-This fanfiction will be composed of several ficlets and short pieces for many different pairings-

Lust (B26)-

Grinning widely, the prince reached out, and as his long, slender fingers traced over the smooth, lavender markings beneath Fran's eyes, he could see the affection shining within his boyfriend's blank stare. "Ushishi... what a pretty boy you are, my Froggy," he husked, caressing the other's cheek. Fran continued to remain silent, but his entire body trembled with anticipation as Bel began to play with his jacket, unbuttoning it with a slow seductivenes that could only be born of a prince. He knew what was coming. He wanted it.

Longing (6918)-

Mukuro walked into the Japanese-styled room, and, sinking down onto the futon that his songbird lied on, he smirked at the precious sleeping face, but refrained from touching it. He knew that if he were to brush even a finger over those gentle lips, Hibari would awaken, and the mood would be ruined. Heaving a small sigh, he rested his head in his hands, and continued to watch. The sun broke over the horizon, and his sharp gray eyes opened in an instant. But in that single moment... all Mist had cleared.

Dissatisfaction (XS)

Squalo snorted when Xanxus had turned his back on him. Even though he could appreciate that Xanxus had agreed to become more than just his boss, he felt that they were still not as intimate as he would've liked. He wanted to be truly closer to Xanxus, and be able to say something kind without throwing in a swear. The shark walked up to the older man, and reached his hand out, about to touch the older man, when he recoiled. The relationship was fragile enough as it was.

Accepted (5980)

When the taller man's arm was draped around his shoulders, Gokudera could no longer prevent his blush. All of that wasted time, chasing after a straight boy, he could hardly wait to experience what everyone else seemed to already be familiar with- love. And as he looked into the chocolate-brown eyes, he decided that it would all be all right. If Yamamoto could appreciate him, he could appreciate life. And he hadn't raised a cigarette to his lips in three weeks.

Destroyed (10069)

"Now, Mukuro-kun... are you going to be a good boy for me?" Mukuro shuddered as the albino man husked out the sentence that concealed a thousand threats in it, then closed his eyes, and nodded vigorously. His body and mind had been broken by brutal torture, and he could no longer think about his pride, should it bring more pain to his weakened body. "Haha, Mukuro-kun... what a beautiful face you have... look up at me..." Mukuro glanced up at Byakuran, but couldn't open his right eye. "Aw, does it hurt? I always did regret having to destroy that pretty red eye of yours... but at least you still have your lips, ne?" When Byakuran leaned down and kissed him, Mukuro couldn't bring the effort to push him back. Besides... it... kind of felt good.

Greed (VB[26])

Mammon blushed darkly when Bel kissed his cheek, but he knew that breaking the curse wasn't enough to allow him to have the prince. His lifespan was still considerably cut down, and he didn't want to hurt Belphegor, his one true love. But there was no doubt that he would leave this world before Bel even had a chance to find out how much the former Arcobaleno loved him. And by taking away Bel, he was just causing the boy in the shadows more pain. The child who had watched and silently admired, putting on a mask of hatred so that no one could think he was jealous... Fran. Mammon then frowned, and wrapped his arms around Bel's neck. Screw it. He wanted his prince. No one else could have him. Not while he was alive to witness it.

Gently (B69)

Bel grinned widely when the illusionist approached him, and didn't lose the expression when Mukuro gripped his face in a gloved hand. "Now look here, you immature, pathetic excuse for a prince, I'm going to kill you if you make any more snide remarks, so you better shut your mouth before I shut it for you." The prince giggled quietly, then, thinking that there would only be one way to 'shut him up,' squished his body up into the illusionist's and kissed him, making sensual strokes down the illusionist's back as he did so. He couldn't help himself from insulting that pineapple, hadn't Mukuro heard that princes pick on the boys they like? No? Well, he was going to figure it out sooner or later, because he was already kissing back.

Like a Bird (8418)

Hibari held a finger to his lips, then walked over to the younger boy on the couch, before sitting down beside him, and leaning in. As he rested his head on the other's shoulder, he smirked, for Basil was already blushing. He moved lower, then rested his head in Basil's lap, and lied down fully, closing his eyes. "Uh... H-Hibari-dono, uhm... thou art... not supposed to... be so close..."

"Are you telling me what to do, herbivore?" Hibari returned, opening one eye and frowning. Basil hesitated, but then petted the other's head with small, soft hands.

"Sleep well... Hibari-dono." Hibari grinned again. He knew he would.

With Soul (6926)

Mukuro held the small body in his arms, and, smiling widely, whispered, "You did a great job, Fran... you were wonderful, especially for your lack of experience... truly amazing..." The younger man only fussed a little in his sleep, and nuzzled into the older's shoulder, murmuring something about his Master's pineapple. Mukuro sighed, and shook his head in response, before kissing the top of Fran's head. He could tell that together, he and Fran would be able to do anything.

Affinities (GiottoG)

The red-haired male did look rather sexy with damp hair, and only wearing a towel around his waist- that much was plain enough for Giotto to see. And so, with a small sigh, the Vongola Primo stood, and walked over to his right hand, then placed a hand on his shoulder. "G... I have an order for you to fulfill." G glanced back at his boss with questioning eyes, and Giotto couldn't stop himself from raking his eyes over the other's toned body and licking his lips. But then, G cleared his throat, and the Primo could remember what he wanted. Staring into G's eyes, he smiled, and husked out, "I want you to kiss me." He could accept the blush on G's face as the other came in, and when their lips just barely brushed together, Giotto rolled his eyes, and took Giotto's head in his hands, pushing the other into a deeper kiss. It must've been the best order he'd ever given.

Rivalry (AlaudeSpade)

Alaude smirked when Spade hesitantly took his shirt off, and almost laughed when the older man began to blush. "I told you I could kick your ass at this game. You just wait... I'll soon have you right where I want you." He shuffled the cards once more, and laid them out, then selected one at random. Spade did the same, and Alaude glanced at his card, then paled. 'Oh, no way,' he thought. 'Did I... mess up?' The officer grunted, threw the ace of hearts down on the table, and took off his shirt, before throwing it to his side. "All right," he muttered, glancing back at Spade. The older man was unbuttoning his pants, even though he hadn't gotten the card that was meant to make him strip down. "Spade? Uh..." The other man sat back down, and stared back at Alaude with meaningful eyes. Suddenly, the officer got the message, and smirked. "All right. If that's how you want to play."

Enjoyment (D18)

"Man, Kyoya, I told you that this would happen...," Dino sighed, supporting the prefect with an arm around his shoulders. "Seriously, you know you're a terrible drinker, but no, you never listen to me. Ugh..." Hibari blinked slowly and allowed Dino to help support him, not making any comments on the fact that they had served him a drink that felt suspisciously like cherry blossoms. Although, while he was indigant on the matter, he could accept that he had drunk a glass or two too much, and the fact that he was still underage didn't exactly help his case. "... Y'know what? I'm going to take you back to my place, all right, Kyoya? It's too far a walk from here to Namimori Middle. 'Kay?" Hibari nodded, and grinned hazily. If Dino was planning anything, he felt that it was going to be a good night.

-End Collection 1

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