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Author's Note: While this is my 2nd story I had written, timeline-wise it had to be the first one. At any rate, the story shows how the main characters of Disney's Gargoyles initially met the Road Rovers, with several subplots involving Bronx, Brooklyn and Hunter. I would personally rate this story a K+, for violence and some mild language.

Historian's Note: For "Road Rovers", this story occurs sometime after "A Day in the Life". For "Gargoyles", this story occurs sometime after The Goliath Chronicles episode,"Angels in the Night". Story #1 in a series.

From Bronx to Eldon, Part One:


A Road Rovers: Quick Strike story written by: That One Evil Writer

Prologue: Hindsight

It was a sunshiny day, but Eldon wasn't seeing any of it. As a matter of fact, currently, all that Eldon - who is currently a rottweiler anthromorph - could see was mortar, damaged bricks and twisted steel. And all Eldon could think is: 'I really should've seen this coming.'

It was the way his day begun. The air was fairly warm, the few birds (who has decided to make Road Rovers Forest their new home) were chirping along happily, their birdsong making the world seem a whole cheerful... to the point when Eldon first met up with Garret that early morning, Garret cheerfully waved at him (instead of the red fox Vulpo-Sapien's usual style of greeting to Eldon, which is Garret's attempt to beheaded Eldon). 'And that,' Eldon reflected, 'was the very first sign I should've just crawled back into bed and wait until tomorrow where the world would make more sense. But no... I just had to keep on going, didn't I?'

It was then that the Master had given both Eldon and Garret a mission (seeing that the two weren't fighting at all gave the Master high hopes about the success of two of them working together on this mission). That involves a chemical heist in New York City, with the apparent thief being seen glidng away from the scene. This lead Eldon to the (correct) assumption that is Demona... but why chemicals was one question he couldn't answer... save that whatever the reason, it will most likely not be good news for humanity or for the Clan.

And so, Eldon and Garret confronted Demona (or, rather "Dominique Destine" as Demona was in her human form) and stopped her from using the chemicals for whatever malevolent idea she had planned. While she was escaping, "Dominque" sic some guardbots on the two, while activating a self-destruct for the lab they were in. And while Garret escaped, Eldon found himself trapped by a particularly resistant guardbot. By the time Eldon finally defeated the guardbot, the world all around Eldon went a brilliant white... before descending into darkness.

Which lead to this point in time: Eldon, having recently "recovered" from the explosion, is pinned under several tons of rubble. Through the narrow openiings inbetween rubble, Eldon could see the remaining sunlight '...three hours until sunset. I hope I can hold out until then...' Just then, a voice broke into his internal musings... "Dingo! Are you still alive down there?"

'Oh I'm just absolutely fine,' Eldon grimaced, 'only have ten tons of stone crushing me. Nothing to worry about.' Briefly Eldon could hear the hopefulness coming from Garret's voice... as if he was hoping that the bomb did finished Eldon off for him. 'Well, I hate for him to not be disappointed...' "Oh, I'm just feelin' fine."

"Great," Garret couldn't keep the frustration out of his voice, and didn't even try. "Hunter and the other Alpha Rovers are on their way," There is a distinct pause before the red fox vulpo-sapien adds, "And they're going to contact the clan so they know what's going on. So sit tight." Another break before he calls back down to Eldon with a distinguishable undercurrent of dark humor in his tone, "Don't... die on us, all right?"

Eldon growls darkly up at Garret's retreating steps. 'If I could see you, Kit, I'll show you how I feel about that joke...' before wincing. 'Well, this is another fine mess you got yourself into Bronx,' he berates himself, 'At least, it's better than the incident that brought the clan and the Alpha Rovers together...' And since he has nothing better to do, Eldon begins to recall that week...

A/N: As you can see, I've completely revamped the opening scene/prologue, due to the fact that either a) The Road Rovers must be so Super Forgiving to the point that they kept a Rover who has knowingly worked with a villain while as a Road Rover or b) The Road Rovers are filled with idiots who keep known associates of villains in their ranks. Yeah (in my defense, I was young and most definitely stupid and a newb when it comes to writing Fan Fiction) o.o

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