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Ben walked silently through the empty corridors. They had once been a small museum, a place where great people were remembered. Holograms and pictures hang on the walls but Ben had never seen any of them before. Next to every hologram someone had put a small textbox with information of the certain persons.

It was a pity that even this place was affected by the bombing and fighting. The walls to the left were ruined and ash covered everything in thick layers. It wasn't many of the holograms that had survived the attack and the explosions.

His arm was stiff but he had at least gotten rid of the sling by now while his head still was heavily bandaged, but a little pain didn't stop his curiosity. He had tried to see the good things in losing his memory – there wasn't much he could come up with, but he tried – and he had quickly discovered that he enjoyed knowledge and learning new things. And now that everything was new to him, there were a lot of things to learn.

So for the moment he tried to explore the culture of Tyles-Nu. It wasn't exactly easy, but Tolly had been kind enough to show him to what was left of the museum.

One of the pictures caught his eyes: it wasn't a hologram and had all its colors left. Ben carefully brushed away some ash and dust and straightened out the photo to take a good look at it.

It showed two men: the older one was tall and had long, brown hair and a beard on his sharp jaw with kind eyes twinkling in a smile. He had a hand on the shoulder of the shorter man, who was young enough to only be called a boy. His hair was light brown with a touch of ginger and was cut in spikes with a long braid dangling over the shoulder. Both men had light clothes and brown robes and some kind of metal bars at their hips.

Something about them seemed awfully familiar.

He took a look at the small textbox next to the photo and read:

"Jedi Knight Qui-Gon Jinn and his apprentice Obi-wan Kenobi.

They will always be remembered for their courage and help,

And for managing to stop a civil war before it broke out."

He narrowed his eyes in thought and looked at the photo a while longer. Jedi? What was that? He put the word on his mind and reminded himself to ask Tolly about it later on.

Ben continued walking forward, stepping over rubble and what once had been a wall and peeking out from a destroyed window. The sky was still filled with smoke and made it hard to see the sun, but he guesses he should hurry back to his temporary home. He had offered his help in rescuing people wounded or trapped because of the occasional flight attacks, and also helping to rebuild some of the houses in order to create protection from the explosions. Tolly had told him to get some rest or at least get away from work for a little while.

The corridor came to an end and Ben turned around to exit the building. Heavy footsteps could be heard and Ben stiffened. It wasn't the soft sound the people of Tyles-Nu made, it wasn't light footsteps of a child and the rhythm wasn't a civilian's unguarded walk. No, the footsteps came from heavy boots marching strictly and Ben didn't hesitate to leave the building.

Through a window, but that's irrelevant. He landed soundlessly on the street and hid himself in the shadows of an alley to avoid attention. He had been told by Seka to stay out of trouble and stay as far away from soldiers as possible, and while Ben didn't fully understand why he didn't question the bitter man. Ben had seen how the military treated everyone in their way and he didn't want to start a fight with any of them. Not to mention that he had seen them ruthlessly kill the local population when he first arrived to Tyles-Nu in his black starfighter. Another group of soldiers in white armors walked past him. Clone troopers was what Tolly had called them. He waited longer and didn't even move when the troopers kicked down a door to enter a house, even though his fingers twitched in want of going to help. It was an abandoned house he reminded himself, no one would get hurt.

The last time he had tried to help a family get away from the clone troopers Seka had bodily stopped him and dragged him away, while threatening to do something very unpleasant to him if he did that again. If Ben protested against the Empire's soldiers it would be seen as treachery, and thus Tolly and Seka's makeshift hospital would be ruined because of Ben.

He couldn't do that to them.

Instead he hurried back to the hospital to see if he could offer his help to someone.

He didn't have to look for someone to help; Seka almost run over him in his haste. A house had finally collapsed and trapped a family under the debris. Now Seka and a couple of other men tried to figure out how to get to the family without crushing them. The building moaned and wavered, dangerously close to giving away completely. Inside someone was crying and Ben could feel the fear oozing from the family.

"We can't go in without crashing it," one of the men hissed.

