Okay, so this is something I've been struggling with for some time now and I just wanted to keep you, my readers, informed on what exactly is going on with me and my stories.

First and foremost, I need to say this: none of my stories are discontinued or abandoned. I have been struggling to find time to write and it isn't working. Whenever I force myself to write, the chapters always turn out horribly.

Secondly and the main portion of this published Author's Note (even if it is removed by admins). For a few months now, after having read through my Child series multiple times, I have been struggling with scrapping it and starting it over. Providing some major tweaks in the process. That being said, it also means that I will remove the stories from my profile until they are edited.

I have talked with my fiancé about this, just trying to get a second opinion, and I have come to the realization that my writing style has changed dramatically since I began writing Werewolf Child a little over five years ago. The direction I want to take the series is a more AU than it currently is which I haven't really explicitly written.

So the best way I can currently describe the Child series is: Under Construction.

Lastly, in regards to Lily's Lie, Severus' Secret, and Harry's Surprise, this too can be classified as Under Construction, though it isn't my priority as of right now. I am still working out what exactly I want to do with it or if it should just be scrapped in general, which I don't like doing because I believe every story can be salvaged.

That is all I wanted to say. I hope this comes as a breath of fresh air to some of you and that you appreciate not being left in the dark. I hope you aren't too upset with me and I do thank all of you for being patient with me.

Here's hoping these edits spark my creativity once more.

As always: Luv,