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The Doctor popped a chip into his mouth and stared out of the window in wonder. The rain hammered the bus mercilessly, and as the door opened to let more passengers on, a fierce, cold wind gave everybody a chill. The Doctor put an arm around Rose and she snuggled against him gratefully.

"Mum's gonna kill you if you don't eat tea." She teased, stealing a chip.

"Don't worry, I'll eat up. Even after Daleks, Slitheen and Cybermen, your mother is still the most terrifying thing in the universe-I wouldn't dare refuse dinner." He laughed.

"I'm sure she'd be glad to know that. Bloody hell," She muttered. "Hurry up mate, it's bloody freezing!" She shouted to the bus driver. There was a murmur of agreement from the other passengers, and the Doctor shook his head.

"And you say I'm rude..." He chuckled.

"There was need for it, I'm-" She stopped suddenly. She could have sworn she'd seen something on the phone of the person in front of her...something she'd seen before. She gulped.

"What's up?" The Doctor murmured, worried.

She glanced back to the phone, but it wasn't there. I must have been her imagination.

"Nothing, it's just-oh finally, they're closing the door. About time!" She shivered violently as the unseasonal chill, once again, coursed through her veins. The Doctor took off his brown coat and wrapped it round her carefully.

"You're gonna be the one who freezes to death now." She laughed, but she did not refuse it. It was very warm, and it smelt fabulous...

"What?-" The Doctor was cut off by a group of men, all dressed in black and yielding threatening, black guns, smashed the door of the bus and swiftly stepped onto the bus. The bus driver was astounded, and began shaking a podgy finger at them, asking them who the hell they thought they were.

One of the men, without turning his gaze, moved his gun and pointed it at the driver's head, and pulled the trigger.

A chord of guttural screams ensued from the people who now cowered behind seats. Rose stood up, and the Doctor moved a little in front of her, shielding her.

"Everybody remain calm. Give us what we want and we won't hurt you." One of the men said. He had mousey-brown hair, and empty grey eyes. The slight smirk on his face gave Rose the urge to go up to him and grab him by the throat.

"What did you do that for? He did nothing wrong!" She screamed. She had seen things like this happen before. It was usually aliens, or humans from way in the future. But to see this happen to her own kind, in her own home... it made it a million times worse. That innocent man probably had a wife and kids...

"He was disposable." The man replied calmly.

"Disposable?" The Doctor whispered angrily. One hand was in his pocket, obviously clutching his sonic screwdriver, and it was shaking violently.

"All we want is you." The man said, staring at the doctor, not blinking.

"No." Rose said. The Doctor turned to see tears streaming down her face, and she was looking directly at something on the man's coat, her eyes wide with panic and fear.

"The symbol." She whispered, her breathing hitching.

There was a small buzz and a flash of blue light, all the windows smashed. The Doctor grasped his sonic screwdriver tighter then grabbed Rose's hand, and shouted "Everybody out!"

Rose stood paralysed in panic. She watched as the Doctor helped people out, knowing that she had to do something.

"I'll help them, Doctor, you have to run!" She yelled, the tears falling from her eyes like waterfalls. "Just run Doctor, please, you have to run!" She felt like her throat was being ripped out as the desperate words escaped her quivering lips.

"Rose, I can't-" But he was cut off, as an arm grabbed his throat and pulled him backwards.

"Doctor!" Rose screamed. She lunged forward, but she was thrown backwards by strong arms. She felt rough hands grab her throat.

"Let us have him." A voice whispered in her ear.

"No!" She croaked, her voice coarse. She squirmed defiantly under his strong grip, but she couldn't get free. She felt something hard against her head, and realised with a wave of panic that it was a gun.

"You are disposable." The voice whispered even quieter. She continued to wrestle in vein-the man was too strong. The last thing she heard was the Doctor scream "NO!", his voice breaking into a sob, before there was a loud bang and everything went black.

"Rose, we're here...wake up..." The Doctor's voice drifted through the clouds that seemed to be filling her mind so much lately. " Rose..." She felt a hand on her cheek, and her eyes fluttered open.

The Doctor's face loomed above her, a contented smile on his lips. She was lying on his lap, with his coat wrapped around her. Stretching her arms, she sat up, realising that they were still on the bus. Had it all just been another bad dream...?

"Come on, we better go. I don't think he's too happy." The bus driver sat-very much alive-shaking a podgy finger at a teenager in a black hooded jacket, and the Doctor and Rose promptly got up and walked down the aisle, saying their thanks to the driver and stepping out into the rain.

Rose fumbled with the keys furiously, as the Doctor held his coat over their heads. Eventually, he gave up and used his sonic screwdriver, and it opened immediately. They rushed inside, laughing, although Rose still had a bitter after-taste of panic and fear. Stealing one quick kiss before hanging up his coat, he followed Rose into the kitchen.

"You two are soaking!" Jackie complained as they dripped water onto her kitchen floor.

"Have you looked outside recently Mum? It's worse than that planet where it rained almost every day, and the rain drops were the size of buckets. Worst date I've ever been on..." Rose giggled, elbowing the Doctor in the ribs playfully.

Jackie smirked in a I-told-you-so sort of way, and pulled out some black plates from the cupboard. "Put these on the table will you?" She passed them to Rose.

Rose took them in her hands and looked down at them with a small gasp.

They cluttered to the floor with a smash.

"Oh, Rose!" Jackie moaned, carefully manoeuvring her way to the cupboard, and pulling out a dustpan and brush.

"Rose?" The Doctor asked, wary.

She stood there, unmoving, staring at the shattered plates on the floor.

"Rose?" He asked again.

"It was the symbol." She whispered, a single tear escaping her eye.

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