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I stared at the TV in silence, my mind rushing as what was being said processed in my head. Man killed in mob incident. No suspects. No witnesses. Warehouse. Body found two days ago.

Tear stung and whipped at my eyes as I struggled to keep myself together. The name burned on the inside of my lids as I closed my eyes. Images scattered my brain. The reporters words turned into a distant buzzing as I finally realised what this meant.

My dad was dead.

He had been the bystander. He had been the innocent person caught up in all of this. And I couldn't help but think that the way the reporter spoke about him made it seem like his fault...

This made me inexplicably angry. How dare they suggest it was his fault? That he walked in there purposely and deliberately got himself killed by a bunch of fucked up junkie- he wouldn't...

A knock at the door cause me to jump out of my thoughts, and gasp slightly. Thoughts of the gangsters finding me to finish off any ties sprung into my mind, but then I realised it was silly; he'd just been a bystander, no connections.

I bought a baseball bat and propped it by the door just in case, and made sure I knew the quickest way out the apartment.

When I opened it I found the man who lived across my hall, Brian. He was tall, muscley, with dark skin and kind brown eyes. He was the same age as my dad and they were close friends, having gone to college together; he was here all the time, and he ran the gym across the road.

"Taylor...I'm sorry..." He said quietly, looking at me closely, trying to figure out my reaction. I stared at him for a moment, then something seemed to click inside of me.

I threw myself at him, and his arms instantly wrapped tightly around me, holding me close. Silent tear ran down my cheeks, and I occasionally let out a whimper.

" can stay with me Tay, don't worry. Just you and me- no foster shit going on." He said, and I let out a tiny smile at this.

"Promise?" I asked, with huge eyes.

He nodded and smiled, keeping me close.

"Promise- I won't let anybody so much as think about taking you away.


I sighed as I remembered the night of my dad's death. It happened every night. The same reporter buzzing in my head. The same headline. Same story. Of course, that was when I was twelve...but there was still a void where my dad was, however much Brian tried for me.

I sighed and got up, walking over to the mirror to begin my routine. Put as little foundation on my face as I could get away with, mascara, eyeliner, lip balm, done. Now clothes.

I grabbed a pair of black skinny jeans and a superman tank top, shoving on some bright blue converse, and then quickly straightening my shaggy blonde hair, before running downstairs.

"Hey Bri." I said with a small smile as I leaned against the counter boredly.

"Hey Tay- ready for your new school?" He asked with a smile.

About a week ago we had finally moved out of the apartment; I had contributed a lot of the money my dad had left me to the new house, only keeping a small fund he'd started when I was younger that he'd put in his will to only use for me. Unfortunately, Brian had seen it, so I couldn't donate that part. But everything else went towards this- a new life.

"Kay kiddo- you know the way." He said, chuckling me a bottle of water, then handing me ten bucks for lunch.

"So do you..." I said under my breath as I shrugged my hoodie on, grabbed my bag and walked out the door. It didn't take and idiot to realise that he'd been following me practically everywhere since we moved here; I knew it was because he was worried, but geez, a little privacy wouldn't kill.

I looked over at my new school; yay. One more place I wouldn't make friends. I rolled my eyes as I walked in, ignoring some of the looks from the girls; probably glaring at my fashion choice or something like that.

I walked straight into the school confidently, then stood, frozen, as I realised I had no clue where admin was. Damn.

I looked around for a while, and then headed off in a random direction. As I turned the corner, something crashed into me, and we both fell to the floor. I glared at the boy who'd ran into me, taking him in as I did so. He had curly dark hair, glasses and a baggy t-shirt and jeans. He looked like the typical nerd, to be honest...though I had to admit, he was sorta some way.

"S-sorry!" He said, cringing as he picked up his bag; I noticed he had about five comic books sticking out of it. Hmm...

"You read comic books?" I asked, raising an eyebrow. He looked shocked for a second, then tensed up slightly.

"Yeah..." His voice was defensive- I felt kind of guilty for saying it in an accusing way now...

"Oh, that's cool. You know any good stores? I just moved here and I haven't had too much time to find any good places..." I said with a shrug.

I almost laughed at the baffled expression on his face.

"Uh...yeah. I know one- maybe I could show you...?" He stammered nervously. I let out a small smile.

"Sure- I'm Taylor by the way." I added, about to walk off.


"Oh wait!" I said desperately. He turned around almost straight away.

"Erm...which way is admin?"

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