave on Lete River, and head for Narshe. Go there once you're done in South Figaro."

Locke nodded, and then turned to Terra. "And don't let some young king who will remain nameless onto you!"

Locke grinned as Edgar shouted his name.

"Come on," Banon said. "Let's go." He and Edgar went off.

I watched Terra closely as she looked at Locke with a bit of concern. "Now now," he said. "Don't worry about me. Sabin'll protect you for me in my place won't you?"

"Of course," I nodded looking between the thief…err..treasure hunter and the green-haired girl.

"Then go now," Locke said sneaking out quietly, on his way to South Figaro.

"Come on," I encouraged her. She nodded and grabbed my arm. I wondered if she had done that with Locke and it comforted her, and since Locke sort of made me her guardian, I would do whatever I could for her. So I took her hand as we dashed back to Banon's room, then headed south. Terra clutched onto me, and clung to my side as she heard the shrill screams of the Returners and shouts of the Empire's soliders. I rested my other hand on her, trying so hard to calm the quiet but upset girl as the raft wildly went down the river. Edgar took lead, then Banon, though in the back row, and I stood guard protectively over Terra.

She began to calm down, though then we encountered a strange purple octopus whose name was Ultros. He hated my Blitz attacks, but hated Terra's Fire Magic even more. "Yeoch! Sea food soup!" He said every time she used it. I chuckled everytime I wasn't preparing for a Blitz attack.

And then suddenly he disappeared into the water. Terra looked over the edge of the raft. "Eww! Something's stuck to my leg!"

"Here," Banon said. "Come into the middle of the raft. You'll be fine." So I jumped and pulled her towards the middle. Edgar and Banon stood by her as I looked at the water.

"That's it!" I shouted. "I'm gonna do a Blitz on it!" It hurt my Terra! Wait, did I really just put a possessive 'my' in front of her name?

Edgar jumped in shock as I jumped into the water with a Blitz against Ultros. I heard Terra call out for me, and Edgar said something.

I pushed my way under the water, attempting to pummel the damn Octopus. But, he being a beast of water, had a far more advantage. He spun around, causing waves to form around me, then attacked me with one of the tentacles, pushing me into the air, over the raft.

"Sabin!" I heard her voice cry for me again. I looked at her and saw her hand reaching out to me. I saw my brother holding her back. As soon as I fell into the water, I quickly tried to swim back to the raft, using her to push me forward. But the currents were too quick. The raft pushed another way, while they pushed me under the water. The last thing I remember was Terra calling out my name again as I blacked out.