Ok so this is something that I wrote ages ago and found on my machine today, I've just had an English oral exam and I feel the need to spend the rest of my free period doing something completely unrelated to work!

Sky sat up slowly, she just could not sleep. She looked at the silhouette of the man in the bed beside her and smile gently to herself. As quietly as she could she got up and headed down stairs in her pyjamas.

After a few minutes aimless wandering Sky found herself walking through a door into the brightly lit kitchen of the TARDIS. She made her way over to the fridge and opened the door to reveal every kind of food under the sun (and several other stars). After a moments deliberation she pulled out two packets, grabbed a bowl from the cupboard and sat down at the breakfast bar to eat.

A sleeping Doctor rolled over in bed and suddenly shot bolt upright, something was not right. A very large something was missing and it took less than a second to work out what. He got out of bed and pulled a t-shirt on over his thoroughly rumpled hair before walking slowly out of the bedroom door.

Sky looked up as the Doctor walked through the door; she smiled as he walked over a loving look on his face. He placed one hand on her swollen stomach and leaned in to kiss her over the bowl balanced on her bump. Pulling out of the kiss he looked at Sky,

"So what brings you two down here in the middle of the night?" he asked gently still standing over her.

"Oh well, you know. We couldn't sleep and the cravings got the better of me!" Sky let out a twinkly laugh. The Doctor smiled and attempted to dip one of his fingers into the bowl. It was swatted away by Sky with a mock scowl,

"Just because you are the cause of the planet I appear to have swallowed, what makes you think I will let you have any of my fish-custard?"

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