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When Sorry's Not Enough

By: xSlythStratasfaction

Warning: Spoilers for 3x11. My take on the behind the scenes of Klaine in this episode!

Kurt stared up at the moonlit ceiling of his bedroom and sighed heavily, his stomach knotted up in nervousness as he thought about his boyfriend's upcoming dilemma - the dreaded surgery to correct his damaged cornea. For the last few days, both boys had been putting off the inevitable discussion, instead sidetracking to topics like the subjects Blaine was missing in school or how many times his parents had fought that week over his well being and care. By the time Kurt had to leave that evening following his daily visit, Blaine looked like he was on the edge and about to explode from worry, but when asked, the boy just denied everything and said he was okay.

Kurt knew better, but he also knew Blaine wasn't about to fess up about how terrified he was.

Sucking in a shuddery breath, Kurt rolled onto his side and looked down at his phone, which lay silent and dark on the nightstand. He wondered if Blaine was also laying in his own bed, wide awake from the passing thoughts of tomorrow's big event plaguing his mind. Yawning, he reached out and ran his fingers along the edge of his phone, debating with himself over whether or not to call Blaine up and ask him if he was alright, but then he decided against it. If Blaine was really upset, he'd call.


Stifling another yawn, Kurt went back to laying on his back and threw an arm over his eyes, willing sleep to just take him away so that he could get through the next day without a hitch. After several minutes of laying in complete dormancy, he was slowly drifting away into dreamland when his phone began ringing next to him, Katy Perry's voice trilling in the air as she sang of skintight jeans and what not.


"…Kurt?" Blaine sniffled quietly on the other end and Kurt's heart fell.

"Honey, are you okay?"

"I didn't know who else to call. Mom and dad have been fighting since you left and I started thinking about tomorrow and I don't know what to do. I'm just- I'm scared, Kurt."

"Oh sweetheart-"

"I know I shouldn't be calling you this late; you've been coming over here so much and you're tired and I'm just being a pest, but I-"

"Blaine, you aren't bothering me. I couldn't sleep either. I almost called you a little bit ago."

"You did?"

"Yep, but I thought you might be sleeping from your meds, so I decided to wait."

Blaine sighed on his end and Kurt could hear the rustling of sheets, "What if something bad happens tomorrow?" The boy asked quietly, his voice no more than a soft whisper that Kurt had to strain to hear. "What if I sneeze during the surgery and the laser splits my face in half because I flinched o-or what if the light's too intense and it burns a hole through my eyeball and into my skull and my brain melts out onto the floor and I die?"

"Oh honey-"

"I don't want to have the surgery tomorrow, Kurt!"

"Then what do you plan on doing? Wear the eye patch for the rest of your life?"

"I don't know… maybe?"

Kurt rolled his way off of the bed and left the room, thankful that his parents were both out for the night and that Finn and Sam were currently locked down in a video game war in Finn's room. He went downstairs and curled up on the couch, legs tucked beneath his chin as he sat and listened to Blaine's woes about tomorrow's surgery. "Blaine, if you don't get this surgery done, you won't heal properly. I know it's scary and that you're afraid of what might happen, but wouldn't you rather have your sight back?"

Blaine remained silent for a few moments before he spoke again, "I just wish you could be there with me."

"I know, sweetie, I know."

"I wish you could've stayed tonight, too. I know I'm being a baby about this, but I could use the distraction."

"If I could sneak past your parents, I'd be there in a heartbeat."

"I know you would. I just- if you don't mind… would you sing to me? To help me fall asleep, I mean. You can hang up whenever, I just- I need the distraction."

Kurt smiled sadly, still feeling the pangs of not being able to hold his exhausted, worried boyfriend tightly in his arms. "Of course I'll sing for you. What do you want to hear?"

"Something MJ, if you don't care… since it's still Michael week and all."

Kurt rolled his eyes, but chuckled anyway, his brain searching to find the perfect song to sing, "My Michael Jackson catalogue isn't as wide spanned as yours, but I can try my best."

That's how Kurt found himself singing You Are Not Alone to his sniffling boyfriend, followed by a quiet rendition of I'll Be There. By the last few lines of his final song, Kurt could hear Blaine's soft snores echoing through the phone; he continued on, voice still singing it's soothing tones just in case his boyfriend happened to wake up before the song ended.

Just call my name, I'll be there…

If Kurt thought that getting to sleep the previous night was tough thanks to his wandering thoughts, he was sorely mistaken; it was even harder to pay attention in class.

The entire time he was in school, his mind was elsewhere, on how Blaine was doing and whether or not his surgery was going okay. It seemed as if Kurt wasn't going to get anything done at all and by the end of the day, he was eternally grateful when Quinn once again stuffed his hands full of notes and sent him on his way, telling him to get some rest and send Blaine all of New Directions' well wishes. As soon as he tucked everything into his messenger bag and got Blaine's make-up work from Tina, he was out the doors and off to his car, one hand fidgeting with his car keys and the other dialing the number to Blaine's mother's phone.


"Mrs. Anderson, is Blaine okay?"

"Oh hello, Kurt! I was just about to call you. We're still at the clinic; Blaine's still resting, but from what the doctor said, his surgery went well and he should be clear to go home in the next few hours. Were you planning on stopping by?"

"If you don't mind, I'd love to."

"Well, that's fine. Just give me a call before you head out and I'll get something made for dinner."

"Thanks, Mrs. Anderson."

"You're welcome, sweetheart. Talk to you soon."

Kurt said his goodbyes and slunk down into his seat, resting his head on the steering wheel with a little more force than he expected as the Navigator let out a loud honk. He sighed and rubbed his hands over his eyes, thankful that Blaine's surgery went well and glad that Mrs. Anderson seemed to be on board with him coming over.

It finally looked like things were getting better.


"Hey there, honey. How are you feeling?"

"Tired. Kinda feel like I've been ran over by a truck and my face is sorta numb."

Kurt ran a hand along Blaine's jaw line and smiled, his heart warming at the sight of his sleepy boyfriend blinking drowsily up at him through his one good eye. His other eye remained patched with a thicker layer of gauze hiding underneath the black patch; from what Mrs. Anderson had said, the doctor was able to suture the tears and Blaine's eye would be fine within weeks - the only downside was that he'd have to go in for a checkup at the optometrist before he would be cleared for school and he might possibly have to wear a corrective contact lens to help his vision if anything was damaged from the assault.

"You look exhausted, Blaine. You should go back to sleep."

"No," Blaine whined softly, nuzzling his cheek against Kurt's hand. "You're here now and I want to spend some time with my boyfriend."

"You've seen me every day this week."

"And now's our time to visit today, so shush your mouth and cuddle with me. I missed you."

Kurt smiled, lowering himself to lay down on the bed. He wrapped his arms around Blaine's middle and tugged the boy back against his chest, sighing when he felt Blaine sink against him. "You're warm."

"So are you," Blaine yawned, causing Kurt to chuckle.

"Get some sleep, you dork. I'll wake you when your mom calls us for dinner, if you're hungry."

"…always hungry," Blaine trailed off, slowly slipping back to sleep. Behind him, Kurt curled his arms tighter around him and closed his own eyes, glad to finally be able to get some rest.

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