Author Notice:

Update Wednesday, June 6, 2012 –

Okay! Here it is, guys.

Some of my Readers have come to me in Reviews and said 'this story is a piece of shit' or 'you shouldn't have done that', even 'this doesn't happen this way!'. I've been bitched at for letting people know WHY I use a lot of depressing things in my stories, and I've finally had enough.

I'm done updating 'It's Not Easy' until people learn to keep their mouths shut about my writing.

I write from experience, not a fantasy world, guys. I've been abused, I've been hurt. It's not my problem if you don't like it; Don't read it if you don't like the first chapter. I'm just here to get my fanfiction written, I'm honestly not here to please you.

If I want to write about rape, death and all that stuff, I'll do it. I don't, nor want, your permission. I was doing pretty damn good before I started posting on this site, and I'll be doing pretty damn good when I stop.

In regards to It's Not Easy, I was given permission to have the story. I took it. You haven't even read everything yet because I've been trying to get the stories finished before I post the remaining chapters up.

For others who may have a negative reaction: I DON'T CARE. You are not my Editor, and I'm not a professional writer. Butt the fuck out. (:

I'm sorry for THIS rant/A.U.. but it was needed. I'm frustrated, I'm having a hard time lately, and I really, REALLY don't need this shit.

Au Revoir…