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Five years later

Arthur raises an eyebrow at Morgana as she grins fiendishly at him across the table. The candlelight and the red walls of the restaurant make her look exotic, even more glamorous than usual.

Uther sips his wine, oblivious to the silent conversation going on between his two children.

Merlin sits beside Arthur, a soothing presence. Spending time with Uther always makes Arthur jittery and uncomfortable, as though his skin doesn't fit right.

Arthur twists the silver ring on the third finger of his left hand, a nervous gesture. His eyes drop to Merlin's slender hands, the matching ring catching the light as he lifts his fork to his mouth.


"So how's the new job going, Merlin?" Uther asks. "It must be nice to finally have an income."

"Good thanks," Merlin replies. "It's challenging but I'm enjoying it."

Uther nods his approval. Merlin has recently qualified as a solicitor and this is apparently a career choice that's worthy of Uther's respect. "You'll be able to afford to move to a better flat soon then, or even look at buying somewhere," he suggests.

"Maybe." Merlin's non-committal.

Arthur grinds his teeth. His teacher's salary only stretched to a small flat in a decidedly shabby part of London while Merlin was still studying.


Uther enquires about Arthur's job too, polite as always. But his lack of interest is clear as usual. Morgana mercifully steers the conversation into safer waters and Arthur sags a little in relief as the spotlight is deflected.

Arthur knows that he's not lived up to any of his father's expectations. Most of the time Arthur doesn't actually give a shit. He's living his life, making his own choices and he's happy - happier than he ever believed he could be.

But Uther always manages to piss on his bonfire with his subtle barbed comments, seemingly designed to sting, but not so much that Arthur can justify causing a scene by challenging him.


It's not worth trying to explain to Uther that money and status isn't everything - because to Uther, they are.

His father can't understand that Arthur's happy with his job, teaching history in a second-rate public school and coaching the rowing team.

He might not earn a fortune, but he loves the kids he works with and he couldn't imagine ever being happy in an office job. He doesn't want to go for head of department yet, and the idea of being in the senior management team makes him a little queasy. Paperwork has never been Arthur's strong point.


It doesn't bother Arthur in the slightest that Merlin will probably be earning twice as much as him in a few years.

They've talked about the possibility of having kids eventually. And when that time comes, Arthur's happy for Merlin to be the main breadwinner for a while, so that Arthur can work part-time, or even have a break for a couple of years if needs be.

Morgana is showing no signs of ever reproducing. So Arthur's hoping that the prospect of a grandchild (albeit an Emrys-Pendragon) might smooth things over when Arthur has to explain his career break to Uther.


Merlin's hand finds Arthur's knee under the table and squeezes as Uther takes an unbearably long time finishing up his coffee at the end of the meal and fussing over the bill.

Uther insists on paying, as always, and they know better than to argue with him.

Merlin and Arthur walk to the tube. It's just a few stops down the Victoria line for them and saves forking out for a taxi.

The relief of being outside, away from Uther's oppressive presence makes Arthur feel giddy. On the platform he pulls Merlin into a tight hug, nuzzling into the warmth of his neck.


"I'm sorry my dad's such a git," he murmurs.

Merlin's hands grip his belt loops, holding him close like an anchor. He brushes his lips over Arthur's cheek. "He's not so bad. It could be a lot worse."

"You're just saying that because you're in his good books now, Mr High-flying Solicitor."

"I'm not sure that my career quite offsets any remaining issues he still has with the fact that I'm fucking his son," Merlin points out. "But it doesn't hurt that he's found something to approve of now, at least."

"I suppose," Arthur still feels morose.


They sit close on the tube and Arthur takes Merlin's hand, lacing their fingers together.

"He's like a sodding dementor," he grumbles. "He always manages to suck the happiness right out of me every time I see him."

Merlin leans in close, his breath warm on Arthur's ear as he mutters.

"Well, when we get home I'll suck the happiness back in for you, okay?"

Arthur's delighted burst of laughter makes a couple of teenage girls in front of them turn in surprise. They giggle when they see Merlin leaning in close to Arthur, kissing his cheek. Arthur just grins at them and they look away quickly.


Back at their flat they let themselves in and hurry up the shared stairwell. Arthur slaps Merlin's hands away as he tries to grope his arse while Arthur fumbles with his key in the lock.

"Just let me get the fucking door open would you? Once we're in the privacy of our flat you can have free rein with my arse."

"Fuck," Merlin only squeezes harder. "When you say it like that it sounds like the best idea ever."

"Mer-lin," Arthur growls, pressing back into Merlin's hands despite himself. "Not helping!"

"Oh, give me the sodding key. You have to tug the handle towards you as you turn... there!"


Five minutes later Arthur's spread out on the bed with his prick in Merlin's willing mouth, and he's feeling pretty fucking happy again. All thoughts of needing to please his father have been forgotten.

"Fuck... Merlin," he bucks his hips up, his cock bottoming out in Merlin's throat. Merlin just hums and sucks harder, twisting the three fingers that are deep in Arthur's arse.

Arthur grabs Merlin by the hair and pulls him off. "I want your cock," he gasps. "Now!"

"You only have to ask," Merlin smirks, removing his fingers with a squelching sound.

He pushes Arthur's legs back to his chest and enters him in one swift thrust.


It's fast and furious and perfect.

Arthur comes within minutes as Merlin slams into him relentlessly. He barely needs to touch himself, his orgasm fucked out of him by Merlin's cock, leaving him limp and covered in his own cum.

Merlin follows shortly after, stilling and twitching deliciously inside Arthur as he fills him up and then collapses onto the sticky mess between them.

"Better now?" he asks as Arthur wraps his arms around him.

"Mmhmm, magic cure," Arthur mutters, sleepy and fuck-drunk.

"My magic penis comes to the rescue again," Merlin sniggers and Arthur slaps him on the arse, groaning at the bad joke.


"We can't go to sleep like this," Merlin tries to wriggle out of Arthur's grip a little later.

"Speak for y'self," Arthur protests sleepily, trying to hold onto him.

"We'll be glued together in the morning," Merlin insists, untangling himself, his spent cock slipping wetly out of Arthur.

A few minutes later Arthur hears Merlin come back into the room, he's dimly aware of a warm flannel cleaning his belly, his cock, his arse.

Then a little later, a chilly Merlin sneaks back into bed beside him, snuggling close, sapping his heat.

"Love you," Arthur rolls over, spooning around Merlin. "Ugh, your feet are cold."

"I love you too," Merlin whispers.


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