Ch 20:

Meanwhile as the two lovebirds are happily showing their affections with their friends, the Dark Dweller has brought Dimitri to his domain, but this time Dimitri is now just a wondering soul. When he sees the Dark Dweller he turns to him and says, "Why have you brought me here?" The Dark Dweller then laughs. "And I here I thought a being of your intelligence you have would tell you why I brought you here." Dimitri then smiles. "Oh, I get it, you're mad because I had your pet Morpho killed. What a pity." He then laughs. "Oh, you laugh now," says the Dark Dweller, "but now since I brought you to my domain, you belong to me." When Dimitri hears this, he walks up the gushing ooze and says, "No! You cannot control me!" But the Dark Dweller begins to smile. "On the contrary I do control you. See if you want to return to the surface, you need me to get there, that is if you want to still open that doorway of yours." "I'm listening." The Dark Dweller then smiles and tells him his plan of taking over Mer as well as getting rid of the Son of Primus.

"I'm listening," said Dimitri. The Dark Dweller then shaped itself into a normal - sized man about Dimitri's height. He then walks over to where Dimitri is standing and says smiling, "How would you like to be able to open your doorway to your world and get your woman at the same time?" At first Dimitri just stands there. But then he smiles and says nonchalantly, "What woman?" "Oh, you know what woman I mean, creature. Don't try to fool me. Once you entered the dark water your thoughts were mine, and don't worry you can have her; that is after I can get rid of the boy." "Aren't you worried about the treasures of Rule?" "Yes, but if I stop the boy from finding them, the boy won't be able to get rid of the dark water." Dimitri then begins to laugh. "So you read my mind, I see. I underestimated you. You are a brilliant creature. I didn't give you enough credit. But I'm sure there is a catch. What do you want in exchange or is there more to your plan?" "My plan is this: I will give you a kind of human form that will allow you to return to the surface; then you will be able to find the wrench as well as the boy. Are you interested?"

At first Dimitri doesn't say anything, he just stands there and folds his arms across his chest. But then he finally agrees. "Good! Now just stand still and close your eyes!" "Why?" "Just do it. I'm going to cover my liquid over you so I can change your form." The Dark Dweller then covers Dimitri to see his new form. "So what do you think?" Dimitri then looks at himself and smiles. "I like it!" "Good. Now you will need help." The Dark Dweller then creates with its dark liquid three kind of demons. "They look like harpies." "Harpies? Oh." He then laughs. "Oh, I see what you mean. That is what you call them. These are no harpies, but if you wish to call them harpies so be it. These creatures are of evil origin. They came long before the House of Primus was formed. They died of diseases, hundreds of years ago. They will serve you well." Dimitri then smiles at the Dark Dweller and says, "Let's get started!"

Meanwhile, Ren and Tula are getting aboard the boat, but as they get aboard Tula stops halfway up the plank. "Ren, who is going to give me away? My father." She then begins to feel tears fall from her eyes. Ren then stops and turns around. "Don't worry, Tula we'll find someone." But unknown to Ren Alistair is listening. "Don't worry my child. I have already taken care of that." After setting sail for Octopon Ioz asks Niddler to steer for a while. "I want to talk to Ren for a second, so take over for a while, but don't let it get to your head," he said while holding Niddler by his neck. "Gulp!" He then took over the steering wheel, and watched Ioz go over to where Ren and Tula were standing; and from what he could see Ren had his arms around her with her back to him. He then walks up to them. "Ren, could I talk to you for a minute, alone?" Ren then turns around and looks at Ioz. "Alright, Ioz." He then kisses Tula softly on the lips and follows Ioz into the cabin.

After they get inside Ioz closes the door behind him. He doesn't want the others to hear especially Tula. "Ren, we need to talk." "About what, Ioz?" says Ren. "Are you sure you're not rushing into this? What I'm trying to say is, why pick Tula. Why not my sister, Solia? You liked her, and she is a lot better than Tula." At first Ren doesn't say anything. He just looks at him. Ren then puts his arm behind his back, and says, "I take it you don't approve. Is that right?" Ioz then smiles. "Well, it doesn't matter. I don't care what you think. And anyway, you knew how I felt about her. So it doesn't matter what you say or do. I have made my choice. I knew Jenna approves of Tula. She told me herself. And besides that she can take care of herself. She has proven that in the past." "Alright, Ren, you have me there. I just don't like it." He then starts to go towards the door, when Ren stops him. "Ioz, do me a favor, I know you don't approve of Tula, but do me a favor and give her some slack. And if I ever hear that you hurt her, you will have me to deal with!" Ioz is shocked when he hears this. He knows Ren can't take him, but it's the look that Ren gives him that makes him wonder that Ren would still might try to do it anyway. "Alright, Ren. I'll back off for now." He then leaves the cabin.

After he leaves the cabin Ren comes out. Tula turns over to him. "Ren, is everything ok?" "Of course it is." "What did you and Ioz talk about? What is it about me?" Ren smiles. "Look, you let me worry about Ioz, okay?" At first she doesn't say anything, but then nods her head in acknowledgment.

After a couple days the Wraith lands at Octopon's harbor. When it docks Jenna is waiting for them. She waits patiently as the plank is lowered onto the dock and Ren and his crew come down the plank. But then suddenly she notices something; Ren is holding Tula's hand. "Had something happened?" she asked herself. After Ioz, Alistair, and Niddler come off the plank Ren and Tula come down. Ren then releases Tula's hand and goes over and hugs hugs Jenna. He then introduces Jenna to Alistair.

At first as Jenna shakes Alistair's hand she doesn't recognize him, but when she gets a closer look at his face she does. "Oh, Alistair! How long has it been?" Alistair smiles. "It has been a while, hasn't it, Jenna." Alistair then turns to Ren. "Son of Primus, I'm not sure if you knew this or not but Jenna is my sister." "What! I can't believe it! Jenna is this true?" "Yes," she says. "But I haven't seen you since," she then puts down her head. He then places his hands on Jenna's shoulder. "It's alright Jenna, because of Ren Chantel's soul can now rest in peace. Dimitri is now gone." But as he says this Tula now walks up. She doesn't believe that. She can still sense him. She can't figure out why, but she still can.

"Oh," Ren smiles. "Jenna I have wonderful news! Tula said yes." "What?" At first she just stands there, but then it clicks. "You mean! Oh, Ren, I'm so happy!" She then hugs him and Tula. But as she does so she sees Tula's face. "My dear, aren't you happy?" "Oh yes," she says. "It's just -" But she never gets to finish because Ren stops her by saying, "Tula, it's ok." He then puts his arm around her. "Jenna it's a long story. We'll talk more about it later. Right now I want to show Tula the royal treasure room, so she can pick out her ring." "I have a better idea," says Jenna snapping her fingers. "Go inside the lighthouse and wait for me." "Why can't we go inside the House of Primus, Jenna?" asks Alistair. "Oh, they're still having some repairs to be done. I'm sure it'll be done in a couple days, and now we also have a wedding to prepare for!" She says smiling. She then follows the others inside the lighthouse, escorts them into a large room and tells them to hand it to Ren. "Open it Ren." He does so and inside is a pink sapphire ring. "Oh Jenna, it's beautiful!" "That is the ring your father gave your mother. He gave it to me after she died. He asked me when you found the one you wanted to marry to give you this ring." "Now it's official! Now we're truly engaged!" He says smiling. "Why not make if more official?" says Alistair smiling at Tula. It doesn't take long because Ren then takes her in his arms and give her a passionate kiss.

After a couple minutes Ren releases her and she looks at the ring on her finger. "Ren it's so beautiful!" She then looks up at Ren and smiles.