It had been a successful hunt and she felt the need to be rewarded.

She tucked her arm in her companion's as she entered the lobby. Not knowing why, people gave her a wide berth. She felt grateful. Since her transformation, she was not that fond of crowds.

Her gold dress rippled as she walked and her companion looked at her admiringly. Her swept up hair added an elegant touch as well as the jeweled necklace nestled against her neck.

"This is supposed to be the best. I figured we've earned entertainment for the night, haven't we?" she chuckled, patting Grunt on the arm. "Too bad Stealth had…other plans." She rolled her eyes as the image of the human girl he had been flirting with earlier that day resurfaced.

Grunt smiled. She now knew their full names, but preferred to call them by the names she had known when they first met.

"Anything you wish, m'lady," he told her respectfully.

She glanced at the tickets that appeared in her hand. "Hmm. Good seats. Nice work."

As she glided across the lobby, a familiar face caught her eye…and she smiled.

He didn't know who the woman was, but she had the bearings of a queen, Flint thought as he watched her covertly across the room. Her eyes, a rich green color, caught his, and she smiled in his direction, nodding her head regally in acknowledgement. His heart skipped a beat, and he thought she looked vaguely familiar. Possibly a model from a magazine? In his line of work, he had looked at plenty of pictures, but this one…he would remember someone like her, he was sure.

She was glad he wasn't alone. She had been worried he wouldn't find anyone, but it seemed, she smiled, that he had a thing for partners he worked with.

"You okay?" Grunt asked as they settled into the private box. She waved her hand, and the door closed and locked.

She shrugged. "We're here on opening night, ready to be entertained. What's not to like?" She paused, then smiled. "If you're asking about him, I'm fine. I do wish him every happiness." She chuckled. "He does have a thing for his partners, doesn't he?"

She settled back in her chair, ready to enjoy the show.

Author's Note: I'll probably publish an alternate ending to this story since several have been playing around in my mind. I'll try to post in reviews the name, or in the actual description of the "story" (hah hah...maybe I'll just call it "Alternate Ending")