"I know that," Seka snapped back and peered down between the twisted logs. The family was underneath all that and to put it frankly, nobody quite expected them to survive. Ben cautiously looked at the structure before bending down.

"I'll go," he said.

"Don't be an idiot," Seka snarled. "You'd never make it; the only thing you'll succeed in is getting them killed."

"I didn't ask for permission," Ben replied and instead of wasting any more time he slipped down. The space between the logs was terrific small and had Ben been just a little bit bigger or broader around the shoulders he wouldn't have managed to squeeze through. Seka was angrily ranting behind him but Ben paid him no attention. He balanced on the debris and slowly moved forward. One little misstep and the building above him would come crashing down on his head.

The light aura around him tingled and led him a little bit closer to the left. He could hear a hushed voice trying to comfort someone and he crept closer on all four. There; about two meters down were a man and a woman with two children hunched together.

"Hello there," he said and tried his best to sound calming. They flinched and looked up, relief clear in their eyes. "Don't worry, I will get you out of here."

He scanned the area; it would be a tight fit and only the children would be able to get out this way. There had to be some way he could move at least one of the logs to the side. The first one he tried to move was stuck and didn't even bulge. The second was the complete opposite but caused a wave of dust and small debris to fall down the second he touched it. Not the best choice.

After a few minutes of gentle prodding and occasionally holding his breath he succeeded in making the hole bigger.

"The children first," the father said and forced himself to stand upright. His leg was bloody and didn't support his weight at all. Still he lifted his daughter and Ben reached down to take her. Her face was pale under the dirt and she clutched tightly at his sleeves. She couldn't be more than five, maybe six. Next came her brother who was only a few years older and immediately took hold of his sister's hand. Their knuckles whitened from the force in their tight grip.

The mother hesitated for a brief second before taking Ben's outstretched hand and letting herself be pulled up.

"His leg I broken, he can't climb up," she whispered and pushed a stray lock of hair behind her ear. "And you can't pull him up without damaging him more."

"It's fine," the husband reassured in a tight voice. Ben put a reassuring hand on the woman's shoulder before slipping down to stand right next to the man.

"Milady, you will have to help him up," Ben said towards the woman before crouching down and putting his hands in front of him. He motioned to the man to step up and let Ben push him upwards. It wasn't easy with one leg useless and the man was both taller and broader than Ben had expected. Once Ben had helped the man up and the woman pulled him towards her his shoulders were dangerously scraping against the edges.

He let out his breath when the whole family was out from the hole before climbing up after them.

"You have to be very careful", he told them in a low voice. The woman nodded and picked up the little girl to set her on the hip. With the other hand she held the boy's hand and Ben was left with supporting the man's weight. Then they started to slowly move forward and they made it all the way to the first logs where Ben first had squeezed through. Light spilled in and made them squint, but Ben could see the people outside.

It had been tight for Ben… But then how would the other man be able to get out? Those who were on the outside saw the problem and cautiously moved closer to help. It was then they ran out of luck. It could have been the men standing outside, it could have been one of the family members or even Ben who made a slight mistake, but it didn't really matter who it was. The building shook and debris started raining down on them. Both Ben and the man were showered in it and something must have hit his head because everything turned hazy.

He looked up and saw the lobs starting to fall down, heard someone scream and automatically threw up a hand in front of him…

And suddenly it stopped.

Everything stood still and nobody dared to move, not even blink.

"Go!" Ben forced out and only halfheartedly pushed the man to limp towards the exit. Some part of him knew what he was doing, but most of him was shocked into silence. The debris started falling again and the light urgently whispered to him.

He gritted his teeth and focused all his willpower on stopping the building from crashing and fell to his knees. It stopped. Someone grabbed his arms and hauled him out – when did the exit get bigger?- and the moment everyone was out he let the building collapse. It caused a big cloud of dust to blow up in their faces but the small crowd was cheering.

Ben was sitting on the ground with a confused frown on his face and someone was hugging him, thanking him for saving their lives. What did he just do?

No one seemed to pay any heed to what he just did and focused instead on the fact that he had saved the family. No one except for one.

Seka pulled him up by his collar and leaned in close.

"What the hell was that?"

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