A Metal Bracelet…

"Nothing changes, that's good to hear. I don't need one anyway. I'm fine with what I have now. I'm already satisfied…"

That's what I always say to myself every year seeing the cherry blossoms dancing in the wind.

I just gazed at them saying that over and over. My expression never changed either. Like life is repeating itself.

"So monotonous…"

As the wind blew harder, it blew my straw hat. I didn't mind it and just turned my back and fixed my brown hair at the back of my ear and started walking towards my house.

I kept walking and suddenly lifted my wrist and looked at it.

I'll always have this no matter what…

I was too distracted to notice that someone was in front of me and we bumped each other.

I was…well smaller than him, so I easily fell down.

"H-hey I'm sorry!"

I rubbed my eyes because I had a bad sleep…A really bad one.

I took a look at him. It made him surprised how I could react to what happen.

I stared at him that it felt like it pierce through his eyes that it made him nervous.

I approached him "Hey I'm-" Before he could finish his sentence, I quickly swift him an uppercut, making him fall down the ground…harder than I did.

He was out cold I think.

And I decided to leave him. That's for messing with me.

People suddenly crowded the guy I just punched, While I just disappeared from the scene.

My name is Aisaka Taiga, I'm 18 years old, a Sophomore college student, College of Business Administration, Major in Business Management. Even when I was in high school nothing ever changed. Academics and such…nothing ever did.

There wasn't a good memory except from Minori but sadly she continued her studies in another college, very far away from mine. So, we just chat in the internet.

I became independent enough to leave my mother's family and live on my own. Even the Money I saved came from my hard work.

When I came home, I quickly took a glimpse from the clock.

"I have to get ready then…" I threw my bag in my bed and went to the shower room.

For my clothes, I just took a white blouse and leather shorts and a pair of black sock and sneaker and I'm ready to go. Right before I went out the house I took my beret and put on my head and shut the door and locked it.

As I approach my college, Students already felt my presence and started staying away from me. And heard something I've heard from my high school days.

"The Palm Top tiger is Here…"

Even in college that name was what they call me. It made me stare at them and immediately runned off.

When I went to our classroom, The students still distanced from me. I didn't even looked at them then put my bag at the side and sat on my chair.

I was rather irritated that It made me look at them, They instantly disappeared from the classroom.

"Will you never changed….?"

My eyes suddenly widen remembering those words from my mind. It made me look at my wrist.

"I'm not the right person for you…."

I touched that silver ring around my wrist.

"So please…Forget about me…"

"Tch…" I tightly grasped that bracelet.

The teacher went inside the room and then he started discussing topics that it made me fall asleep.

Later as the teacher slaps with his ruler my table, I saw his angry look, like I really care about it anyway.

I stood up and took my bag, turn my back from the teacher and went outside the classroom.

I could hear him shouting. It was so irritating that I stared at him making him sweat all of the sudden.

And I went out of class.

There were some students since they already finished their class.

When someone idiotically tapped my back.

"Um excuse me…"

I was still irritated but I managed to hold it for awhile.

As we look at each other's eyes.

We were both surprised.

"I-it's You!" he suddenly pointed his finger towards me.

"So you managed to wake up…"

"Why the hell did you-" he started to annoy me. So, I gave him a punch on the stomach making him crouch down.

"W-wait…" I started walking then pass by him.

Some weird people…

I felt that he pulled me back but I quickly shoved him. "I need to-" I gave another punch to the stomach. "ha...Ques…tion" It made him crouch down again.

But I stayed looking at him.

"Since you're stupid and persistent…what is it that you want?"

He took something from his pocket and gave me a card.

"D-do you know this address..?"

"It's just near my house…Did you follow me just for that?"

"No..I came also here as a student" When he was fine, he slowly stood up and showed his hand.

"My name is Takasu Ryuuji…I'm a transfer student"

"For a transfer student you speak Japanese well…"

"I lived here before but since I need to continue my studies in America I-"

It made me stop breathing for the moment and pulled his collar.

"A-america? D-do you know someone who's name is-"

"Aisaka!" A guard was running towards us. "No cutting of classes in this department!"

"Tch…" I pulled his hand and started running. "Let's just talk outside this stupid college…"

We stopped by a café then we started our conversation there.

