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Dark Cloud (1880)

"Takeshi," Hibari spoke softly as he saw the defeated body. "I'm sorry. I detest your personality, but I lust for your form." The prefect swept in, covering the other's body with his own, and he kissed along the bruised jawline, down to the throat, where he bit down hard. Yamamoto gasped, his chocolate brown eyes flying open as the skylark gave him an intense lovebite. "Yamamoto Takeshi," Hibari husked as he backed up, a smudge of blood on his lips. "Be prepared for an intense biting to death when I come back for you in ten minutes."

Wisps of Cloud (18D)

"Mm... mm Kyoya...," Dino groaned, arching his back to lean into the fingers that harshly massaged his back. "Uff... You're so rough with me," he groaned. "But, really, you are amazing."

"Hn," Hibari grunted, leaning in close. He planted a kiss between the muscular shoulderblades, and Dino's hazel eyes widened with suprise. "Shh," Hibari said, running his hands up and down the lean body. "You're so tense," the skylark cooed. "Just calm down..." Dino relaxed against the hands that rubbed into him, somehow getting his body to calm in their firm grip. "There... much better," Hibari hissed, licking his lips, "good herbivore."

Vapor Shot (18Adult!R)

The older man was no match when Hibari had willpower on his side. The prefect got Reborn down on the ground, pinned down by his shoulders, and the Arcobaleno grinned at him. "You really are a remarkable guardian." Hibari just stared into the narrow, black eyes, and hissed with anger. How dare that man compliment him! After all that pain and suffering from craving the other's pride of him, now was not the time for Reborn to be praising. It was Hibari's turn. The prefect dominated the other's lips, portraying his long hidden lonliness and envy for the Sawada boy. He wanted to be loved by Reborn in that way- no, even more than that way. And now, with Reborn beneath him, Hibari was in control.
And could get exactly what he wanted.

Cloudy Tears (18Hyper!27)

On the school roof, Tsuna stood crying before Hibari. Using Deathperation mode, the kid had finally gotten the courage to confess his feelings for the prefect, but of course, Hibari shot him down. What a fool that herbivore was for thinking that the skylark would choose him to be his mate! But then, seeing the tear-filled, cool, orange eyes, the prefect had a change of heart. After all, Tsunayoshi was like... a sort of small animal... The prefect came in, brushed the brown hair out of Tsuna's eyes, then kissed his forehead. "Don't cry," he whispered. "You're stronger than that, Tsunayoshi. You're stronger." Tsuna blushed lightly, then looked down, giving an awkward smile.
"No...," he murmured. "I'm really not."

Lion's Pride (1869)

Hibari stared at the man before him, the man who had broken him repeatedly with every possible method. This man was evil. He was a demon. And he was... proclaiming feelings for the prefect?
... What the hell?
Hibari shook his head. "You're ridiculous, Rokudo Mukuro," he huffed, folding his arms. "I despise you." Mukuro nodded, understanding, and Hibari could recognize the glimmer of annoyance in his mismatched eyes. With a teasing smirk, the prefect added, "Of course, if you kneel... I might just give you a chance. ... Herbivore."

Never Gone (18Daisy)

As Hibari stared at the man before him, he felt disgusted. He had his memories of the future, and though he ached to bite the strange man to death, he knew that he would have to hold back... for now.
Daisy blushed, clutching his stuffed rabbit, Bubu, close to his chest. "... Why do you keep staring at me like that?" he asked, voice small.
"Why? Why not?" Hibari scoffed. "Does it bother you?" The zombie blushed and shook his head, before awkwardly holding out his hand, a dead flower clutched in it. "... What the hell do you expect me to do with this?" Hibari asked, eyes narrowed. When he saw the other male flinch, however, he reached out, taking the wilted rose and tucking it into his breast pocket. Reaching out to pat Daisy's head, he muttered, "Thank you."

Resting Cloud (18B)

It was the most awkward silence imaginable, Hibari lying in the hospital bed with a book in his hands, Belphegor across the room doing the same (though, his book was upside-down, and the prefect was fully convinced the other male couldn't read). After a long amount of quiet, the prince finally decided to risk speaking up. "Hey, prefect kid? How is this fun?"
"This whole staring at scribbles on paper deal has me more bored than ever. I don't get it," the blond added, a lopsided grin on his face.
Hibari heaved a sigh. "It's not supposed to be fun. It's supposed to pass time and inform you."
"But it's not informing me, either!" Bel whined. Annoyed, the prefect patted the space next to him.
"Come, herbivore. Let me teach you what the 'scribbles' mean..."

White and Fluffy (18100)

Hibari's face was the epitome of emotionless as he watched his captor swallow down marshmallow after marshmallow. Looking around at the bars of his cage, the skylark muttered, "You're gonna get a cavity, and I'm gonna laugh. I hope you at least brush your teeth, stupid herbivore."
"Mm? Did you say something, Kyo-chan?" Byakuran asked, a silly smile on his face that Hibari desperately wanted to punch.
"I said you're an idiot," Hibari growled.
"Oh, my poor little birdie," Byakuran giggled, moving to the cage and holding out his hand, caressing Hibari's cheek with it, only to have the prefect turn away. "Heehee~ You're so cute, though... I could just hold you here forever..."
Hibari bit the albino's finger, and Byakuran hissed with pain, withdrawing. "Little birdie... I believe you need a new lesson," Byakuran growled, moving to open the cage, only to have himself promptly tackled.

I Know You (18Adult!F)

As the raven-haired prefect got his lookalike against the ground for the first time, he growled, "Why do you follow me everywhere?! It's damn annoying, and I want answers!"
Fon let out a slow breath, then carefully wrapped his arms around the younger male's waist, before whispering, "I knew you when you were just a boy, Hibari Kyoya... How you've changed."
Hibari tensed. "I haven't changed...," he growled.
"Yes, you have... quite a lot," Fon murmured. "You used to be so kind, loving... When you first met me, you were chasing a butterfly." The prefect scowled, and reached down, pinching Fon's cheek.
"And then you did this. And then I bit you to death," he muttered, blushing darkly, before his eyes widened, Fon leaning up and kissing his lips softly.
"Let's change that," he whispered, "to something more intimate."

Cirrus Elder (18Alaude)

Frowning, Hibari stood and walked over to the phantom before him. "What do you want?" he growled, his steely-gray eyes narrow. As the other remained silent, the prefect moved to strike him, only to find himself promptly stopped. "If you don't tell me, herbivore...," he said in a warning voice, eyes stern.
"I've told you before, I have no interest in fighting children. I am here because I wish to speak with you."
"About what?" Hibari challenged, looking Alaude straight in the eyes. "You have nothing you could tell me. Nothing that could hold my interest..."
Alaude closed his eyes. "... What about love?" Hibari balked, then rolled his eyes, before grabbing the phantom's tie, pulling him into a sudden, long kiss.

Narcissism (18Tyl!18)

Hibari frowned at the older man before him, muttering, "In what way does age make you better than me?" The older simply chuckled, reaching down and mussing the younger's hair, chuckling as a tonfa hit him in the stomach.
"Such energy. You should learn to focus it elsewhere...," he murmured, leaning forward and nipping the younger's ear. "Like on someone who is as strong as you."
Hibari rolled his eyes. "Older men," he huffed. "Can't you do anything but think about sex?"

-End Collection

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