From the look of his face he was shock. I just looked away from him and smirked.

"You must think that I'm weird searching for the guy…"

"That's not what I meant"

"I mean…Why did the guy leave you?"

That question completely stunned me and just looked at him with no words to say.

"Is there something wrong with what I said Aisaka?"

I couldn't even look at him in what I'm gonna say.

"What if I'm the one who did something…not him?"

He suddenly closed his eyes.

"If that's true…Then why are you looking for him then?"

"I wanted to know why…why did he left me"

"What are you-" I saw in his eyes that he understood it quickly.

He suddenly grasped my hand and looked into my eye.

"I promise…we will find him and I'll give that guy a good smack on the face"

"W-what? Who gave you that idea?" He suddenly punched him on the stomach making him crouch down.

He was obviously hurt but still he looked serious about it.

"Oh hell yeah I'll punch him….I'll really punch him for leaving you without a word!" He shouted in front of me.

In what he said I was somehow flattered.

Wondering of all the people this idiot is the only who could understand my feelings.

I showed my hand and smirked at him.

"Your annoying but…"

He suddenly grabs my hand.

"But you'll help me right…?"

He gave me a smile and nods his head.


A year has passed.

Still, there wasn't any lead to where Kitamura is.

But still, with Ryuuji's help. I had more hope in seeing him.

Unlike last year, I go to school frequently now since I need to keep up with Ryuuji. With that students began to like me than before and I got the chance to socialize with them and for some reasons, Ryuuji and I became good friends.

We always get along no matter how many arguments we had.

I finally had such fun in many occasions with a company. He always makes good food. I had a fun Christmas and New year's too. Since he never knew the festivals in Japan, He always asks me to go out with him and have a friendly outing with the others.

There was that time in the moon festival then…

It's really something meant to be remembered

It was already pitch black the stars weren't there to leave those pretty lights I really liked; this is one of those times that we fought but it happened in a festival.

We always liked to go to different games there. They were those you throw balls at a target, shoot a dart in a bull's eye and finally the one I can't resist to play, the shooting game.

You see…I always had this thing when festivals start like these games; I automatically go to this kind of place every time.

I kept my pace and continued running to different booths.

"T-taiga!" he was already staggering from the continuous running.

"Such a weakling" I hissed at and stopped with my foot sliding a bit looking at him and gave him a smirk.

"Aren't you tired of winning?" I yanked him and started moving again. "The firework hasn't started yet so I want to finish it all up!"

I kept pulling his arm to keep up with my speed. As we make our way to that booth. He kept yapping about pushing people were cruel but I ignored it and laughed.

When we finally got to that stall, I was really fired up and got my toy shot gun ready. I picked a target for this festival, I'm sure to fire three targets with these four bullets, the first three as always.

I already positioned myself as I stand with the gun's butt resting in front of my right shoulder; I took a glimpse at the target and pulled the triggered, Bang! I got the first can knocked out and it continues at the second can.

I rested the toy gun by my side and I can hear people cheering around me, these shouts only started again when Ryuuji came with me everytime.

It felt very nostalgic,

And I remembered it…

My eyes dilated, my time was stopped and my mind continued to flick photos of my past, showing him in the picture.

He was the one who taught me this and we would always run a contest in who will win. It made me grip the handle hard that my hand was swelling, my heart was beating fast and I could feel my chest tightening from the pain.

How much was I inflicted when he was gone? My mind was set on that but I tried to focus on the last target but my hand was shivering like stupid and my eyes couldn't keep from looking around after looking at the target.

Ryuuji was already asking if I'm okay. "I-I'm fine…" Just saying that made my chest tighten; It hurts.

"Just focus Taiga-" I said to myself

"That's right Taiga focus on the target.." That voice…

It ticked me off and almost pulled the trigger.


Everyone faded into silent in my mind. When the voice disappeared I pulled the trigger immediately but-

I missed the last target

I was pissed off and frustrated; I threw the gun right in front of the booth and ran from it bumping at every people who were in front of me when I finally got into somewhere quiet without any people in it.

I punch a tree and let it stay there, the strength I gave and simultaneously shouted.

It hurts so bad…

Tear started rolling down on my cheeks and I just felt on my knees very weak.

After a few hours, I just let my head rest on a tree looking blankly at that pitch black sky.

That sky was very black when he left. "Taiga?..."

I looked at shadow when it slowly approached me I saw Ryuuji. It felt strange but I ran into him and he grabbed me. He kept comforting me until I stopped crying.

I don't know why…I couldn't stop crying

But with him I felt safe that no one will see my tears only but him.

After awhile Ryuuji shows something in front of me and gives it to me. "What's this?"

"I couldn't get the grand prize so…" I tighten my hold to it. "It's fine…at least you gave it to me…" I was about to wear it when I saw that the metal bracelet hanging in my wrist was still there….of course it will.

I never took it off.

Ryuuji saw what I was about to do but grips tight of the thing he gave to me. "I-I'm sorry… " was all that I said.

He just gazed at the sky saying only. "It's fine…" Then we heard the sound of fireworks. So beautiful yet we never appreciated it.

Despite how loudly it gets it was the most silent moment I had with him.

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