Chapter 17


Avalon's POV

I stared at my feet as I walked, thinking about Isabella and her vampire. The gravel felt rough against the soles of my feet, and I internally winced. I still wasn't sure why they asked me to speak to Aro as a final attempt at peace. Yes, I was the leader of my colony, but my colony was too gentle to deal with things like this. We did not have indestructible skin as humans. We did not have strong skin as humans. We did not even have semi-strong skin as humans. No, when we turned human, we gave up everything and were extremely sensitive to touch.

We turned human, and we no longer had protection. I swallowed thickly, wondering why this war had started in the first place. I felt the strands on my hair tickle the tip of my neck, leaving a cool sensation that made my entire body break out in goose bumps. My highlights had turned blue. I took another deep breath, as I continued to walk to the large castle/fort of the Aro colony.

Maybe I was voted to speak as a warning simply because I am vulnerable as a human. The vampires would know I was unarmed, I guess you could say, and would understand that we really only wanted peace. I felt pretty confident. I wrung my hands in front of me while looking over my reflection in a window I passed to be sure I looked presentable. My short hair was neat and tidy, the blue strands turning purple to reflect my uneasiness at being vulnerable. My dress was deep blue with flowers all over it, the kind that were colorful but not too loud. The fabric brushed along my thighs in the front, and the back flowed about the backs of my knees. I had no shoes on. I liked to feel the ground, and my feet were cute. I came to the entrance of the mansion, took another deep breath, and continued on.

I came to a rather large door about twenty minutes later and cautiously stepped inside, well aware that they knew I was coming. I backed into the door, my palms pushing against it until I heard the resounding click of it shutting. I lifted my head and met eyes with a large pair of red ones a few inches from my face. I stared at the man with blondish hair and closed the distance between us. I knew from countless descriptions from Bella that this was not Aro. I didn't slow my pace, and the front of my body brushed against the vampire's. He slowly backed away, confusion clear in his eyes. I stared at him a little longer and realized why he was confused. He thought I was human.

I could see the hunger in his eyes, the bit of venom collecting at the corners of his mouth. "You can't drink my blood," I stated gently.

It was awfully quiet in the room, and I forced myself to continue speaking, "I'm here to speak with a Mr. Aro Volturi, who is not in the room…" I trailed off, not sure of what to think about the seven pairs of eyes watching me intently.

So, naturally, I tried again, "I need to speak with Aro regarding my sister Isabella." I flashed a gentle smile, and waited patiently. The blond vampire neared me again and poked my shoulder roughly. I glared confusedly, "Excuse you." I swatted his hand away. He repeated the action, but harder this time. "Ow. If you would stop that, I would be grateful."

I rubbed my shoulder, and he put his hand on my forearm before pushing me back roughly. I flew back and slammed against the wall roughly, my head turning and scraping against the stone before I slumped on the ground. I grunted and gripped my head, feeling a little blood trickle down the side of my face from a gash on my forehead. I felt the shift in the environment and looked up to see Aro at the end of the room. "You can bleed," he said softly, a small smile playing about my lips.

I stood up carefully and sputtered out an explanation, "Mr. Aro, I was sent by my sisters. We need you to back off Isabella. She said you threatened her and her colony. I am from a different colony, which is why I'm bleeding."

I glared at blondie, and he stared back in a challenging gaze. "As for you. You need to mind your manners. No wonder your kind hates their rulers. You are so rude and unkind." I rubbed my head after finishing and glanced back at Aro.

He replied without acknowledging my last statement aimed at his friend, "We warned your kind, a Miss Selina I believe it was, to not cross us again. I imagined I made it pretty clear we are not to establish a treaty. We are not to speak in any way. Surely, you are as smart as you are pretty."

My mouth opened in response to his insult, and I tried to hide my hurt feelings, though I could feel the warm magenta strands of my hair reflecting my mortification. "I just thought I would tell you that we ask for peace once more. My colony is known as the gentler of the mermaid species, thus I was asked to speak with you."

"How many of your kind are there?" he asked in an amused voice.

"Quite a few. We respond to one another when in danger. Thus, I am here to speak with you. Would you let our kind mate with one another? Surely, there is no harm for your kind. It would only give you much more power. We defend our family. No matter what." I inwardly cursed myself, as I was merely babbling and pathetically asking for him to drop his grudge.

"I see." He swallowed and began pacing with his hands behind his back, much as a human would. "Would you tell me what you are doing here exactly?"

I blinked in complete confusion. Hadn't he been listening this entire time? I stuttered, "W-well, I was elected as a sort of representative to call for peace. A final message that we protect our kind."

He smiled widely, his straight teeth a subtle threat. "Perfect. You are a message."

I nodded slowly, seriously questioning his intellect. "Yes I-"

"No, I am not asking if you are a message. I said you are. To your sisters."

I blinked slowly as the gears turned in my head; I felt two bodies on either side of me. Two cold hands clamped over each of my biceps, and I flinched roughly when my arms were pulled from my body. The built up scream exploded from my throat violently. I heard the echo bounce along the gravel outside until it hit the water and my cry for help filled the ocean. My legs gave out underneath me, and my tail flopped against the cold linoleum floor as my body attempted to protect itself. My pained cries alerted them I needed help, but it was cut off when a third vampire approached me and placed her hands on either side of my face. She stared me in the eye, and I felt a small poke in my abdomen. That small poke grew and grew until a large shard of glass was filing me to the brim. I threw my head back and screamed even louder as the unknown object continued to expand in my body.

My vocal cords began to emit different sound patterns in an attempt to help my sisters locate me. She let me go, and my arms clamped around myself as if the pressure would keep me from exploding. She lifted her hand and an orb like ball floated over her palm. It grew the size of a basketball, and I felt it in me. I screamed louder and arched my back as my nails gripped the floor. My throat dried out, and I felt my tail reluctantly separate into two legs; my body became dehydrated from the effort of trying to survive. My eyes blurred closed when two cold hands gripped each of my cheeks, and I blacked out just as I felt my head twist in an unnatural way.

Jane POV

I relished in her screams, and told Lisa to end her with my eyes. She complied and a sharp screech came from the girl's body after Lisa ripped her head from her body. I looked at Aro and smiled, thrilled from the fact that we finally managed to breed a vampire who could end the mermaid race. I heard another screech, and my eyebrows furrowed. I looked to the deceased mermaid and heard another screech followed by several hundred.

I dashed to the window upstairs and leaned out in surprise. Head after head appeared from the ocean, each pair of eyes filled with anguish and malevolence. I swallowed tightly when I scanned my eyes over them to count how many we were up against. I stopped as soon as the number hit a thousand five hundred and ninety six. I ran to Aro, but before I could reach him, he was out the window at the shore. I blinked, and the guard was surrounding him as well as the family and even the defense. I threw my body out the window and landed against my brother, his eyes hiding the slight nervousness I knew he felt.