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Also, I made reference to something that happened in Scandal In The Library if you can't figure it out later.

There was nothing quite like realizing you were a mum for the first time.

Though Donna supposed that realizing you were mum to two was giving it a very close, very lovely second.

That was the adjective she could think of to best describe Chloe: lovely. She was already starting to see bits of her personality, ways that she was different than Zara. For one thing, other than that first bit of crying, she was quiet, which made Donna wonder where the hell she came from for a bit. It had to be somewhere on the Doctor's side of the family. Where Zara demanded nursing and attention, Chloe took things as they came. She was observant, Donna knew that already. She was already moving her head to have a look around, trying to work out who all these people were to her and what was going on with this ship? The TARDIS had already provided Chloe with low, quiet hums and a soft display of light as greeting. Chloe had almost seemed startled, but certainly not upset.

They were in the big bed. The Doctor was asleep on his side, as if he had any right to be tired. She would get him for it later, preferably by giving Zara sweets and locking herself in the bathroom and soaking in the tub for the duration of the sugar rush and having the TARDIS turn up the music so she could drown out repeated whining of "Do-nna..." Donna had put a Moses basket in the middle, but for now she held Chloe in her arms, loving the new, wriggling feel of the baby, taking in her scent.


Donna looked in the doorway of the nursery to see Zara standing in it, with big, sad eyes as she watched Donna rocking the new baby.

"Sweetheart, come here..."

Zara approached. Donna shifted the baby to one side and motioned for Zara to come next to her, pushing the basket further over. She climbed up.

"What's wrong?," asked Donna. "Have a bad dream?"

Zara looked at Chloe.

"Ah," said Donna.

"Baby staying?"

Donna smiled. "What? You don't want to keep her?"


Donna feigned shock. "You don't think she would be any fun?"


"But you started out like this," said Donna, "with tiny feet and tiny little hands. See?" Donna unwrapped a bit of the blanket to show them to Zara as the little girl reached out to touch them. "I know she's tiny and doesn't seem like she'll do much, but maybe if we kept her around, you might be able to play with her someday. You're so clever, Zara, I bet you could teach her so much."

Donna realized the Doctor had pushed the Moses basket aside and was staring at her.

"What are you looking at?"

"My ginger girls." He sat up, pulling Zara against him to look at Chloe. "I think we ought to give her a chance, Zara. We don't even have anyone to pawn her off to..."

"Doctor..." said Donna.

He smiled. "Besides, she's grown in Mummy all this time and Mummy has grown quite attached to her, just as she did you. If we took Chloe away, it would be just like taking you away, wouldn't it?"

Zara didn't seem to care for the comparison or the logic. She did however have to relent to her mummy's pleading expression.

"Keep baby," she said reluctantly.

Donna let out a dramatic sigh and smiled. "Well, that is a relief."

"Quite," agreed the Doctor.

Something else about Chloe.

She liked to walk.

In fact, she started crying and was about to disturb Zara when Donna decided to take her for a walk around the TARDIS as the others slept. Donna hoped the ship would keep her from waking the others- Ianto in particular seemed as if he needed a good night's rest- and the ship lowered the lights along their path, eventually leading them to the console room.

Where Donna was quite surprised to see River Song at the controls.

"What are you doing?," demanded Donna.

"Don't worry. I'll be out of your hair soon."

"Stop pushing things!"

"It's alright. We've landed."

"We've landed?" Donna hadn't heard the TARDIS make so much as a peep.

"We certainly have."

River walked out the doors and Donna followed her.

There was a long tunnel, thunder and lightning Donna could see through the narrow windows and was that a cell?

"What the hell is this place?," asked Donna.

"Home sweet home," said River, walking in the cell. She took her diary out of her pocket and put it on the bed. "Lovely to visit again. It certainly wasn't a boring trip."

Donna looked around, trying to figure the place out.

"You know," said River, "your family worships the ground you walk on. You're lucky in that."

"What do you know about my family?," asked Donna. "Who are you?"

"Someone who could never live up to you, which I suppose you must have known for quite a while."

Donna's worst nightmare confirmed. "You and the Doctor..."

"No." She laughed.

"What? Now we're supposed to be friends or something?"

"No," said River. "That's never going to happen."


"There's something you're not telling me."

The Doctor and Jack emerged from the TARDIS.

"Why did you land the TARDIS?," the Doctor asked Donna.

"I didn't," said Donna.

"Are we in a Stormcage?," asked Jack.

"What's a Stormcage?," asked Donna.

"It's a prison," said the Doctor. He looked at River. "You're in prison. What are you in prison for?"

