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When Sorry's Not Enough

By: xSlythStratasfaction

Warning: Spoilers for 3x11. My take on the behind the scenes of Klaine in this episode! Also, random title is random!

"Kurt, I know you're mad and I know you probably want to throttle me right now, but I just wanted to let you know that I'm really, really sorry. I never knew that Sebastian would run to the Warblers with the MJ idea. I wasn't even thinking-"

"That's right. You weren't thinking. You never seem to think when it comes to Sebastian, now do you?"

"Kurt, that's not fair."

Kurt slowed the car down to a gentle stop and turned to look at his boyfriend. Blaine sat motionless in the passenger seat, his head down as he stared at his twiddling thumbs. He had been sitting like that since they left the Lima Bean after a particularly nerve-wracking run-in with Sebastian Smythe. According to the Dalton slimeball, Blaine had blabbed about New Directions' plan to perform a Michael Jackson medley for Regionals – and now the Warblers were singing MJ as well.

Needless to say, Kurt and a few other members of ND were pissed… at Blaine.

"It's not fair," Kurt muttered, "to me that you are still conversing with that meerkat faced creep when you told me months ago that he meant nothing to you."

"But he doesn't mean anything to me! I was just trying to be helpful! He spilled something on his blazer and needed some advice-"

"And then you helped him, the competition, figure out a way to defeat us at Regionals. Honestly, Blaine, I really don't know what to say to you right now."

"Well, honestly Kurt, I think you've said enough." Blaine whispered as he unbuckled his seatbelt and slid out of the Navigator. As he rushed up to his front door, Kurt watched as he brushed his hand over his eyes.

Kurt made him cry.

It was amazing how jittery Kurt got when he and Blaine were having a moment.

Hours after Kurt had left Blaine at his house upset and crying, he found himself sitting on his bed gazing at his phone. Not one call or text came through from his boyfriend and Kurt was getting anxious. He hated the strange feelings that lay in the pit of his stomach – the feelings of anger and regret. Anger because of what Sebastian had said to him earlier at the Bean and regret for the way he had taken out his anger on Blaine.

He wondered if Blaine was still crying over how he behaved in the car on the way home.

Just those thoughts made him feel terrible.

Sighing, Kurt opened up a new text and punched out a message, sending it to the one person he hoped would read it.

I love you. –K

Minutes later, his phone dinged.

I love you too. –B

The next morning, Kurt pulled into the McKinley High parking lot with Finn in tow. Usually he would swing by Blaine's house to pick him up, but after calling his boyfriend earlier that morning, Kurt found himself riding to school with his stepbrother and that was it.

"I'm just going to drive myself today. Thanks for the offer though."

If Kurt didn't know any better – and he did, though he hated to admit it, Blaine sounded defeated. Obviously the boy was still feeling terrible over what had happened with Sebastian and the Warblers. To him, it was like he had been turned against. The Warblers had betrayed his trust and swiped his new group's set list options. But other than the Warblers betrayal, Kurt knew that Blaine probably felt like he betrayed New Directions as well. Plus, it didn't help that he had chewed Blaine out in the car yesterday.

Poor Blaine was probably having an identity crisis.

"Hey Kurt? Are you coming or not? You've kinda zoned out."

Finn was leaning down and staring at him through the rolled down driver's side window. Kurt blinked up at him for a moment and then shot his gaze towards the front of the school, where he caught a crestfallen looking Blaine entering the front doors. He had to do something about his boyfriend quick.

"Yeah, Finn. I'm on my way."

"He's on notice as far as I'm concerned."

Kurt stared straight ahead, listening to Puck's words rip through the boy sitting next to him. He knew what Puck had said was getting to Blaine, but Kurt couldn't bear to say anything back. To be honest, he was still a little bit miffed about the Warblers encroaching in on his territory – in more ways than one. After hearing Artie and his other friends discuss what they were going to do about Regionals, Kurt couldn't help but feel a little bit of annoyance again towards his boyfriend. He hated feeling that way, but it just kept happening.

One moment, he felt bad for Blaine, especially after catching his boyfriend's sad puppy eyes in the halls a few times. But then someone would mention Sebastian and Kurt would grow disgusted with how Blaine had kept his entire friendship with the craigslist slut a secret.

