Author's Notes: I do not own Doctor Who, the Doctor, Donna, Amy, Rory or anyone else who might show up. So, welcome again. This is the sequel to Planet of the Gingers, sequel to An Uninvited Ginger, sequel to Ginger Christmas, sequel to Regarding Mrs Smith... You don't have to read those, I'm going to refer to them, but the plot's not going to hang on it. So, this is just a taste, but I hope you enjoy it and please let me know what you think.

Also, I don't know if I need to say this but I'm going non-Canon in regards to the whole River situation. I feel like I pretty much went non-canon on like everything I write, I don't know. Just letting you know.

When one married a time travelling alien, one acknowledged certain things, at least if she wanted to maintain her sanity.

One was that he didn't always know where his ship was going. Yeah, that whole, "Anywhere, any-when" bit was a nice idea and probably a good pick-up line, but it didn't actually happen that way.

The second was that women were always going to make eyes at him. They probably wouldn't if they had seen some of his other incarnations, but this one was possessed of a certain charm and sexiness. Donna had to get used to that. It had taken a while but she had done it. The time she had met Rose Tyler had been pretty irritating the way the blonde had walked in and just assumed the Doctor was hers. Donna had been pretty busy that day, what with the universe ending, worrying about her Time Baby and the fact that her head almost blew up. Besides, it wasn't as if Rose was coming back anytime soon. At any rate, she knew the Doctor was hers.

Donna had happily made compromises. She had finally realized after the metacrisis and a few episodes of Oprah that she was destined for this life and the Doctor. She had always been a temp because no career could ever be this brilliant. She had never had a family because Zara and Chloe- if the Doctor would just stop arguing with her over that name!- and any other Ginger Time Babies were the children she was always meant to have. She had never married because the only man, well, spaceman, who could ever be enough for her admittedly stringent requirements was the Doctor. And yeah, she was the one who was meant to save the universes.

She had made one demand. Just one demand. One perfectly reasonable little request that she was certain her friends back on Earth took for granted.

She didn't want to give birth in a space cave.

Yet, where was she?

Space cave.

Secretly, Donna had known it would go down like this.

Okay, she wasn't in a space cave, per se, but the TARDIS was parked in a definite space cave and there was some bloody "Forever Fountain" and who had brought them here with the Psychic Paper? River Bloody Song. What the hell was that name? Were her parents hippies? Donna had some other questions for River's parents, such as why their daughter had arrived on the TARDIS in stripper heels and pranced around as if she knew the place. Then Amy and Rory had gone with them.

This was her bloody fault. Who did she think was constantly calling the Doctor to save her life? Meanwhile, Donna was in here with no company but Zara and Esther.

Which was just flipping great, because Donna was in labor.

If she made it through this, she was going to kill the Doctor.