We walked straight into Narshe. The guard looked a little curiously at Gau as we walked by, but we weren't stopped. "So where do we go from here?" Cyan asked.

"Umm..." I looked around the center. There was Arvis' place. It's possible that everyone could be there. Is everyone even here yet? Are they still alive? Did Locke make it out of South Figaro Ok? Did Banon and Edgar get off of the Lete River Ok? What about Terra? Was Terra safe? Did the Empire get a hold of her?


"N-nothing," I replied quickly. "Let's check out Arvis' place." Cyan and Gau followed me. I told Cyan and Gau to stay down at the bottom of the stairs as I pounded on Arvis' door. "Anyone in there?!" I yelled. But there was nothing.

"Arvis is at the Elder's place," A citizen told me. I nodded my appreciation to him.

"Sir Gau! I would not touch that-!" Cyan was interrupted by Gau's laughter. I looked down the stairs to see Gau playing with a little machine and Cyan flipping out again.

I laughed walking down to them. "Don't worry, that machine's there just to play with anyway."

"It's still not a good idea to play with machines if you don't know what they'll do!"

"Come on, we've got to get over to the Elder's place." Cyan and Gau nodded. I led them to the other side of the town and walked up more stairs.

I rested my hand on the door knob. What if Terra wasn't in there? What if she wasn't safe? What if she...and Edgar...No! They're not dead! They're alive! I pushed the door open and led Cyan and Gau inside. "Brother!" I exclaimed as I walked in.

"Sabin! You're all right!" Edgar said to me. I nodded to him and looked at Terra. There was a sense of relief in her eyes, and to see her again. Oh goddess to see her again...it was the most indescribable feeling ever.

"Who's with you?" Brother asked, looking at the two people I picked up.

"I'm Cyan, retainer to the lord of Doma!"

"GAU...GAU!" I noticed Terra looked curiously at the two men.

"The people of Doma were wiped out by the Empire..." I regrettably told them.

Cyan looked down. "Kefka poisoned everyone..."

The Elder nearly jumped and yelled. "Barbaric!"

"Elder!" Banon exclaimed.

"But...that was only because Doma was collaborating with the Returners! If we make that mistake..."

"That's nonsense!" A familiar voice shouted walking through the door. Locke was back too! We were all safe! I saw the relief on her face too.

"Locke!" She cried taking a couple steps towards him.

He smiled quickly at her, but then took it off. "The Emperor's poised to attack Narshe now!"

We all jumped in shock. "What?!" My brother exclaimed.

"Locke, where did you hear that?" Banon asked.

"Celes, here, was one of the Empire's generals..."

I watched as Cyan threw Gau aside pushed Terra back. Cyan yelled of how Celes torched Maranda. But Locke stood in between them and stood up for Celes, saying she was a Returner now.

"I was also an Imperial Soldier," Terra stepped out and said quietly. No! Terra! That...wasn't...a good idea. Especially with Cyan...

"WHAT?" Cyan exclaimed. I wanted to hold him back. I wasn't gonna let anyone hurt Terra.

"The Empire is evil, but not all of it's citizens are." Edgar said, trying to rally us together.

A solider suddenly barged through the front door. "Emergency! The Empire cometh!"

"We really have no choice," Elder said after a few long moments. "Let's make ready for war!"

"They're after the Esper," Banon said.

"We moved it to the hills."

"Then we're going up after it!" Edgar said.

As a ragtag army, we all walked up towards the Esper cliff, hoping to protect Narshe and the Esper. As we walked up in a pretty much single line, I felt a couple hands wrap around my arm. I looked down and saw Terra looking at me. That little bit of contact was all the strength I needed. It was almost like she was saying "I missed you." She then let go and had a short conversation with Celes. I liked her. Something about her made her strong yet silent. She didn't seem afraid.

At the top, Banon and Edgar grouped us up. The first group was Edgar, Gau, and Cyan. The second group was Terra and I, while the third group was Locke and Celes. We stood in our positions, each taking about a third of the hills. Terra and I took the east part of the hills.

While we waited for our enemy to advance, we had a small conversation. "Are you Ok?" She asked.

"Yeah," I replied. "A littler battered and bruised, but nothing I can't handle."

"Edgar said that you'd be able to take care of yourself, and that we'd all get back together."

"Well, he knows our abilities all too well I guess."

"I'm really glad you're okay," Terra said softly.

I looked down and smiled at her. "You were worried?" I teased a bit.

"We've got enemies!" She said drawing her sword. I readied myself for a blitz attack. We fought hard against the commanders that walked to us. Eventually I insisted Terra take the back row, so I could take most of the blows. I could handle it. I couldn't handle seeing her get hurt and faint, as she had a couple times. In the small spaces to breath that we had, I tried talking to her, and I know she tried talking to me. We were tired and exhausted, unsure of how to even start talking to each other. There was no point in trying to talk about the weather, considering it was freezing. If only I had my brother's charm! I thought to myself while standing beside her. But we looked at each other, and the look in her eyes...there was a sweet innocence, one that made me feel warm even in the frigid hills of Narshe. I must've smiled, because she smiled back at me. I found myself wanting to hold her more and more, with every passing moment, and felt horribly guilty when I thought 'Well if she gets weakened I can hold her...'.