"She's in prison!," exclaimed Donna. She clutched Chloe. "I just walked my baby into a prison..."

"I killed a man," said River.

The Doctor, Donna and Jack all froze.

"The greatest man I've ever known," said River.

"Okay, we're going now," said Donna. "Going!"

"Right," said the Doctor, turning to follow. "Uh, see you next time..."

Jack grinned at River, she grinned back. "Until next time," said Jack.

"Not scared off?," asked River.

"I dare you," said Jack.

River watched as the TARDIS began to disappear.

Simultaneously, a glowing form appeared next to it and seemed to be looking at the TARDIS. River jumped up from her cot to take a closer look.

The form spoke in a disembodied female tone. "Doctor! Doctor, stop!"

The TARDIS disappeared completely.

"It's you, isn't it?," River said to the figure.

The figure turned to see River.

"Who are you?," the figure asked.

River couldn't make out any features on the figure, but she had a suspicion.

"It is you," she said. "You stupid bint."

"Who are you?," it repeated, sounding more anxious.

"You don't know me, but we're meeting soon."

The figure disappeared and River walked back to her cot, took out her diary and added the glowing form to the latest entry.

Martha was slightly shocked that Donna was going through the drawers in her room as Chloe laid in the sling. Zara was bouncing on Martha's bed and seemed to think the whole thing was quite funny.

"It's a blue book," said Donna. "I left it in here. In your night table! You didn't see it at the Medusa Cascade?"

"No," said Martha. "I haven't seen anything like that. What is it?"

"I put it in here in case I needed to know what that woman was up to..." said Donna. She looked at the ceiling of the TARDIS. "And I need to know!"

"I've never seen a blue book," said Martha. "Wait. Do you mean the one Doctor Song was holding?"

"Yes, well, no, not that one, the same one just from later."

"Donna..." said Martha. She grabbed Zara to still her and the jumping stopped. "Donna, what are you trying to tell me? You had River Song's diary, but from later? You mean like the future?"

Donna groaned.

"Are you allowed to do that?," asked Martha.

"Donna!," they heard the Doctor call.

Donna looked squarely at Martha. "We never had this conversation."

Before Martha could respond, the Doctor entered.

"Oh, good! There you are! Listen, I thought we'd drop the Torchwood lot off in Cardiff and then we would drop Amy and Rory in Leadworth."

"Yeah," said Donna, "sounds great."

The Doctor plucked Zara up off the bed and gave her a kiss. "Then to London!"

"London!," shouted Zara.

"Oi, don't get too excited... We still have to see your gran..."

The Doctor carried Zara off. Donna followed, then Martha.

Rory looked at Amy chatting with Jack and Ianto, wondering if this trip had been a total waste. Now, it was over. Back to normal life. Back to Leadworth and Amy would probably be back to Jeff.

The Doctor entered with Zara and put her in the jump seat which now had two baby seats. The Doctor began programming the controls as Martha and Donna entered.

"Here we are," said the Doctor, "back to twenty-ten. Not a bad year."

He flipped the last control and the TARDIS lurched uncontrollably. Everyone grabbed ahold of the railing.

"What are you doing?," the Doctor shouted at the TARDIS.

"What setting is this?," asked Amy. "Extra rough?"

The ship continued to shake. Martha moved to keep Donna from crashing into the railing with the baby as Chloe wailed. Ianto moved towards the jump seat to hold Zara's baby seat still as Jack made his way to the console.

"What did you do to her?," shouted Jack.

"Nothing!," exclaimed the Doctor.

"That does it! I'm killing you!," shouted Donna.

Rory realized that Amy was holding her hand over his on the railing.

Suddenly, the TARDIS stopped and the only sound was Chloe's wailing. Donna moved to soothe her and glared at the Doctor.

"What was that for?," shouted Donna.

"I'm sorry," said the Doctor. "I don't know what happened."

"Where are we?," asked Jack.


"Oh, God, he doesn't know," said Donna.

"You don't know?," shouted Rory.

"Well, it's not my fault! Something threw the TARDIS off course! Some sort of disturbance in the Time Vortex..."

They all looked at the door.

"What's out there?," asked Martha.

The Doctor walked out the door to find a tall woman with dark hair in Regency attire holding a copy of Shakespeare's sonnets in a richly furnished living room.

"Who are you?," she asked haughtily. "And how did you get in my house?"

The Doctor looked back at the anxious team on the TARDIS.

"So, spaceman, where are we?," asked Donna.

"Good news, Donna, it's not a space cave."

Author's Notes: I know, a lot of questions. Look for the sequel soon which is as yet untitled. Thanks for reading!