Crank of the Dead

Chapter 1: 28 hours later

"The world news with Greg"

Today, a zombie endemic has occurred in Japan and America. Leaving America ok after the first hour due to response teams clearing the zombies out quickly and using cure bombs to stop spreading. Japan due to the reposed teams accidently setting of bombs with the virus instead of the cure. Causing thousands of zombies. The U.S is working with Japan to clear out the infection and make sure they get the right cure. This will take at least 24 hours to get there. The outbreak was to believe to have been cause when a lot of government L.S.D was mix up with a virus. A man got his stash from a government officer who was doing under the table work with the man

Chev Chelios, after falling from the sky and being set on fire. Was In a hospital in Japan. Passed out after being thrown on a beach by a tidal wave. He woke up in the hospital 28 hours later to find the room quiet. Birds sing the sun shining. And a fast zombie changing at him. Biting his hand.

Thinking, "why can't I wake up normally" he punched the zombie out the window. Alerting a herd of other zombies. And with that, he did what he did best. He ran. Punching and zombies that were in his way. Though the hallway and out the window. Where he landed on a truck. He jumps off the truck onto the road. Where he alerted even more zombies . He then ran down a narrow alleyway. Where he got into a dead end.

While he was thinking of a way to get out of it. He heard a bomb go off and a voice saying get up here now. It was a skinny but well-built teen boy.

Another voice saying "right now" Another teen, about the same age as the boy. He was a bit thicker but still looked fine. They were standing on a fire escaped a few feet away from Chev. They knocked the ladder down to help him. Then zombies rushed at the ladder. Chev rushed at them. Knocking out three with his spin kick and pushing one ageist the others. He climbed up the ladder to safety