Our battles continued, and I have to say, not with ease. It was getting harder and harder to protect Banon and keep our own strength up. The next thing I know I see Locke and Celes heading towards Kefka. "They're just in time," my brother called to us. "There's only two left." One towards my brother's group, one towards Terra and I.

Maybe we were too excited, or maybe I was too concentrated on protecting her, but I missed my hits one too many times, which left her to try to cover my mistakes. Trying to be a healer and a fighter at the same time wasn't the smartest choice, but she did it anyway.

Instead of curing herself, she casted Fire on one of the commanders, bringing him down to his knees. Their guard dog rushed forward to Terra, but I jumped in the way to protect her. "Sabin!" She cried as he lunged into me. I winced in pain and fell in front of her. I looked up to see her reaching down next to me.

"Look out!" I shouted to her seeing the weaker commander attack her. As he was attacking, I pushed myself up and clawed across his chest. He fell there. Terra quickly began casting a cure spell on me, but as she was, the other commander came and attacked me. I saw him lunging at me, but if he didn't hit me, he would've hit Terra.

As I fell to the ground, my only thoughts were What the hell are you doing?! Because of your damn infatuation, you screwed it up...You put her in DANGER by not concentrating. If she dies...My thoughts couldn't continue anymore as I struggled to breath the cold air.

The next thing I knew I felt the warmth of a Phoenix Down against my skin. The magic seeped into my body and jump started my heart. I jerked up and coughed a bit of blood, dying the pure snow crimson. My eyes struggled to go into focus, and before I could even bring myself together I felt the tingling of a cure spell on my skin. I sat back to see my brother standing over me and Terra kneeling beside me. She looked at me in worry, but I smiled to reassure her that I was okay now, which caused her to smile. My brother extended his hand out to me and helped me up. "Are you all right Sabin?"

"Well, I guess I am now," I replied and laughed a little.

"Good," Edgar replied and walked back to Cyan. "We're just waiting for Locke and Celes."

"Gau?" I asked.

"He went down to make sure we got all of the soldiers," my brother replied. However he managed to do that, well I guess that's why he's King of Figaro.

I felt a hand on my arm. I turned around and looked at Terra. There was a silence between us. Why did I have to be the quiet one? Why couldn't I say anything to break it? 'Terra," I said quietly. "I...I'm sorry." Smooth Sabin. Real smooth.

"For what?" She asked looking at me.

"I screwed up," I replied. What the hell am I saying?

"It's okay..." She said quietly.

"Good thing Edgar came over huh?"

Suddenly the look in her eyes changed. She looked down and away from me."Yeah...good thing..."

Damn, why am I never good at this?

I tried to say something, something to comfort her. "Well I...thanks for healing me." Her head swung back at me, her green hair wildly swinging about. I couldn't read what was on her face or what her eyes said to me. Seemed like nothing I could do could straighten out whatever I had stupidly said.

"They're back," My brother called to us. Terra walked over to him, and I followed.

"How did it go?" Banon asked.

"He won't be back for a while," Locke replied with a wink.

"Let's go check on the Esper," Banon said, and walked up the hill.

"Shall we?" Edgar asked, following. Scattered, we followed. I only thought of what had happened in that last battle.

We approached the Esper. I've never felt such a strange power, and yet it felt familiar at the same time. The longer I stared at it and felt it's glow against my skin, I realized that it reminded me of Terra's magic.

Suddenly she walked up to the Esper and I knew something wasn't right. They both began to glow, resonating with each other. Locke and Edgar were trying to get her to step away from the Esper. "They're...talking?" I asked myself outloud. A blue bolt of energy suddenly connected the two, and the mass of power knocked us all back. I was so lost in thought that I didn't brace myself well enough, and nearly got knocked off the mountain. I grabbed the side and hung there for a moment or two, watching what was going on. But I nearly fell off when I saw what had happened. She had...she had...

Terra had become the monster in my dream!

We all watched in awe and in confusion. She looked at her hands slowly, studying them very carefully. "Terra..." Celes said quietly trying to approach her. Terra looked over to her and stepped back. Her eyes caught mine. There was nothing but fear and confusion in her eyes, and maybe there was nothing but fear and confusion in mine. She looked at her hands again, looked back at the Esper trapped in ice and screamed, taking off, flying through the air.

I pulled myself up and watching her head to the East, and then the south. My eyes followed, my mind screaming for her to stop. None of said anything, we just watched. Eyes looked around at each other and disbelief of what had happened.

I don't know how long I was staring at the sky, but I finally snapped out of it when my brother pulled at my arm and informed me that we were heading back to Arvis' house to let Locke rest, who had been apparently knocked out, and to regroup.

I looked over my shoulder as we were leaving the peak and heading back to the hills and mines. I couldn't help but feel that the reason she took off was because of me.