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Lost Voices

Chapter 1


Cynthia POV

I pulled at the restraints on my wrists and I wanted to cry. I have been tied to a tree in the middle of the forest for 14 hours 10 minutes and16 seconds, today. My tail was fluttering underneath me and I was trying not to gag at the cool, mushy, swamp water that it was pushing against in the pit hole that was making my entire lower body grimy and disgusting. My arms threatened to give out and I sobbed silently, not sure what to do or what to think.

My thoughts kept drifting back to Jason and how badly I just wanted to be with him. I clenched my eyes shut until black spots clouded my vision. I imagined myself in his arms and decided it was just too painful, so I decided to settle for memories. I thought of Jason kissing me. The way it felt whenever he put his arms around my waist. The way it felt when he kissed the tip of my nose and told me he loved me with everything he had.

I smiled and closed my eyes, reliving every single memory I ever had with him. Instead of feeling that sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach, I felt butterflies and warmth at just the thought of my boyfriend. He's probably worried sick right now. I felt a tear slide down my cheek at the thought of him so sad and full of anxiety.

I heard a van pull up a few miles away and my bottom lip trembled as I felt the spike of fear shoot through my body. I let my body slump further into the water, in hopes of being hidden by the slushy muddy ooze that was engulfing my tail. I didn't make it too far into the water and I felt my heart painfully squeeze when I heard his work boots crunch against the dead leaves and fallen twigs on the ground. I buried my face in my arm and sobbed loudly. I couldn't keep in the fear anymore and every tear that fell down my cheek and clouded my vision made my heart colder. Whenever I got the chance, I would violently beat this man to death with my bare hands. I wanted to believe that, but I was too much of a coward to do anything to him.

He came into view and stalked to me with that stupid backpack he always carried around. I felt myself blanch, and I kept my expression blank. The tears still rapidly fell and he just laughed at my weakness. "Oh, sweetheart. Don't cry. I missed you too. I promise I will show you just how much I missed you." He excitedly adjusted his belt buckle, and he set the backpack down next to me. I stared blankly at the smooth texture of my arms.

He roughly tore my head up so I would look at him and like the coward I was, I did what he wanted me to. He rubbed his face on my cheek and I choked on my sobs as I felt his disgusting stubble make my soft skin raw. He pulled back and rubbed his poky facial hair. I shuddered violently and I hated myself just a little more when I realized how scared I was of the human in front of me.

He pulled me up from the swampy hole, and I didn't fight back as he shoved his tongue in my mouth. I simply shut down and let him do what he wanted. I wish I would do something, but this has been going on for a decade. It's my body's reaction to the fear. I would shut down, and he would touch me. He pulled away and cut the rope that had bound my wrists together. I didn't do anything.

I have been here for the past 3 months. I've been left tied to that tree, in that disgusting water tainted with filth, and left in the sun for days at a time. I would cry for hours and would only calm down to cry again. He put a mirror in front of me so I would have to stare at myself as I cried. I looked so pathetic, weak and scared, which only made me cry harder.

He picked me up and a few minutes later, I was thrown down on a bed. "I can't believe you're a mermaid. That's hot." I didn't reply as I stared at the tiny hole in the ceiling that I have always stared at whenever he used me. I would just stare at it and wait for him to be done. Ever since I was 5 years old, I've been stuck in this cabin. And no one ever knew. And then one day, Selina found me about to die.

And when I was taken by those vampires, they gave me to him. They happily handed me over to my rapist. They didn't even care that I had been held against my will by this pedophile for 10 years. I felt the prick of tears at the corners of my eyes. I felt him beside my ear and he whispered, "Lose the tail." I did as I was told almost instantly, too scared to refuse.

I heard the familiar sound of his belt buckle clank against the hardwood floor and I stayed quiet as I felt him grip my arms and tie them over my head to the bedposts. I had no control. And I could easily kill him. But I wouldn't. Why not? Because I'm pathetic. I'm too scared to do anything. I'm just going to lay here and let him violate me for the next week and wait for him to lock me in the basement wall before going home to his wife and 4 kids.

I heard the bed squeak as he got on top of me and I studied that little hole in the ceiling as if it was the most important thing in the world like I had done every day for years. I felt him hover above me and I waited for him to slap me or yell at me or do something. He just stared at me. My eyes stayed glued to the bumpy white ceiling, not daring to even blink.

My eyes were getting drier and drier every time his hot foul smelling breath of alcohol and cigars blew into my eyes. He raised his hand and I flinched, waiting for the impact. It never came. I still didn't look from the ceiling.

