"Henri-sensei!" Amano Ichigo cried out, a wide grin on her face as she ran outside to greet the patissier, "What brings you here to la Rêve Couleur?"

"I want to introduce you to the new employee…" Henri Lucas stepped to the side to allow a boyish looking short red haired girl.

The girl smiled, "The name is Kaede Takeda. Nice to meet you, Amano Ichigo," she gave a slight nod in greeting.

Ichigo blinked rapidly at the short haired girl then called out, "Kashino! Kashino! We have a new employee!"

"Eh?" Makoto pushed open the door to the patisserie and walked over to Ichigo, Henri, and Kaede.

Kaede stared at Kashino for a while, her dark brown eyes steady. She spoke up, "Who's this shorty?"

"SHORTY?" Kashino growled.

"You're the same height as I am. That's short… for a guy… are you sure you're male?" Kaede smirked.

"Well you look like a guy, got anything to say about that?"

"Well, better tough and tall than short and wimpy," She shrugged, sticking her tongue out at him.


"Ah, Henri-sensei… um… why do you want her to become one of our employees?" Ichigo asked as she struggled with Kashino in order to hold him off from attacking the new girl.

"You'll see," Henri smiled.

"This… is seriously… your… best…?" Kaede glared down at the sweets from la Rêve Couleur she had just tried.

"Why? They're not good?" Ichigo tilted her head, taking a bite into one of the cakes.

"You… won't… YOU'LL NEVER SURPASS HENRI LIKE THIS! If you want a very successful shop then, you need more of a variety of the tastes and flavours… no wonder why Henri sent me here…" Kaede sighed, pulling at her red bangs.

"How can you say that? Do you know how much work, time, and trouble we went through just to make all of these?" Kashino snarled.

"If you're going to say that, you have no right to be a patissier. Thinking of sweets as work, time, and trouble will only bring you to your downfall. It will be your failure," Kaede glanced at each one of the shop's sweets.

"But..!" Lemon trailed off.

"But… it is an okay start… just add my creations and business will boom every day," Kaede smiled a bit, looking up at the others.

Ichigo nodded, then asked, "May we try some of your sweets?"

Kaede nodded, her smile disappearing, then she entered the kitchen and closed the door behind her, "I'll borrow the kitchen and your supplies for a sec."

The petit gateau was small and cylinder shaped, with a large rose made of candy on top. Kaede set down one for each of the employees, then stepped back, confident in her sweets.

"Try it after breaking one of the petals of the flower," she suggested.

"Itadakimasu!" They cried out before using their spoons to lightly tap the candy and a blue, slightly steaming liquid dribbled out of the candy art and onto the small cake.

Ichigo first took one bite, then Kashino, then Lemon, and each of their eyes widened.

"It's so… creamy yet a bit tart, and the sauce melts in your mouth giving great warmth and when it dies away, there are small sugars that make you long for it…" Ichigo gasped.

"The design on the outside is a bit plain and seems rough because of the texture of the icing, but is incredibly fluffy on the inside," Makoto muttered.

"And I feel somewhat wild, and free, but regretful of my actions…" Lemon closed her eyes.

"Like the heart of a delinquent!" Amano exclaimed.

Kaede blinked rapidly, then smiled, "That's the image I was going for…"

Her tongue and taste buds… are amazing! Even her imagination… Kaede thought.

"Um, Kaede-san, how old are you?" Lemon asked.


"How do you know Henri-sensei? Are you his student?" Ichigo said.

"No… I'm his girlfriend," Kaede stared at Ichigo.

"EH?" Kashino, Ichigo, and Lemon cried out in unison, surprised.

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