Bonnie found herself walking through a familiar scene, one she had seen many times in her dreams; it was the place where all the witches in her family had been buried. She continued to walk through the scattered head stones of the buried witches and the light fog that covered the ground and once again came across the coffin that had been spelled shut.

The witch tried her luck at opening it but of course it didn't budge. Bonnie tossed a quick look around, wondering if Klaus would be here like he always was and she paused at the sound of footsteps behind her, the sound of leaves crunching under the pressure of the person's shoes. Slowly, she turned around and expected to see Klaus like she had so many times before but she was wrong. She didn't know who the man was; she had never seen him before in her life.

"Who are you?" She demanded to the unknown male.

He never replied to her, he only smiled and she let out a gasp of surprise when he used vampire speed to be right in front of her in under a second. While he was close to her, she managed to get a better look at him. He was very attractive. He had to be between five eleven and six feet tall and had hair that was slightly spiked at the front and was a type of ashy brown colour. His eyes were a gorgeous brown colour and he was wearing an old style suit.

"I can help you," he whispered to her and brought his hand up to cup her cheek. Bonnie closed her eyes and leant into his hand. She opened her eyes when she felt the hand leave her face and she froze in shock. The man had disappeared and now Klaus stood in front of her.

"Figured it out yet?" he asked with his signature smirk on his face. Bonnie felt the fear well up in her stomach when veins started to appear around his darkening eyes and his fangs started to descend. She let out a high pitched shriek as Klaus' fangs pierced the skin on her neck.

Bonnie screamed as she shot up in her bed, panting and covered in sweat, she looked over to her clock on the table next to her bed and fell back onto the comfy mattress with a heavy sigh. These dreams had to stop.

Klaus and Elijah stood in front of the four coffins. One of the four was empty and the others contained their three remaining siblings, Rebekah, Kol and Finn. Klaus had managed to convince his elder brother, Elijah, to keep Rebekah in her coffin. He couldn't have Rebekah telling them all of his lies, so he had convinced Elijah that Rebekah would be safer in the coffin then out and about.

Both Original brothers went and opened two of the coffins, Elijah opening Finn's and Klaus opening Kol's, and with a mental count to three, they both pulled the daggers out of their brothers. They placed the daggers on the nearby desk and placed a fresh blood bag in each coffin for when they woke.

All that was left to do now was wait, and hope everything worked out.

It had been quite a long time before he had spoken to his two brothers and he would be lying if he said he were not nervous about them returning and if he wasn't already nervous enough, it was not helping that Elijah was sitting across from him and staring at him. Klaus was not naïve enough to not consider Elijah to be a threat to him, which is the reason he put the dagger in him in the first place. If there was anyone in this world that could defeat him, it was the vampire seated across from him looking ready to attack at any given moment.

The sounds of a sharp intake of breath and panting are what broke the two brothers out of their staring competition, and shortly after another intake of breath was heard.

They were now both awake, and they weren't very pleased.

"Stefan! Damon!" Bonnie called out as she walked into the boarding house. Stefan had texted her earlier and told her he needed her help with a plan he had come up with.

"Judgey," Damon greeted her as he walked into the room, "Stefan's in the study," he told her. Bonnie nodded and began to make her way to the study.

Bonnie knocked once on the partially open door as a warning before entering. "What's the plan?" she asked. Since Stefan had returned from his rendezvous with Klaus and he began working with her, she had dropped the pleasantries with him. He wasn't the same Stefan she used to know. The only common goal they had was to take down the Originals.

"I need you to do a spell for me," he said, not looking up from the book he was flicking through.

Typical, she thought to herself and rolled her eyes a little. "What for?"

"I need to know what Klaus is planning, and the only way I can do that is to watch over him but he'll probably sense me hanging around," he started and threw the book onto the table, landing with a loud 'thud'. "That is where you come in," he said and got up from his chair, "I need you to do a spell that will make me invisible to the Originals."

Bonnie thought for a moment, then nodded her head in agreement. "Okay, I think I'll be able to come up with something. I'm sure there is a spell for that in one of the grimoires I have."

"Let me know what you find!" Stefan called out as she left the room.

She made her way to the front door but was stopped by Damon, "Elena told me about your dream," he said. "She said you dreamt of Klaus and another guy? You don't know who the other is?"

Bonnie shook her head, "I've been thinking about it all day, I'm sure that I've never met him...but he did look a little familiar. Like he could be related to someone I've met," she said to Damon.

A knock on the door broke them out of their conversation. As Damon opened the door Bonnie's eyes widened in shock when she saw Elijah standing there, she thought he was still in one of the coffins. "When you warned me about Klaus' plan I hid the fourth coffin but I also had time to take the dagger out of Elijah," Damon explained to Bonnie as Elijah walked through the door. "Speaking of the coffin, do you know what is inside it?" he questioned Elijah.

"I do," he replied, "But I think I'm going to let you find that one out on your own," he said. "Now, the real reason I am here. I understand you were the one that took the dagger out of me, yes?" he looked to Damon, who nodded with narrowed eyes, "so I am here to give you all a bit of a…warning. Klaus and I have taken the daggers out of our brothers."

"What about Rebekah?" Bonnie asked.

"Klaus has left the dagger in Rebekah, he believes she is safer in the coffin," he explained to them.

Damon smirked while Bonnie scoffed, "Of course he does," she mumbled. Both Damon and Bonnie knew the real reason why Klaus has kept Rebekah neutralised, and it was not to keep her safe.

It was nice to know that they still had leverage over Klaus, with the locked coffin and now the knowledge of know that Elijah and his siblings are unaware of Klaus murdering their mother.

It had been three days since Klaus and Elijah had taken the daggers out of their brothers and things had been running smoother then Klaus had expected. Finn had taken some anger out on him by thrusting a large wooden stake threw his heart and throwing him off the stairs of the mansion, sending him flying to the hard marble floor below. It even cracked his skull a little.

Kol however, went about his anger in a very different way. He had threatened that if Klaus pulled that stunt again that he would make sure the life of the Doppelganger would come to an end, and that had Klaus a little worried. It wasn't so much Elena that he cared about, he didn't a give a damn about her if he were honest. In fact, sometimes he found himself wishing that he could have been blessed with a Doppelganger that he actually found interesting. At least Katerina had a bit of personality, Elena was more boring than anything he had come across in his one thousand years of existence. But her blood was important to him, without that he could no longer create hybrids. So unfortunately, the Doppelganger had to remain safe.

Kol had always been very calculating; he would rather threaten someone or something rather then get his hands dirty. He was the type of vampire that would compel you to kill yourself rather than kill you himself. Kol would never really show you just how evil he could be, he'd done some things in the past that would make the devil cringe, but that was early on in their vampirism, all of them had gone through that. It was one of the unforeseen consequences.

Over the last three days, Klaus had gathered some of his hybrids to help Finn and Kol adjust to the modern world, helping them with all the gadgets and changed culture and it didn't take long for the two of them to pick it all up. His brothers were not stupid after all.

It also did not take long for one of them to bring up the question he had very much been dreading, why had he not taken the dagger out of Rebekah. Klaus tried his best to explain that he had taken the dagger out of their sister but the Doppelganger had managed to stab her with it a couple of weeks ago and that it would be much better for her to be safe in her coffin. Klaus could tell that neither brother was happy with the explanation, but they let it go. For now.

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