Feb 29
It's hard to take over the world when you sleep 20 hours a day.
Darby Conley

Leroy Jethro Gibbs stalked back into the squad room, fresh cup of coffee clutched in his hand, and glanced around his bullpen. He had forbidden his team from leaving until they'd completed the paperwork on the Avery case.

Ziva and McGee were missing. No surprise there – the two of them had been slaving away all afternoon in an attempt to leave before midnight; they had probably dumped their files on his desk and fled before he could assign them more work. Earlier, he had watched them labor away as he had slowly but surely completed his own paperwork, glancing up from his computer screen every now and then to keep an eye on everything.

That DiNozzo was still in the squad room was no surprise either. The young man had been playing around all afternoon, delighting in distracting his teammates. No amount of headslaps or glares or offers from Ziva to disembowel him with a paperclip had affected him. Even the arrival of Jenny had simply led to DiNozzo staring at her legs and earning a headslap from her.

Now he was asleep on his desk. Despite the situation, Gibbs allowed himself a smile. Clearly he needed a nap. And anyway, everyone knew Tony did his best work at night.