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Just finished listening to "Who wants to live forever" by Queen. It makes me want to curl up with bitter chocolate and a hanky every time. This one is for Dixiebell12 of course – my sister and plot bunny specialist. I worked on this several years ago and put it on Granger/Snape. Since that time a nasty case of the computer clap ate part of my drabbles so I have decided to put as many as I can find on FFN so I won't have to sob every time I open my empty drabble file.

Harry looked at the smoking train on the tracks.

"That's the way to peace, Harry," Dumbledore murmured.

"It's not time for peace yet," Harry replied.

Just then they heard the sound of footsteps approaching from a distance. The steps were coming fast, but not running. Long, powerful strides echoed off the walls of the deserted station.

Harry and Dumbledore's heads turned to see Severus Snape stride around the corner. He passed them without a glance, his gaze intent upon the train. When he neared it he stopped before one of the cars, hesitating, as if he were waiting for something or someone.

Dumbledore heard Harry's shocked intake of breath as a graceful, pale hand extended from the train. Snapes face glowed with ecstasy as he reached up to tug the pale shape to himself. He caught her in his arms in a great hug, desperate in its strength. The waterfall of auburn hair told Harry who she was before he ever saw her face.

"Mum…" Harry started to say but a hand on his shoulder stopped him.

"No, Harry, you're just glimpsing his paradise."