a/n: This was pretty much a spur of the moment thing. haha I was just so inspired by Glee's "Michael" episode...And I can't let go of Quick yet..so...yeah, here you go.

Chapter 1: Never can say goodbye

Even though the pain and heartache

Seems to follow me wherever I go

Though I tried and tried to hide my feelings they always seemed to show

I never can say goodbye, no no, no, no, no...

Never can say goodbye...

That song was still ringing in Noah Puckerman's mohawked head. After Quinn's performance, it has been ringing in his head all week. Telling him something. Yes, he was happy for her, getting into Yale and all...But somehow, he felt like there was something he needed to do. Something he needed to say. He was standing by his locker when he saw Quinn walking by, with so much confidence, with a smile on her face. Like she was her old self again. He couldn't help but smile. He caught up with her.

"Quinn!" He called out.

Quinn looked back, "Puck," She smiled, "Hey."

"Hey..." He started walking beside her.

"So...What's going on?"

"Nothing," He said, "Just wanted to take a walk with you. Nothing wrong with that, right?"

Quinn laughed, "Whatever floats your boat..."

"So, uhm, have I told you that I really liked your solo last week? Never can say goodbye...It was really good."

"Thank you," Quinn smiled.

"And...uhm...I'm really happy you got into Yale," He said, "Of all people, you're really the one who deserves to go out there and do something."

"Thank you," Quinn said and looked at Puck, "Wait...so really, what's this about?"

"Nothing..." Puck said.


Puck laughed, "Well...I...I don't know what to say."

"You're blushing," She said as they arrived near her car.

"Am I?"

Quinn laughed, "Puck," She said, "Are you drunk?"

"No!" He said, "You know I never do that anymore...And this is way more than that..."

"What? You're on drugs?"

"Quinn!" He said.

She laughed, "I mean, here you go, talking to me, and you're not like yourself—"

"Maybe I am," He said, and took a deep breath, "Quinn...What I really wanted to say was...I never can say goodbye to you. At least not yet."

"What?" Quinn said, surprised.

"I know you probably never loved me. I know that you loved Sam Evans, or maybe even Finn more than me. I know that...that I may have ruined your life—"

"Puck, you know I'm not blaming you anymore."

"Let me finish," Puck said, "I know things have never been really great between us. That it may seem like a mistake. But of all the mistakes I've made, not being with you, not being strong enough for you, that's the biggest mistake of all. I know you don't need me, Quinn. But...but I guess...I guess a part of me will always love you. I do love you. We had a hell of a year, but...but I wanna start over. Fresh. Slow. The way it's supposed to be."

"O...kay," Quinn said, "Puck, that was sweet. But you know that I'm leaving. Yale."

"I know," He said, "But we still have a few months left," He smiled and took her hand, "Give me a chance, Quinn. I can't promise you anything...Just the fact that...That I'm here. And that I wanna be happy. I want us to be happy. I want us to enjoy what we still have left."

She smiled, "When did you ever become a master of words?"

He laughed, "I'm not," He said, "Those just came naturally."

She laughed, "Well," She bit her lip, "I don't know what to say..." She looked at him and took a deep breath, "But...Maybe you could accompany me to Breadsticks? Have some Pasta and Soda and...just...talk...and work on our Math assignment, I sure could use some help...With all the time you've spent with Artie..."

He laughed, "I'd like that."

"Come on," She smiled, tapping her car's hood, "Time is precious."

And they went inside her car, and drove away, the music from the radio blaring.

I keep thinkin that our problems
Soon are all gonna work out
But there's that same unhappy feeling and there's that anguish, there's that doubt
*It's that same old did ya hang up
*Can't do with you or without
Tell me why
Is it so
Don't wanna let you go

I never can say goodbye, no...