Sorry for the wait, have a lot of other things going on. But here we go! Last chapter! This was originally 2 chapters but they were both so short I combined them.

JJ swam furiously. The waves appeared to be getting higher and she was growing more and more tired. She wasn't sure how much longer she could keep swimming. Her thoughts drifted to how peaceful it would be to just sleep... To fall down to the soft sand beneath the surface and sleep.

Somehow, she managed to keep swimming, despite the aggravating pain in her arms and legs. She'd stopped trying to swim so fast and was now doing a gentle breast stroke. Just as long as she could stay above the water.

I'm going to be okay, she thought to herself. I have to. I have to get to land.

Her eyes scanned her surroundings. Land wasn't even sight. She wasn't sure she could do this. In fact, she knew she couldn't. She'd been swimming for hours and was in so much pain. She couldn't even see land...

"I'm sorry," she said aloud. She wasn't sure to who, but she knew she had to say it. Squeezing her eyes shut, ignoring the stinging of the salt, she prepared to let herself fall under water. But that's when she heard her name.

"JJ!" she snapped her eyes open and looked and to her left there was a small boat! Her heart soared. Someone had come for her, but who?

She lifted her head a bit more and squinted trying to ignore the falling rain. Who ever it was... was smiling, and he was holding his hand out to her. She didn't know why but a part of her didn't want to take his hand. It seemed so easy to just give up.

"JJ, take my hand," he demanded.

Of course she would. It was Hotch, it'd always been Hotch. That's when she reached out and took his hand.

"Hotch," she said softly, forcing her eyes open. The bright lights of the room caused her to squeeze them shut again.

"JJ, I'm here," he said with a relieved smile, taking hold of her hand.

"She's awake?" Emily asked walking into the room. "I'll get the doctor."

"Oh, JJ, I thought I'd lost you," Hotch whispered not even having noticed Emily enter the room.

"I'm okay," JJ murmured, still struggling to open her eyes. She gave Hotch's hand a quick squeeze. "Thank you for being here with me."

"Anything, JJ," he said, fighting back tears. She was okay. She was really okay. He had to tell her. He didn't want this to ever happen again, but how did he tell her? How could he possibly tell her?

"Hotch, I have something I need to tell you," JJ coughed now that she'd finally opened her eyes. She ignored the sharp pain in her head.

"Sure, anything." What he had to say could wait. She had to rest.

"I love you."

The words didn't sound real to him. In fact, a part of him was certain he must be dreaming. "What?" he asked.

"Oh god, I'm so stupid. I'm sorry, Hotch... I just," JJ broke off tearfully. "I was so scared and -"

Her words were cut off as Hotch leaned in closer. His lips were by her ear and she felt her heart pound. "Don't be silly, I was just shocked because... I love you too."

They'd said it. There was no going back. Both of them froze, not sure what to say after that.

Before they had a chance to recover and talk about it, Emily was back with the doctor right behind her.

"Hi, JJ, I'm Doctor Whitelaw. I'm here to go over some things with you and check some things out."

Hotch gave JJ's hand a quick squeeze before walking out of the room.

He'd told her. That's what mattered. But now if possible, he was even more anxious than before. Where did they go from here? They couldn't go back.

As luck would have it, Hotch wasn't able to see JJ for the next few days... Psychopath's didn't seem to care about his love life. And when he finally saw her again, she was already out of the hospital.

His heart pounded in his ears while he walked up her drive way. She'd opened the door before he'd even had a chance to knock.

"Hotch," she smiled, the joy reaching her beautiful eyes. "I haven't seen you."

"I'm sorry," he said, shifting his weight awkwardly.

"I guess we need to talk, huh..." JJ trailed off. She tried very hard not to show the fear in her eyes. She was so scared. She'd told him and now he had come here to tell her that they had to act like nothing happened. She just knew it...

What happened next took her by complete surprise. It took her a few seconds to react when he kissed her. He kissed her lightly at first and when she'd finally reacted he kissed a little harder. And as forceful as the kiss was, JJ felt warm, safe and secure.

When he pulled back, the look on her face was answer enough. JJ's eyes were wide open and the passion he saw in them made him gently frame her face with his hands. He lowered his head once more and his lips grazed her nose, forehead and when she finally closed her eyes, his lips met hers once more. They slowly made their way into the house and he kicked the door shut behind him.

It was as if nothing else existed to her. Nothing even mattered. It was only her and Hotch. They were alone and he'd kissed her and she'd kissed him back.

I'll leave the rest up to your imagination. ;)

And I apologize if the kissing scene was weird. Despite how long I've been writing, this was my first.