"Heh…For a guy your weak"

"Well…I'm not that athletic, at least I attend classes…" I gave him a smack on the head making him flat on the table. "Aw!"

"Just shut up…"

"Are you gonna give me a tour here or what?"

"Why am I gonna give you a tour?" I lifted an eyebrow to him.

"My mother lives here..and I have resources in America…enough to find a person"

It made me look at him. At that time a waitress in a maid dress asked for our orders.

"Your Special Parfait as always…"

"Okay Ms. Aisaka~" the waitress looked at Ryuuji. "And yours?"

"Have coffee?"

"Hot or Cold Sir?"


"With whip cream?"

"Yes…" I noticed his eyebrows twitching from the waitress who's expression is still warm as sunshine.

"Stop with the questions Sakura…"

"Okay hehehe~" She ran off.

"Her face….she looks familiar.."

"What about Sakura?"

He just looked at the girl for awhile and looked back at me implying that it was nothing.

"So what do you think?...Are you interested?"

"What do you want then…?"

"A tour-"

"Do you think I would believe that that's what you want?"

He narrowed his eyes to me but it didn't affect me at all anyway.

"Like you want to make me do…I want you to look for a particular person…"

"I made the deal in the first place so look for mine first…"

"What? But-" I suddenly stood from the table.

"Then the deal's off…" I was getting ready to exit the café when..

"W-wait! F-fine then! Who are you looking for anyway…?" I quickly sit again.

"….." I became speechless and just looked at the bracelet I have.

"I'm looking for-"

"Here's your orders~" I was too attracted from the sweet so I quickly took the spoon and started scooping ice cream in my mouth .

"Who are you looking for?" I didn't reply. "hey!"

"Fine then…Then eat! sheesh~"

After eating Ryuuji looked at his watch and looked at me. "Let's just discuss the deal by tomorrow…" He stood up. "At least take me to the address I showed you awhile ago…"

I just had a final lick on my spoon and answered. "Fine then…".

When we were in between our homes, I asked for his number and that's when we separated our ways…for now.

I threw my bag on the couch and took off my socks and quickly glomped my bed.

Well…everything is still the same. Except the thing that happened today…

"What will happen tomorrow then I wonder?" I elevated my arm and gazed at that silver charm I have on my wrist.

I tighten my fist as if I was catching the light on my ceiling.

"No…Something has to change" I quickly sat up on my bed still looking at the bracelet.

"He might be the one I'm waiting for…"

I snugged myself with a pillow near me and closed my eyes whispering a name with my lips.


Morning already rise. I still didn't move out from bed.

I think I'll skip school today.

Annoyingly, I had to wake up because someone is calling from my phone.

I gave a little growl and went out from bed leaving the sheets not in the right place.

I took my phone, flipped it open and put it near my ear.

"What is it?"

"Hey it's late in the morning aren't you gonna go to-"

"Who told you to wake me up?"


"So what's you answer?" I kept shouting on the phone. Then it became quiet.


"You suddenly shut up?"

"Sorry…I thought i-can you wait for a sec!" I heard some foot step probably running.

"W-what?"He didn't reply. "If you don't speak now I'll-!" When I shouted to the phone I move to my side then I saw a silhouette, by the window.

I saw It waving to me. It made me confuse so I approached the balcony and slided my door open and saw…


"So it was your voice after all…"

There I saw that guy with blue hair, staring at me.

We both put down our phones and looked at each other.

"Are we gonna go to school…?"

"Go yourself…" I turned my back and when I was about to walk, he whispered something to himself which was loud enough for me to hear.

"So the deal's off then?" It made me look back at him. When I stared at him he stared back at me.

We were like that for a few minutes.

I gripped my cell phone tight and turned my back then shouted. "Just wait outside!" Then I quickly slammed the door.

I was somehow forced to go to school because I need something from him. Well this might be my chance to meet him again…

After a few minutes, Ryuuji and I met in between of our house then went to school, still talking about that deal.

"So who are you looking for anyway Aisaka?"

"I-I'm looking for…" It made me look down on the ground where we are walking.



I suddenly stopped and looked at him.

"His name is Kitamura Yusaku…" That was when we started walking again.

"What about this guy your speaking of?"

I just stood still again and tightened my fist trying to...

"He's….my Boyfriend…"

stop those tears from flowing out...


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