So, he said nothing and let Blaine handle it. Blaine was a big boy, he could take care of himself, and as Kurt listened to Blaine talk about 'taking it to the streets,' he never imagined his own thoughts coming back to bite him in the ass.

"Ahhhhh! Ugh, my eye! Oh my God, I can't-"

Kurt's eyes welled up with tears as he curled himself around Blaine. It all happened so fast. One minute, New Directions and the Warblers were dancing around each other, the next, Sebastian had a slushy, Kurt was being shoved backwards, and Blaine was on the floor screaming.

Just the guttural sounds wrenching out from Blaine made Kurt's stomach drop to his toes – something was terribly wrong.

"Blaine, honey, let me see. Please?"

"It hurts so bad," he was openly sobbing now, his body still curled in the fetal position. Aftershocks of whatever trauma he was going through ripped through his body and he trembled in Kurt's arms.

"What hurts? Your eye?"

"Kurt, I can't see. I can't open it. I can't- it's on fire, Kurt!"

More broken sobs echoed through the parking garage and Kurt could somewhat hear the commotion of his friends around him. Tina was crying, Santana was cursing in Spanish, Rachel was on the phone with someone, and Finn was repeating things to whoever he was on the phone with.

"Did someone call for help?" Rory asked, leaning down over Kurt to take a look at Blaine. From somewhere in the garage, Puck confirmed that someone was on the way.

"Kurt, I- ugh." Blaine was whimpering now, his body still quivering against Kurt's embrace. Kurt ran his hands up and down Blaine's body as he whispered random things into Blaine's ear. All the while, his mind raced with the events of the last few hours – from the Lima Bean to their argument and subsequent silent treatment up until now.

And now Kurt was feeling like complete shit.

"Finn! Where's Kurt? Where's Blaine?"

Kurt looked up, his eyes catching on two shadowy figures racing towards him. He recognized the voice instantly and as soon as they stepped into the light, his suspicions were confirmed – it was his dad and Carole.

Burt leaned down, gently removing his son's arms away from Blaine. "Hey kiddo," he whispered to the weeping boy, slowly pulling Blaine towards him. "It's just me Burt. Carole's here too kid and we're gonna get you to the hospital." Burt started to lift Blaine off the ground, but Finn stepped in and slid his arms around Blaine's small form easily.

"I got him, Burt. We don't need you straining yourself either."

Burt rolled his eyes, but nodded and led Finn to the truck, Carole and Kurt close behind. As they walked, Carole started shooting off questions to the other members of New Directions, asking them what exactly happened and if they knew what exactly was in that slushy.

Kurt kept his eyes fixed on Blaine, tears slowly running down his cheeks as he flashed back to Blaine throwing himself in front of the slushy and then collapsing to the ground in misery. If Blaine hadn't of taken that slushy to the face, then Kurt would've been the one with something in his eye. If Blaine hadn't of thrown himself in front, then Kurt would be the one having to go to the emergency room.

But instead stupid Blaine and his stupid knight in shining armor ways saved the day – saved Kurt's eye is more like it – and Kurt couldn't love him any more than he did at that very moment.

The ride to the hospital was scary.

Pulling out of the parking lot, Kurt took one long look at the drying slush that was a permanent marker to where Blaine's body had been. The gloopy red drink look eerily like dried blood and it made Kurt sick to his stomach to look at any longer. Then again, some of the stuff was still stuck to Blaine's face and clothes and just the sight of all that red on Blaine's paling skin scared the living daylights out of him. Blaine was never that pale and now, in the dim light of the parking garage, he looked as white as Kurt.

"My head hurts," the younger boy whimpered, still trembling occasionally. Kurt held him close to his chest and stared down at Blaine's red stained, scrunched up face. One of his hands was still curled over his eye, the other was wrapped around his busy hand's wrist holding the arm tight against his body.

He was obviously in so much pain.

"You're so stupid, Blaine." Kurt whispered as he wiped some of his own tears away. "I can't believe you took that slushy for me. You're so dumb."

"I wanted to, dummy." Blaine ground out, his voice scratchy from crying. He hissed in pain when a bump in the road jostled his hand, "I love you and- ugh, god this hurts. My eye- oww."

"I love you too and you're going to be okay, you hear me? You're going to be fine."

Blaine just cried a little more.

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