Author note: This is what I think Crooks would have been thinking and feeling after being threatened by Curley's wife. I've never written anything like this before, just wanted to try something new. Crooks is one of my favourite characters and I feel really sorry for him in this scene.

Crooks diary entry:

They shouldn't have been in my room anyway "ain't no man got a right to come into a coloured mans room" it ain't right. I'd have been better telling that big guy to get out right from the start (stupid talk of getting land together 'n' rabbits). I was minding my own business tending to my back when that big bastard stood looming in my doorway. Saw a light he said, he was with them pup's messin' with them 'n' takin' 'em away from the mum. I told Slim it wudn't do 'em no good. I gave in too soon when I let him sit down.

He was easy to talk to, a guy cud tell him anythin' cus he don't understand half the things we say. A guy could talk about what it's like not being allowed nowhere if you're black not allowed in the bunkhouse with the rest of 'em gets lonely. 'N' like I always said "a guy gets too lonely he gets sick". George is lucky he has someone to go round with. He has someone to talk to even if he don't understand what he says.

Lennie going on bout how they'll "live off the fatta the lan'" was just some crazy idiot talking. But then Candy came in all shy like at first - all his time at the ranch and he ain't never been in my room - n started backing up the crazy son of a bitch. Them talking 'bout their dreams n land made me think back to wen I was a kid with my brothers. You always had someone to talk to we even slept in the same bed. But good things like that never last I shudda remembered that instead of offering to help out with it. Who would've ever heard of anything like that? A load of white guys getting land with a crippled Negro. They really put their trust in George Candy and Lennie did. Can't for the life of me think why? I seen guys go crazy after land always say they gonna do it but it always goes into a game of cards or a cat house. "I ain't never seen a guy really do it."

All the same it was nice to have some company for a change… till that new missus of Curley's came in. She talks about wanting to talk to people and not liking it where she is. Well why don't she move then. If all she does when she talks to us guys is moan 'n' insult us well we ain't gonna wanna talk to her are we? Talkin' like she does "a cripple, a nigger and a dum dum" yeah that's gonna make her some friends. She says she's lonely but at least she got Curley to talk to and she goes where she wants even if she ain't wanted. She's been spending too much time with that Curley is what's done it all that talk of violence that she doesn't like them threatening that she cud get me "strung up on a tree so easy".

She said that 'n' the worst part was I knew it was true. I was too damn scared of her that I didn't even stand up for myself. But Candy did. I guess he ain't so bad he got her outta there. But after that I didn't want no company. I ain't been reading up my civil rights for nothin' I got rights, none of them guys were s'posed to be in my room, just like I ain't allowed in their bunkhouse. I had to send them outta there… "A coloured man's got to have some rights even if he don't like 'em." I had to get back some of my dignity, I may be black but I got my pride. Not so sure I want to be part of their dream anymore. Something bad always stops something good like how Curley's wife spoilt my first real company in years; something could stop them getting their land. Wouldn't surprise me if it was Curley's wife that gets 'em into trouble; I seen the way she is round Lennie and he's too much of a dum bastard to see the danger she cud do him. A ranch is no place for a married woman just like them guys land would be no place for me…