"Look at me." I instantly met his eyes and stared into the black nothingness that was focusing so intently on me, waiting to grab me and pull me into the darkness where I'd wait for him to finish with me and leave me alone.

He roughly kissed my lips, making my head sink further into the pillows. He always made sure the bed was comfortable because he wanted me to be comfortable. He wanted me to enjoy myself because in his head, I was in love with him. But his heart fed off my fear and wanted to take my life as slowly as possible.

I clenched my eyes shut out of habit and he socked me in the jaw, making my head whip to the other side of the bed and my jaw to ache. The good thing about this situation is he can't kill me or permanently damage my body. The bad thing about this is he will try even harder to do it. He had always held back with me, afraid that he'd hurt me too bad and he wouldn't be able to use me. Now, he can easily be as rough and vicious as he wanted to because I'm physically stronger. And he knew it. The vampires that had taken me told him everything he needed to know about my kind. Well, Demetri didn't know I was here. I wish he did. He'd take me out of here as fast as he could. But he didn't know where I was. No one did.

He kissed down my neck slowly and then dragged his tongue down my shoulder and then across my cheek. I shuddered and he kissed me again, roughly this time. He pulled away violently, making my swollen lips sensitive to the touch.

"Look at me, baby." I did as I was told and he smirked.

"Do you love me?" I didn't answer as I shook in fear, and he just got angrier. He slapped me and then socked me in my gut. I groaned and hunched to clutch my stomach, but my restrained wrists only rubbed against the rope, making my skin rawer than it already was. He asked me again, his voice lower and calmer.

I let out a broken sob and he laughed. "I love it when you cry. You're so beautiful with fear in your eyes." I sobbed again and buried my face in the skin of my arm, breathing in my own scent. I didn't want to breathe in his greasy hair and sweaty skin. He slapped me again and I sobbed louder, my entire body shaking with fear.

I felt him get closer to me and then he whispered, "I want you to cry harder."

I didn't move, but I clenched my eyes shut, allowing the shudders to distract me from the monster on top of me. I cried for a lot of reasons. I cried to distract myself. My loud sobs drowned out the noises he was making and the words he was telling me. I cried to get some kind of relief of the pain that was eating me from the inside out. Like I said, this isn't the first time he's done this to me. He's done it to me hundreds of thousands of times since he took me from the park when I was 5. 10 years is a long time.

You never got used to something like this and it always seemed like it only got worse and worse each time. I also cried for Bella. I knew wherever she was, she was looking for me, and I had no doubt in my mind that she wouldn't rest until she found me. I sobbed again, and the tears streamed down my face, blurring my vision of the black eyes that were staring down at me. I also didn't doubt the fact that this was the last place Bella would ever think to look.

He slowly got off me and untied my wrists. He roughly grabbed my arm and pulled me across the floor. I already knew it was no use to try and keep up with him. I let my stumbling feet drag as he pulled me down the stairs to the basement. I already knew what would happen next. I knew he would leave now. And to be honest, I preferred it when he was here with me. Why? I was terrified of the dark.

He opened a false wall in the basement and threw me in there before slamming the 'door' shut. I crawled into a ball and started rocking back and forth, allowing myself to cry when I heard the front door to the cabin close. I sobbed loudly and crawled back until my back hit a stone wall that was freezing to the touch.

I let my legs change back into my tail and I hugged it tightly to my chest while putting my forehead against it. I let my dark hair create a long curtain around me and clenched my eyes shut. The darkness wasn't so bad when you allowed yourself to be in it. I softly sang a song under my breath, my voice thick and watery.

"A second, a minute, an hour, a day goes by.

I'm hopin' just to be by your side.

I'm turnin' the handle,

It won't open.

Don't make me wait.

'Cause right now, I need your smile.

Knock, knock.

When life had locked me out,

I turned to you,

So open the door.

'Cause you're all I need right now.

It's true, nothing works like you."

I sang in hopes of someone hearing me and finding me. No such luck. The tears fell and I continued to sing softly to myself. 8 hours later, the stone wall opened and I looked up, more than relieved at the fact that I was going to get out of here. I'd do anything as long as he let me out. He took in my tear stained face and asked, "Are you ready?"

I nodded and slowly walked up the stairs to the first floor. I gently sat on the bed and once again clenched my eyes shut as his belt buckle hit the floor loudly, the noise echoing throughout the small cabin that was my own personal hell.

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