Chapter 5

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The Morning After

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The next morning Hermione woke up feeling more sated then she had in her whole life. However when she rolled over onto her back she winced and shot out of bed with a whelp of pain, running into the bathroom to see what was wrong with her back.

Ten seconds later Charlie was woken by a loud scream and opened his eyes to find a wand an inch from his nose.

"Why the hell is there a Hungarian Horntail tattooed onto my back, and why in the name of Merlin's lest testicle can I not charm it to go away, fade, shrink or move." Hermione's face was red with rage as she screamed at Charlie.

"You read the contract, you chose that not me, even if it was a subconscious decision." Hermione just started at him. Charlie sighed and continued."If you regretted it you would be untouched. If you enjoyed it you would be marked in a manner of your choosing. Obviously if the tattoo is non removable and that big you must have enjoyed it tremendously. Oh and the Horntail happens to be my favourite dragon out of the many I work with." His smirk was so perfect you could believe he had Malfoy blood in him.

"I can't believe I missed that in the contract I had hardly anything to drink either. What the hell was I thinking? Oh Charlie what am I going to do? I'm still with Ron, he's going to leave me over this" Hermione sank to her feet and began to quietly sob.

"Just tell him you got drunk and mad and you can't remember what happened. He's not going to force feed you veritaserum, you will be fine. You did help get Norberta to me so it's to like you have never had anything to do with one before. You are supposed to be the smartest witch of your age for Merlin's sake, make something up. It's not like you haven't told a lie before."

"I know that Charles" Hermione spat at him.

"I'm only trying to help, you signed the contract, and it's not my fault if you didn't read it. But if you are going to be like that I'm off" and with that he walked out of the bedroom and Hermione heard to portrait door slam behind him. She continued to cry

After several minutes of sobbing into the bedroom rug, Hermione decided that she really should go and eat some breakfast. After all the shocks of that morning it would not do to spend the day on an empty stomach no matter how sick she felt.

Going down to the great hall she met many weary eyed people and nodded to all of them. She really had to act like nothing had happened last night. She would have to make up with Ron and everything had got to go back to normal as quick as possible. However she knew she couldn't be intimate with him until she got that dammed tattoo of her back. How she was going to manage that she would never know, but for everyone's sake she had to do it.